Well  Mesquite,  this  is  OUR  last  chance  to  begin  to  FINALLY  get  it  right.  OUR  current  sitting  City  Council  is  a  farce!  This  June  12  is  the  first  chance  we  have  to  start  afresh.  One  incumbent  is  up  for  reelection;  let’s  start  there.  Let  me  remind  you  of  the  past  seven  months  and  the  votes  and  comments  OUR  current  City  Council  members  have  made.  #1.  They  voted  5  to  0  to  allow  Pulte  to  remap  the  Conestoga  Golf  Course  plat  prior  to  its  sale  to  an  outside  concern.  One  reason,  to  eliminate  parcels  of  land  which  the  new  owner  would  not  have  to  be  responsible  to  maintain,  monetarily.  These  parcels  were  turned  over  to  the  HOA,  Sun  City  residents.  When  John  Shippert,   from  Pulte,  stood  before  OUR  City Council  in  October,  2017,  he  offered  no  true  reason  and  he  skirted  questions  from  Sun  City  residents  for  the  reason  this  remapping  was  necessary.  After  an  hour  plus  of  back  and  forth  among  OUR  City  Council,  Shippert  and  the  inquisitive  Sun  City  residents,  OUR  City  Council  voted  in  favor  of  Pulte.  Not  one  City  Council  member  would  support  any  type  of  “ study, ”  monetary – wise  or  any – wise,  as  to  what  the  impact  of  this  remapping  would  cause  on  Sun  City  residents  regarding  future  HOA  dues’  increases.  Not  just  in  the  coming  few  months  but  for  many  future  years  to  come.

Neither  Pulte  nor  this  City  Council  supports  or  cares  about  the  well – being  of  Sun  City  residents;  their  concern  is  just  their  pocketbooks.


Sun  City  residents  present  at  that  October  meeting  requested  that  a  fees’  impact  study  to  be  conducted  prior  to  the  important  vote  on  this  matter  because  we  were  not  given  an  honest  or  direct  answer  for  why  Pulte  was  requesting  this  remapping.  No  study  was  deemed  necessary  as,  according  to  Shippert,  this  would  just  delay  the  sales  process  of  the  golf  course.  By  the  way,  HOA  management  still  has  not  provided  the  cost  of  operating  the  turned – over  water  features,  even  after  several  requests  to  do  so.  Thus  a  5  to  0  vote  was  made  to  remap !  On  behalf  of  all  2,500  Sun  City  residents,  THANK  YOU  MESQUITE  CITY  COUNCIL !  We  to  will  have  an  opportunity  to  vote,  very  soon !

# 2.  Now  let’s  fast  forward  to  the  current  City  Council’s  thorn – in – the – side.  CLEAN  AIR  FOR / IN  MESQUITE  CASINOS.  This  subject  matter  has  been  around  the  block  for  several  years  here  in  Mesquite.  Already  continuing,  as  in  years  past,  OUR  City  Council  has  sidestepped  addressing  this  very  important  and  health – related  issue  for  way  too  long.  You  ask  why?  Well  the  casinos  are  more  important  to  OUR  current  sitting  City  Council  members  than  any  and  ALL  Mesquite  residents’  health;  and  you  can  take  that  to  the  “ bank. ”  At  one  of  the  latest  City  Council  meetings,  when  CLEAN  AIR  FOR  MESQUITE  was  again  introduced,  a  City  Council  member  in  his  “ infinite  wisdom ”  just  happened  to  request  that  an  impact  study  was  absolutely  necessary  before  this  matter  could  proceed  or  even  be  entertained  about  being  placed  on  the  ballot  for  the  Mesquite  city  residents  to  decide  and  vote  regarding  OUR  health.

WOW !  Where  was  this  City  Council  member  when  Sun  City  residents  requested  an  impact  study  on  our  past  and  present  issue  regarding  remapping ?  Silence !

Can  you  say  “ DOUBLE  STANDARDS ? ”

I’m  sure  you  have  read  the  newspaper  article  that  OUR  City  Council  members  have  some  grave  concerns  about  loss  of  tax  revenue  income  and  jobs  pertaining  to  CLEAN  AIR  FOR  MESQUITE.  Wait  a  minute !  WHAT  ABOUT  MESQUITE  CITIZENS’  HEALTH ?  What  about  casinos’  employees’  health  concerns  and  rights  who  do  not  smoke?  Oh,  I  forgot,  they  don’t  need  a  job !

I  guarantee  you  the  number  of  gamblers  our  casinos  would  lose  would  be  minuscule  compared  to  non – smoking  gamblers,  locals  and  out – of – towners,  who  would  now  be  willing  to  come  into  ALL  the  CLEAN  AIR  local  casinos,  citywide,  to  spend  their  money.  People  who  REALLY  want  to  gamble  will  come  to  Mesquite  to  gamble  along  with  many  more  locals.  Trust  me,  true  gambling  smokers  will  also  continue  to  come.  You  just  cannot  keep  them  away.  It’s  in  their  blood !  Smoking  or  no,  they  will  come.  They  may  not  like  to  exit  the  premises   to  a  vapor  room  or  outdoors  to  take  their  puffs,  but  they  will,  in  order  to  gamble,  these  avid  gamblers  will  come.  Well,  there  will  be  those  with  their  oxygen  tanks  who  will  be  inconvenienced  when  they  have  to  drag  them  out  with  them  to  take  their  puffs !

I  would  think  that  would  already  be  a  dangerous  and  illegal  issue.  Just  think  about  this  for  a  moment,  high  pressured  oxygen  tanks,  around  indoor  open  flames  for  lighting  up,  among  hundreds  of  patrons.  Do  you  know  what  compressed  oxygen  and  open  flame  have  in  common ?  BOOM !  Disaster  waiting  to  happen ?  You  decide.  WOW !  Our  fire  department  personnel  could  have  a  field  day  with  that  threat  and  they  should  be  concerned !

Mesquite  citizens,  this  all  comes  down  to  YOUR  VOTE  against  current  and  future  City  Council  members  up  for  reelection  now  and  in  the  next  few  years.  We,  residents  of  Mesquite,  DEMAND  that  OUR  City  Council  do  their  jobs;  that  is  to  work  for  ALL  Mesquite  residents  and  start  truly  caring  for  our  concerns,  our  problems  and  OUR  HEALTH.  Mesquite  City  Council,  you  are  not  “ in  office ”  to  please  the  casinos  or  Pulte.  YOU,  Mesquite  City  Council  members,  are  supposed  to  be  working  for  us;  remember  the  ones  who  placed  you  into  office;  not  to  be  friends / buddies,  after – hours,  to  the  casinos  and  Pulte.

As  a  Federal  Judge  and  friend  of  mine  once  told  to  me,  “ No  one,  business  or  person,  has  a  right  to  be  in  one  or  the  other’s  hip  pockets;  too  much  room  for  fraud,  graft,  manipulation  and  corruption ! ”



David  A.  Harvilak


  1. Kyle Reber says:

    So with the clean air initiative, the council had no choice but to request the study. The NRS doesn’t give them the option to not conduct a study. So you can’t use that to accuse them of double standards.

  2. Darlene Tornes says:

    Thank you
    David Harvlak

  3. Ron Kiima says:

    Dear Mr. Harvilak. And, while the Council is at it, they need to get rid of that dang sun as skin cancer is killing us all. Where’s my foil suit? And, Council, get rid of those pesty scorpions as their stings really really hurt. Not to mention those annoying little rattle snakes, Off with their heads, immediately. Where did I put my Kevlar hip boots in the meantime? And, Council, dig up all that annoying arsenic under us while you’re at it as well. My God, I can’t even go bear to go outside or to drink the water. David, maybe you need to sign up immediately with Elon Musk’s SpaceX and get the first flight off this peril ridden rock!!!

    • Teri Nehrenz says:

      You are too funny, I like it!

    • Thressa Young says:

      Exactly!!! And no, I don’t smoke!! When people come here, don’t they usually come because it’s beautiful here, we did, and we came here because we enjoy gambling, but we sure didn’t expect to be told what we can and can’t do. I’m a former smoker and smoking is LEGAL. There are many former smokers out there who are very rude to smokers, it doesn’t bother me and I’m not going to be rude to someone who smokes. It’s their privilege just as it’s your privilege to not to gamble. This is my opinion.

      • Sylvia Flynt says:


        It should be every person’s right to gamble in a gambling town without (TRAVELING AT YOUR OWN RISK) (WARNING-Entering this Casino is dangerous to your health)! We ALL should be entitled to enjoy our Casinos in a HEALTHY environment! SMOKERS do not value their own lives nor their families live or their children or pets so Why should we non smokers ever believe they care about our lives. We need a law in effect that clearly states- YOU CAN KILL YOURSELF (that is suicide) but you don’t have a right to kill anyone else as that is (MURDER). Secondhand smoke KILLS!

  4. Tony Gems says:

    WELL SAID – Mr. Harvilak
    The first item is SHIFTY SHIPPERT from pulte. This guy is the ultimate hooch salesman and mis-represents everything pulte is doing trying to screw the residents . In other words he is your ultimate
    Throw in DONNA EADS – whom is supposed to protect us residents but sides and goes along with anything that pulte tells her and US SUN CITY RESIDENTS HAVE ZERO REPRESENTATION.
    REMEMBER- she is the cali nutcase that started the painting fiasco that got shot down – THANK GOODNESS!
    Now the city council, whom under the direction of our do nothing – no growth mayor , have shafted sun city residents.
    Was the council naive or get something in return in listening to what SHIFTY SHIPPERT WAS FEEDING THEM? You be the judge.
    And Mr. Harvilak is correct – all incumbants must go – starting with the frankly laughable geno withholder- does he even know what is going on anymore?
    And Rapson the blowhard whom is a Geno’s buddy and goes along with anything that benefits Premier Realty – these 2 have had the biggest conflict of interest but yet no one on council sees it -lol.
    As Mr. Harvilak says – VOTE AGAINST ALL INCUMBANTS – clean all the dead garbage out.
    And when it comes time to get a new mayor in the future – i hope we get someone young and foward thinking- not like this antique we have now – littman.
    LOOK AROUND PEOPLE – st. George – fastest growing city in the United States – las vegas –
    Where is mesquite? Just drive down main street – same undeveloped areas as 10-15 yrs ago.
    Our mayor and council have done nothing to bring REAL DEVELOPMENT TO MESQUITE.
    OH WAIT- we get a new gas station and a few taco shops and you have our mayor and council,s
    Legacy on growth.
    And then the council listens to clowns like shippert and other developers whom continue to rape and pilage the residents with poor development decisions and you have all the sad mesquite history from the last 5 -10 yrs you need to throw up.

    • Sonny Graham says:

      Geez, you don’t have to be a butt, sir…

      Instead of hiding behind your keyboard and bitching about the Mayor and City Council, get out and make a difference yourself… you should have filed to run for City Council (it was only $25 to file). Have you attended any of the meetings held around town to bring new businesses in town? Have you called City Hall, asked Mayor Litman face to face why they’re having trouble bringing new businesses to downtown? I’ve emailed Al a few times and he is very responsive. If you’re so hell bent with Sun City and City Council issues, then sell your home and move to the fastest growing city in the good ole USA – St. George! Just like you are entitled to your bitching and opinions, so am I.

      Every transplant to this Valley saw the casinos when they moved here – they were aware of the smoking, the drinking, the gambling… and now you and others want to force your own ways of thinking and living on others. Please tell me you’re at least registered to vote and will be voting…

    • Teri Nehrenz says:

      If Shippert was able to feed you a load of garbage enough to fool you into buying an outrageously priced home, why would you think he didn’t feed city council garbage; seems to be his way as you say. Your talk of city council is very disrespectful and you’re wrong. Have you seen Pioneer Blvd beyond Falcon Ridge to the 118 Exit? There’s your growth and it HAS HAPPENED. While I agree that something needs to be done to refurbish Mesquite Blvd. it’s not the fault of city council that the landlords are raising rents and reducing amenities and basic maintenance. People who are beginning small business go where they can actually pay the bills and Mesquite Blvd. landlords charge too much rent…that is NOT city council’s fault. They certainly have developed and allowed city owned land to be developed for growth…Have you seen our new library? It’s built on property the city donated to the library district. A once empty lot is now a beautiful learning spot for all of Mesquite…I’d say that’s growth sir and our present “do nothing Mayor” was side by side in the fight with library trustee and Mesquite resident Randy Ence. MAYOR LITMAN organizes the veteran’s day parade, veteran’s memorial service and attends every ribbon cutting for new businesses…how may I ask DOES he qualify as a do nothing mayor? I BET IT’S BECAUSE HE DOES NOTHING FOR YOU…he does plenty for the city and it’s residents. Perhaps you should try doing something for yourself rather than just complaining about everyone else.

      • Tony Gems says:

        Hey Teri – better check your facts-
        “Have you seen our new library? It’s built on property the city donated to the library district. A once empty lot is now a beautiful learning spot for all of Mesquite…I’d say that’s growth sir and our present “do nothing Mayor” was side by side in the fight with library trustee and Mesquite “
        No ,no ,and no to all the above.
        You were not around 8 or so yrs ago when Randy Ence sold the lot to the city for an outrageous price that earned him the name “ randy library lot ence”
        It was purchased by the city from him and rotted until clark county finally agreed to build it.
        As far as development on drive down mesquite blvd. will look the same as 15 yrs ago-
        And if you think that is good or not a problem – i do not know what to say to you ,Teri

        • Teri Nehrenz says:

          Yes; the new library is a good thing…Regardless of how it was acquired (made lemonade out of the lemons)….and by what council 8 years ago. Mayor Litman has only been Mayor for half that time. YES, IT’S GOOD THAT RANDY ENCE HAD THAT VISION! You may not benefit from the library but many will; that’s a good thing.
          Yes, the city donated the land back to the library district…it was still city property after the outrageous sale wasn’t it? It didn’t rot, it served as the spot for Mesquite Days for a couple of years and does dirt rot? Looked sort of the same 11 years ago when I moved here as it did just prior to the groundbreaking of the library; I personally never saw a rotten piece of sand on the lot.

          I can’t even respond to your last statement about Mesquite blvd. I don’t know what you’re saying but I ALREADY MENTIONED in my last comment that Mesquite Blvd is a problem BUT you can’t blame it on council; it’s a property owner issue…didn’t you read that? Do you actually read these comments before responding to them?

          • Tony Gems says:

            No other city or town would put up with the sad drive down the main city drag.
            Why is st george, las vegas cranking with development and not mesquite?
            Because the council and mayor DO NOT WANT REAL GROWTH.
            And check into the RANDY LIBRARY LOT FIASCO.
            The lot was purchased by the city with NO appraisal or guidance.
            The city just paid randy ence what he was asking which was way above market value at the time,according to real estate people who observed the transaction.
            As a matter of fact , your paper was crying about the purchase at the time.
            You have access to those records- perhaps you should check your facts and investigate before you comment.
            And you work for the newspaper and write stories – why don’t we just change the name to the MESQUITE TERI COMMENTARY? -lol
            And the council and mayor could certainly bring more growth to the city- why do you think these high school kids cannot wait to get the hell outa town once they graduate-THERE IS NOTHING HERE FOR THEM. INDUSTRY OR COMMERCIAL WISE.

          • Teri Nehrenz says:

            Yes, I write for the paper, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have my own opinions, freedom of speech doesn’t exclude writers; comments are open to everyone and since I’m around town talking to many people quite often, I form opinions of what’s going on. If people didn’t argue with MY opinions or respond, I wouldn’t write so much but they do. Some value my opinion, others don’t but at least they have given opportunity for many to voice their own opinions as well. It’s your choice to read/respond or ignore but if you respond to me, I’ll respond back…apparently lots of people respond or you wouldn’t hear so much from me. I think that’s a good thing, it draws out thoughts…people read thoughts and make INFORMED decisions. What I don’t like is people who INTENTIONALLY misinform people of things.
            I don’t listen to those fake claims made by the Clean Air folks. Seriously Tony, do you consider a survey of only 277 people to be accurate? Clean Air folks do. I like to create a back and forth dialogue, it’s the only way to get into people’s heads…I never get angry or upset about a different opinion, it’s an opinion and many people see things differently because of experiences. I do appreciate your comments to me…it let’s others see both sides and make up their own minds.

            The present Mayor has been in office since he was elected to city council in 2011, two years AFTER the land sale. He took the position of Mayor when Mark Weir left office in 2014. Mayor Litman had nothing to do with the previous land sale or the city at the time.
            City Council members Hafen, Gustaveson, Fairchild, Wells, are all long gone, City Attorney Cheryl Hunt, City Manager, Tim Hacker and City Spokesman, Brian Dangerfield….all gone; we’ve had new blood for a few years now and wasn’t Susan Holecheck Mayor? EVERYTHING is different with the exception of Gino Withelder and he’s not an idiot, he’s a quiet and reserved, but a sharp man. Everything turned around several years ago.

            Tony are you really that out of touch or angry about whatever that you don’t see a brand new highway exit (118), an industrial parkway, NEW BUSINESSES, and a solid, LARGE source of tax dollars and employment (DEEP ROOTS, CASINOS) a brand new state of the art Sports Resort (Rising Star), New, WONDERFUL Library, WORKFORCE CONNECTIONS (have you any idea what they can do for residents? It’s phenomenal!) Mesquite Works, Mesquite Regional Business, new cemetery, NON OF THIS RINGS A BELL? You don’t consider this growth? So they’ve concentrated on the OUTSKIRTS of Mesquite but it’s still Mesquite and again, THEY HAVE NO CONTROL OVER THE PROPERTY OWNERS ON MESQUITE BLVD PROPERTIES. They offer them funds for renovations, the property owners/managers are crap, not the city council. CITY COUNCIL HAS DONE MUCH. This is clearly what anyone in a town of only 20,000 would call progress…I have no clue what to say except that you’re clearly never satisfied with anything or you couldn’t possibly deny the good things that have happened to our city in the past 4 or 5 years SINCE THE NEW REGIME! Just because it’s not what you want to see doesn’t mean you can deny it’s happening elsewhere or you just like LIVING IN THE PAST and complaining about everything.
            As far as graduates…YOU’RE JOKING RIGHT? Do you know the meaning of the term “Rural”? There are few rural areas that offer the opportunity that Mesquite does. Workforce connections can offer them VoEd/college, transportation to VoEd/college, support for job placement afterward and everything in between; There are decent paying jobs in Mesquite; you just have to be ambitious enough to go for them.
            My husband and I make a decent living and I work only part time. It didn’t take my hubby two weeks to get a DECENT PAYING job when we moved here, he started in less than a month after our move from Cleveland and this was in 2007…things have gotten MUCH better since then. He worked 5 years with the first company and now he’s been with the second for 5 and a half and loves it; he’s 54 by the way and can outwork the young ones by triple or better….you’ve got to consider the ambitions of the younger generations when you make assumptions like you do about no opportunity here; that’s why we moved here in the first place…THERE WAS MORE OPPORTUNITY HERE than there was in Cleveland, Ohio and far less competition for those good paying jobs.
            For those who apply themselves while still in school…college would not be a problem…have you any idea what our kids receive each year in scholarships awards? MILLIONS! Local scholarships are over 100 grand….you are out of touch. Most kids coming from a rural area want to experience the big cities and life outside of rural America not just Mesquite kids but if they do want out…they can apply themselves and Mesquite (Business and private scholarships) will GIVE them that opportunity as well.

            What makes you happy Tony? I’m guessing that isn’t a very long list and your glass is always half empty…it’s sad.

      • David Petrillo says:

        Teri, I am appalled by your personal attacks on people you do not agree with. Their opinions of the council and the Mayor are food for thought. Our Mayor has stated in several occasions that it is not the job of the city and the council to go out and find new businesses for the city. In that regard, they are doing a great non job. Evidently the mayors and council persons in Las Vegas, North Las Vegas, and St George do believe it is part of their job. Being a Mayor and council person in Mesquite are the easiest jobs in America. Just sit back and collect money from the poor people from Utah and attend ribbon cutting ceremonies for the newest taco shop in town. Dave Harvilak is right on point. It is time to get rid of the do nothing old guys and get the city moving forward.

        • Teri Nehrenz says:

          I didn’t attack anyone, I DEFENDED. There’s a difference.

          • Teri Nehrenz says:

            Giving information or facts that clearly counter what another is saying, isn’t exactly attacking. What do you mean personal attacks? I need an example of my personal attacks on people that you’re speaking of.

          • Tony Gems says:

            Terri-your ramblings are frankly laughable. Take a midol.
            And you assume i sm against smoking in your answers.
            I never said anything about smoking issue-that is one’s personal choice and people are niave if they think the casinos will go no smoking.
            Do not assume -a good journalist should know that.

          • Teri Nehrenz says:

            It was an example of misinformation being passed about just like the misinformation in your rants about the mayor and his do nothing for Mesquite attitude. Linking him and present council members to a fiasco that happened years ago is misleading just like the smoke free information being passed around.
            Truth have no clue what our Mayor does; you just want to throw out the “OLD” but you have to consider something else…which of the new are REALLY in it for the long haul and which are just using Mesquite as their stepping stone; sometimes the new isn’t in it for the best of Mesquite but for the best of themselves. Our present Mayor and city council has proven to be loyal to Mesquite, they haven’t any future political aspirations…they’re here for the long haul and want what’s best for the city…some of the candidates…I’d look into that a bit further before I voted if I were you….oh, geeze, sorry…you don’t vote do you?

        • David Petrillo says:

          Teri, just look at the comment directly above about Tony. “What makes you happy Tony? ……………….”. I consider that a personal attack and is not appropriate for someone in your position. Or anyone, even the Mayor.

          • Teri Nehrenz says:

            When has asking a question ever been considered an attack? In my position? What’s that supposed to mean, I’m a writer, I have no “position”, in the terms you’re talking, when it comes to my opinion except my opinion. When I report on something, I don’t take a position. there’s a huge difference in “my position” and the “Mayor’s Position”.
            Anyway, when you speak of attacking, look at Tony Gems statements…now there’s someone attacking. Like I said, I defended; anyone in any position is allowed. I read all of his comments and he doesn’t seem like a happy person, just an observation, not an attack along with a question to confirm or deny what I believe. How do you relay that as an attack?

          • Teri Nehrenz says:

            David, I’d like to ask, What exactly is your “position” and why is it more appropriate for you to state your opinions than it is for us to state ours?

    • Al Litman says:

      Tony Gems is not on the voter registration list of Clark County. I guess he wants others to vote for him. Poor Tony must be one unhappy SOB. Of course, he is entitled to his opinion, so in the next election Tony, you might register to vote like a good American does, and cast a vote against me. It’s America, you know.
      By the way, I am old and proud of it. If you take care of yourself, and live a good, honest, healthy life like me, perhaps you will also be old someday.I guess you don’t like senior citizens either? If you want the mess of St. George or Las Vegas as you seem to envy, move. I’m sure Sun City would love it. With real estate prices up and your dislike for Mesquite and all of us who serve from Pulte on down, I don’t see why you stay?

      • David Petrillo says:

        Wow Mayor! You sure have a thing against free speech. Now you are googling people who you think are making anti City comments. He and Dave have a right to express their opinions. Our city has been left behind in the current economic upturn. The vacant lots in town and out on Pioneer Boulevard are still vacant. The truck stop is the one exception but that will not bring any high paying jobs to town. Is our town falling behind because we are a one industry town? Do businesses see the casinos as a negative? I seem to remember you saying that it was not your job nor the council’s job to bring new business to town. I guess you and the council are doing a great job. The only other business that came to town was Deep Roots. I also seem to remember much opposition from the old guys on the council. And Mayor, do not believe all the nonsense about the casinos leaving town. That will never happen. There is not a better location in the state than right here. Tomorrow’s council meeting should be great entertainment. Do I have to bring my voter registration card to make a statement?

        • Sonny Graham says:

          Sir, Mayor Litman was expressing his opinion, as well. Calm down. I asked “Tony Gems” if he was a registered voter – all of this information is public, and you can look it up yourself. I didn’t read that Mayor Litman was “googling” names. You seem to be missing the point of this conversation. Properties downtown (Mesquite Blvd) are priced sky high, but as mentioned the City has funds that a potential or current business owner can obtain and use toward their existing or new business.

          Can you provide an article or something that backs up your statement “I seem to remember you (Mayor) saying that it was not your job nor the council’s job to bring new business to town”?

          If you would take the time to visit the City’s website (, since it’s redesign, everything you would want to know about the City is posted there, including NEW BUSINESSES! From 05/01/2018 – to 05/31/2018, the City has listed 24 new business licenses. They also provide information from the same time the previous year (24 licenses in May 2017).

          You don’t have to be a smart ass. If one is unsatisfied with the current Council/Mayor, the way to make a true difference to get do your civic duty and VOTE! If you’re not a registered voter in the City/precinct that you live in, well your complaining won’t do a bit of good.

          Also, not one individual/company/group can honestly give a guarantee that a smoking ban will not have consequences. Montana, Colorado, South Dakota, where ever a smoking ban was put into place – does not have the same demographics as Mesquite, Nevada. It’s not rocket science – if you don’t want to smell like smoke, inhale the second hand smoke, then simply do not open the doors! How many will honestly occupy the casinos if it was smoke free? I can’t honestly say and neither can you. I don’t like smelling like the casino, and my friends don’t either. But it’s our conscience decision to walk through those doors and throw in $20 or eat at a restaurant. Plain and simple. The employees of these establishments KNOW what they’re applying for. They’re not forced to submit an application. There are plenty of other places to work in a smoke free environment.

          • Sylvia Flynt says:


            While I agree with you on some statements, I strongly disagree on you saying if we non smokers don’t like smoke, don’t open the doors! That is just beyond unfair! Every public business in this town should be a healthy place where anyone should be able to enter, enjoy, shop, eat, gamble, exercise, etc without feeling their health will suffer! This is a gambling town and their is very little else to do here. I moved here for Health reasons as I was dying from humidity of the Deep South and needed dry air! I also wanted the safety of low traffic, low crime area etc. but why should I be penalized from enjoying the Casinos just because I want to live longer and healthier! If Casinos loved their hard workers and their Loyal customers, they would desire to give us all THE GIFT OF A HEALTHIER EXPERIENCE!

        • Al Litman says:

          I would love to meet you. If you are a real man, you would be willing to sit down for a dialogue on the issues than seen to concern you. Just call my office and we can talk. By the way, if you find this intimidating we can meet for coffee or whatever at your convience. i won’t hold my breath waiting, but maybe you will surprise me.

      • Tony Gems says:

        Dear mr littman
        You are the poorest excuse of a mayor i have ever observed.
        You try to uphold your poor record but the facts persist-you are a poor mayor and advocate for mesquite.
        The good ol boys pull your strings like a puppet.
        The growth issue is enough for me not to vote for you again.

        PLEASE-young people of mesquite -GET THESE ANTIQUES OUTA HERE AND DO SOMETHING FOR MESQUITE- the council and mayor are a joke on growth alone with many other issues just as poor.
        Mayor – the nursing home bus is leaving-lol

        • Al Litman says:

          Mr Gems, I checked the voter list again. There is no Tony Gems registered to vote in Clark county. Should you ever register to vote, PLEASE DO NOT VOTE for me.

    • Sylvia Flynt says:

      Thanks Tony! New blood needed desperately to Make Mesquite GREAT!

  5. John Dwyer says:

    Why aren’t you running for office?
    It’s easy to complain.
    When the casinos close down due to all the smokers going down to Vegas and then the workforce following them…. I bet you will be in line to complain about your taxes going up!
    Quit complaining and putting it on someone else.
    Run for office.
    Or why not lobby the casinos? If it truly makes sense they would listen.
    Better yet…lobby for a new non smoking casino!
    If YOU are correct the other casinos will follow suit when they see the “money” sense behind it.
    Just to make one thing clear…
    I AM A Nonsmoker!
    A 20 year plus resident of Mesquite.

  6. Steve Clutterham says:

    What an entire load of crap. Please show me proof of anywhere that banning smoking increased gaming revenues. And show me anywhere that our approximately 2000 casinos employees were asked if they want Mesquite to lead the way in banning smoking in casinos. Would they prefer it be non smoking? Of course, we all would. But do they want to risk their jobs where they have lets of unreported tips to do it? I think not.

    No council person is being bought off by the casinos. But they are trying to keep zealots like you from closing down casinos, costing 1000’s of jobs and millions of lost income to our city. If this bill passes we will not have another vote in 2 years because there will not be enough income here for, police, fire or city hall. You can absolutely take that to the bank. Why would Mesquite gaming keep casinos open here and struggle to survive, when they have much bigger and more profitable casinos in Las Vegas who will not have to deal with this issue.

    And one more time I am going to ask this question. Why were my brother in law and I approached at Smith’s in Las Vegas to sign the Mesquite clean air bill. If this isn’t completely illegal, it sure the hell should be. It just shows the desperate measures “you people” will go to get your way.

    And by the way, if you think you know a federal judge who isn’t in someone’s pocket, you really are delusional.

    • Teri Nehrenz says:

      Well said Steve,
      In talking with many of the casino employees, even those who don’t smoke, don’t want the casinos to go smoke free because they would lose money. These employees count on their tips and don’t want to give up any sort of percentage of them. They have a hard enough time making ends meet in the summer when business slows. Any loss of revenue/tips means a loss to the employees. And again, most choose to work in the casino even with the “associated risks.” Our current city council has much foresight and I applaud them for NOT wanting to make Mesquite a ghost town. When you think of the health of your citizens. The definition of “health” is: Being in the highest state of physical, mental, emotional and social well being. How healthy do you think folks who are worried about paying the bills would be? I think that being unemployed or worrying about paying the bills would put the mental, emotional and social well being to an end which would then make for a VERY UNHEALTHY town.

    • Teri Nehrenz says:

      You know the answer to your own question…You were approached in Las Vegas because the Smoke Free Mesquite People have no integrity. Several weeks ago we had the petition attempting to be circulated at CHURCH… AT CHURCH! I asked the man to leave, he then stood outside the door, hitting up people when they left. That is certainly NOT one of the places it’s ok to push your agenda….Church is for GOD’s agenda, not ours! They know they don’t have the support here so they HAVE TO GET IT SOMEWHERE and Vegas has the people. Can’t see them getting the support/signatures they need here in the summertime when the snowbirds are gone, so they go to VEGAS, again, no integrity! I wonder if the petition will be checked to make sure all names are registered voters of Mesquite. If you need someone to help cross reference those names, I’ll be the first in line!

  7. Steve Clutterham says:

    And by the way Mr. Harvilak, if you read the paper when they published information on all of the people running for council, rather incumbent or new, only one person said they would vote for the smoking ban. This means, no matter who wins the election, it would be at least 4-1 against the smoking ban. Now of course we all know that doesn’t appear to matter. From the way I understand the proposal, if the citizen approve the ban, there is nothing the council can do to over turn that vote and it will become law. Unless of course one or more of the casinos challenge the legality of it and tie it up in courts long enough for the state to pass a no smoking ban in casinos and give everyone a level playing field.

  8. Paula Stewart says:

    Just curious are you a home grown Nevadan or did you move here from another state? I am not a smoker & do not care for the smell or the health issues it causes. Now with that being said, their is no way any city in Nevada will go smoke free like cities in California! Gaming brings a lot of money to our state & yes they probably do have a lot of input towards everything in Nevada. If you don’t like the smoking in casinos don’t go in them. If you’re from another state & moved to Nevada don’t come to our state & try to change it to be like the state you moved from.

    • David Petrillo says:

      Anyone who lives here has a right to their opinion. It does not matter how long they live here. Everyone has just one vote. Seniority does not apply in government. As for change, Nevada is changing faster than you think. It is becoming much more diverse, both in population but in businesses. We are no longer reliant on our casinos. In Mesquite, we let the casinos run things. They threaten to leave if we do not give them what they want. I was at the council meeting where the council let Virgin Valley put up a tent in the back. Virgin Valley claimed it did not have the money to put an addition on the building. What nonsense. They are too busy funneling profits out of Mesquite. I assume that the employees at the Eureka are all millionaires since they own the place.

      • Teri Nehrenz says:

        David, there is no Virgin Valley Casino or gambling establishment in Mesquite…what are you referring to sir? Where are the casinos funneling profits to? I’m sure you mean to the investors who don’t live here, don’t you think they have a right to their money? You sound angry about the fact that the employees own the Eureka, why should their owning the place bother you enough to mention it? In Mesquite, we are still reliant on our casinos…we are not the rest of the state of Nevada and we do have limits on our expansion…Lincoln county, Gold Butte National Monument, Mountains…all limit our growth potential by geography…you seem to want to continue to limit it’s potential by driving out one of our main sources for employment and tax revenues. Where do you think we can expand or build businesses to compensate for the loss of jobs and revenues, and how quickly? You do realize that before the big businesses come here they do a demographic survey of the economy, jobs, potential…if Mesquite doesn’t meet the standards set forth by the corporations, they don’t consider coming here. We’ve got 20,000 people; do you think that the loss of even a small percentage of that population won’t put us in the trunk of any opportunity for more business here? Don’t you realize that if there aren’t enough people with enough income to support businesses, they don’t even consider an area. If we want to move forward, we need the population of people that the casinos not only employ but the tourists they bring in…It’s a full package, what we lack in residency, we make up for in visitor stats that make us worthy of consideration. The casinos and Rising Star are responsible for all of that.

      • Teri Nehrenz says:

        David, Are you the 73 year old that lives in Sun City? Yes, I google EVERYTHING, doesn’t everyone. It’s the fastest, most convenient way to get the answer to any question that happens to be a matter of public record.
        I’m assuming that since you remember the city council meeting about the tent, you also remember what happened to, then owner, Randy Black a few years later…when he began to see the demise of his casinos and business, filed bankruptcy, sold the business…Why do you assume he was lying about NOT having the millions of dollars it would cost to build a permanent structure even after he lost his business?

        • David Petrillo says:

          Yes Teri, I am an old guy who lives in Sun City. I am probably old enough to be your father.
          If I were your father, I would plead with you to stop smoking. You know you should quit. I also am a big fan. You bring a lot of enthusiasm to the paper. I love reading your commentaries even if I have a different opinion. And please keep acting. You are a natural performer. The City will survive no matter what happens this November. I just feel like it is time to reinvent our selves. The current model is not working.

          • Teri Nehrenz says:

            David,that’s sweet, thank you. I tried, I succeeded for three years, didn’t even start back when my son passed away…I didn’t start again until I had a boss (not at the paper) who stressed me to no end…I quit the job but didn’t the smoking. That was three years ago too…maybe it’s time but..I still don’t want to see Mesquite as the model. I know how important those tips are to the employees maintaining their ability to make a living here in this little town. I like reading your commentary also and I really don’t attack..but I do ask questions to try to understand or draw out discussion so those who read really do get different perspectives and ideas. Hopefully people read and gather some different understanding even if they don’t agree. Things would be pretty boring if we all agreed on everything wouldn’t it?

            When have you seen me act? and thanks, I love doing it.

            I agree with you that many things need to change in Mesquite but I also know that there are many improvements now because of our present Mayor…yes, I’m a huge fan of what he does and has done and what he’s presently working on (information not ready to release to the public yet but it’s GOOD) is, has been and will be so good for the town. Seriously, you really should sit and chat with him sometime, he’s one of the good guys and you’ll be able to see that. He’s not got the voting power that people think he has and can’t do much about what City Council decides but he does the things for the town that are definitely in his control and he works like a dog doing it. He’s not, as some refer to him, one of the good ole boys. He likes improvements and the city really does offer funds for these land owners to revamp their buildings but he can’t force anyone to apply for the funds. Last person I heard did anything really good with them is Susan who owned the Store on the corner of Sandhill and Mesquite Blvd. I’d really like to see that building, the old Jamba Juice bldg ( I think they used the funds on improvements but they have no tenants???) on the opposite corner and that old restaurant that’s been closed since I moved here 11 years ago do something…there’s true potential there but no takers. I wish I had the money to invest myself…I can see a cute little sandwich/ice cream/doughnut shop there or a bakery of some sort. I do agree that Mesquite Blvd. needs a lot of help, but I don’t think that the casino employees can afford to take even a small hit for any length of time. I was a supervisor in the restaurant, they really do count on those tips and live paycheck to paycheck, some day to day, the loss of a little for very long will hurt them and maybe we will survive but how long would it take to recover and at what cost? Until we get something that will give them an alternative I can’t see that Mesquite can afford to take that risk. The rest of the state isn’t going smoke free, I can’t see us being able to afford to be the guinea pig and the smoke free people really are a bit shady in their approach to this initiative.

            Thanks for your conversation.

      • Teri Nehrenz says:

        May I remind you of your previous statement, “Our city has been left behind in the current economic upturn. The vacant lots in town and out on Pioneer Boulevard are still vacant. The truck stop is the one exception but that will not bring any high paying jobs to town. Is our town falling behind because we are a one industry town? Do businesses see the casinos as a negative? I seem to remember you saying that it was not your job nor the council’s job to bring new business to town. I guess you and the council are doing a great job. The only other business that came to town was Deep Roots.”

        After stating the above very recently how can you then say we aren’t still reliant on the casinos? Seems like a huge conflict to what you’ve replied to Paula…Which way do you really stand? Do we have potential other than the casinos or not? Seems you sway either way depending on the subject.

        First our present mayor and council did a great job in keeping Mesquite from growth and then it’s we’re growing faster than you think and becoming more diverse in population and business. In some statements you mention that the employees have little choice other than working in the casinos but that can’t be true if we’re growing…but then again, we haven’t????????? You are confusing on your position.

        • David Petrillo says:

          Hello Teri. Boy, you are really upset today. FYI, I signed the petition today. And Teri, I understand that the employees at the casinos were told not to sign. If they did and were found out, they would be terminated. Is that true? Please be honest as I know you know the answer.

          As for our economics, yes we are almost totally reliant on the casinos. That is something that should have been dealt with years ago. People who live here should not be forced to take a casino job. I also believe that our do nothing Council and Mayor share the blame. Our Mayor, as he has stated numerous times, is not paid to bring new business here. Do you remember the whole Mesquite Regional Business fiasco several years ago. They were paid thousands of dollars to bring meaningful jobs here. They have been an outright failure.

          Meanwhile, drive to St George and you will see a very visible expansion of good paying jobs. Drive out by the airport and you will see many new business locations. They are growing and they do not smoke nor do they gamble. We have hitched our star to a totally worthless business and we are paying the price. Mesquite is only growing because the 55 and over crowd is moving into Sun City. You know, the ones from Utah, California, Oregon and other states where they are not afraid to try new things and go into a new direction.

          I love Mesquite and will not be leaving no matter what happens this Fall. We new residents have as much right to express our opinions as do the old founding families. By the way, I would have loved being here in 1990 when Mr Black opened the Virgin River. (Not the Virgin Valley – my mistake). I bet a lot of the founding Morman families come into a windfall when they approved the casino. It was easy money. To this day a lot of Ute’s bring us money. What a great deal for the casino owners. They did not get rich by playing fair with their customers. And lastly, the casinos are not going anywhere. This Is the last great location in Nevada for casinos. Close to the Utes. Move to Logandale? The Utes would just drive to Vegas as it is just down the road.

          • Teri Nehrenz says:

            I don’t know a thing about the casinos and their no signing policy, I swear on all that I love, but that question doesn’t surprise me even a little bit if that tells you anything.

            OH NO, please say it ain’t so!!!!! You signed, it’s ok, that’s your right but I HOPE YOU LOSE! lol, seriously I do.

            Yep, I get upset when I hear people attacking a friend, especially without justification. I think you and others think our Mayor has much more power or pull than he does…he’s not the type of man who’ll beat a dead horse and he chooses his battles carefully. He doesn’t fight for the things that are beyond his control but he does fight for what he believes and he does his homework, I know him and admire what he does.

            Yes, I know Mesquite Regional Business well and I know they got a butt load of money but that was from investors/donations and grant money, I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure the city didn’t have anything to do with Mesquite Regional Business but moral support, they didn’t finance them; MRB is an independent company and a non profit organization. They did work with the Camel Safari, Eagles Landing and some smaller projects…but they’ve only been around for less than three years, give them a little time, Colton Teerlink just came on board as the CEO…he’s a sharp guy who did wonderful things with the Camel Safari. By the way, have you seen their “help wanted” list? It’s got some good job openings listed if people would look. You just may not hear much about them but I’ve seen good things, people just have to find their opportunities, most don’t look very hard. It’s like Workforce Connections…what a great program; they’ve got money, resources and help to offer but they have few takers…I have no clue why that is either.

            As far as the casinos go…I’m not sure folks are taking into consideration that it’s not the residents of Mesquite the casinos cater to. We don’t support their business 1/10 as much as the tourists do, it’s their business that the casinos need to hold onto. If tourists want the smoke, they’ll go to Vegas and easily bypass our little corner of the world, Vegas has so much more to offer anyway; not for me or for you but for the tourists, we truly don’t have a clue what they want but the casinos do.

            Yes, I agree…everyone has the right to express their opinions as well as disagree with others, I believe that completely I just don’t think our opinions should be the deciding factor on how others choose to run their businesses especially when Mesquite relies on their business and their tourists.

            As far as the health risks involved with the smoke, lol, I grew up in Cleveland, couldn’t see the sunshine through the Steel Mills spewing smoke most of the days, cigarettes don’t bother me so much.

            My daughter works at the casino, she HATES smoke, never smoked in her life but even she says that most of the employees understand the risks and really don’t care and that’s what I hear from a lot of them as well…the money outweighs the risks in their minds so I don’t see why everyone is using concern for them as an excuse to go smoke free rather than just being honest and saying, “I don’t like it.” Most of the people in the Smoke Free campaign probably couldn’t name ten casino employees that they REALLY care so much about.
            And while I’m thinking about it…my daughter never mentioned that she was approached with the “don’t sign or else” or anything like that, she would have told me if she was because that would have bugged her, but I know that her and her fellow employees discussed the initiative among themselves and she said that the majority of those she’s talked about it with weren’t for it anyway..those who don’t smoke said it would be nicer but they don’t want to risk their income; even a little bit hurts a lot. They aren’t particularly worried about their employment but the loss of tips would be hard to bear. I personally have no stake in this what so ever, I rarely patronize the casinos…I figure they’ve already got plenty and don’t need me adding to their pot and sitting at a machine for hours on end isn’t one bit appealing to me, I’d rather be outside in my garden; I can clearly see the growth that happens there;)

            Nice talking with you.

          • Steve Clutterham says:

            David, so you honestly believe any business owner, anywhere, would gather his employees together and tell them if they didn’t do as they say, they would fire them? Really? In this day and age of everybody suing everybody for everything? Do you have a clue what position that would put them in? Especially at the Eureka where every vested employee is a partial owner. Really? I believe they did have employee meetings. I believe they probably explained to them the realities of what a smoking ban could do to their gaming revenues and therefor what effect it would have on the employees. I seriously doubt they were trying to scare the employees to doing what they say. They were just trying to give them a realistic idea of what could and probably would happen.

            Unlike you and I, the owners info would be based on many, many years of different studies on what effect certain things have on gaming revenues. And I guarantee you that many of these studies, done by industry experts, pertained to non smoking in particular. Casinos pay big dollars to have experts from both inside and outside the industry to help them develop a better business model and increase their bottom line. You know just like any smart business would do.

            As far as mayor Litman and the rest of the city council goes, you are so far off base it’s embarrassing. My wife, my brother and I opened 2 businesses on Mesquite Blvd. about 5 years ago. The rent on the boulevard is outrageous and the amenities are few. That is not the mayor’s or the council’s fault. There is nothing they can do about how much a property owner wants to rent out their commercial property. As I believe Teri pointed out, they did designate city funds to help new or existing businesses with funds for improvements. As a matter of fact, at a recent council meeting they even suggested ways to make that money available up front instead of on the current reimbursement program.

            It used to be the city council’s job to bring new business here. Now that job is handled my the MRB and they are doing a more than satisfactory job in my opinion.. I am sure if you check, you will find that in St. George and Las Vegas, that same thing holds true for them. For the amount of money we pay the mayor and the city council, they do more than enough. I am sure if you ever counted up the actual amount of time they spend working for and promoting the city, you would find they make less per hour than the casino workers you are so concerned about.

            David, while I do enjoy our little tit for tats, I do not like the way you make sweeping accusations about things that you know very little about. And I do not appreciate the way you attack people who in my opinion are doing a good job. You are only 73, for some people this is still quite young, for some, not so much. I don’t have any idea which is the case for you. My point is, if you are so unhappy with current state of Mesquite, why didn’t I see your name on my official ballot for city council? It’s easy to complain and say people are doing a bad job, it’s quite another to step up and make a change. Be very careful my friend, you just might see my name on the 2020 ballot. Hell, I might even ask Teri Nehrenz to run also.

            We have lived here for 10 years, and have seen steady. controlled growth. The new gas station/truck stop/convenience store/liquor store/Wendy’s will add many new jobs and hopefully more visitors that will spend some time and money here.
            The planned truck and motor home facility that is coming in after that will provide many skilled jobs.

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