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To the Editor,
A letter was published on the Mesquite Local New’s website Monday that was filled with inaccuracies, false accusations, and clearly show the author is biased.  We are pleased that after speaking with the paper’s editor, the letter was pulled from the website and would not make it into the printed edition. The letter accused Annie Black of breaking campaigning rules and laws and questioning many common campaigning practices, like having campaign signs and talking to voters.  Annie Black and her team have followed the rules and regulations perfectly.

Annie is running for city council because she has a deep love for Mesquite and knows she has the experience to help our community prosper. She wants to be a real voice of the people on the council. A voice that will fight to support our law enforcement officers, and bring new businesses into town. She loves to talk with her neighbors and is grateful for all of the support she has received during this campaign.

Annie Black
For Mesquite City Council


  1. David Petrillo says:

    So much for free speech.

    • Teri Nehrenz says:

      Hi David,

      Sorry but, After investigating the claims, the MLN, having spoken to both the Police and HOA, found the two major claims to be untrue and removed the LTE.

    • Greg Camack says:

      It seems that speech is free, if only it fits your narrative… You can’t just make stuff up with out right lies and expect that to be printed as fact… I’m sure you would expect anything printed about you were accurate and if not, it be pulled. True?

  2. Rick Crain says:

    Free speech pretains only to the government not individuals speaking about other individuals.

  3. John C. Gough says:

    Does Annie Black, already have the local media in her back pocket? Just because this is small town politics don’t mean they can’t be as corrupt as big city politics. Perceptions are everything, even if they are not true. But perceptions, especially of one who is running for public office, are extremely crucial…And what Annie Black did (she in fact was there at Sun City, I personally saw the sign truck), and what she did by having MLN remove that “opinion” from the LTE section, and her comments here of flippant disregard for other’s “perceptions” of her, do not speak highly of her and her campaign. I searched over again her fb page and her website for any kind of “action plan,” or “agenda,” or knowledge of local issues to no avail. So, the “perception” I get of Annie Black is that she is ignorant of Mesquite issues at best, and corrupt at worst. Either way, her actions and MLN’s removing the other person’s “perceptions” and “opinions” is enough to give my vote to someone else.

  4. Beth Fletcher says:

    Guess what. The editorial made it to the Desert Valley Times on Tues. I guess they believe in freedom of speech.

  5. Mike Young says:

    John, it is not against the law to have a sign as long as you are 101 feet away from the polling place, and I’ve see signs in most of our elections here in Mesquite. So what the big deal? The big deal is some people don’t like Annie, so campaign against her, don’t bring up stupid things like having a truck with her sign on it. The paper’s job is to make sure statements someone makes are true and they seem to have checked out the claims and found them untrue. Taking down a statement of fact when you find it untrue is not a violation of free speech. Your statement the she is “ignorant of Mesquite issues at best, and corrupt at worst.” is the poorest kind of slander. Your research is so poor that you need to talk to her or someone in her campaign at least before making those kind of accusations. From your comments, I doubt you ever considered voting for her anyway. I’ve talked to her and she is not ignorant or corrupt. She seems to have the right stuff for Mesquite city council as do many running for the council.

    • John C. Gough says:

      Mike Young, you make many assumptions about me. That’s OK, I know its all you have. I understand weakness and fear my friend when it comes to stripping off the emotion and focusing on the facts. Allow me to help you see more clearly. Although I appreciate your willingness in attempting to educate me, and appear as a “Constitutional Expert,” you most certainly lack the basic skills in discerning the fact that the “PERCEPTION” of ignorance and corruptibility was indeed caused by Ms. Black and the MLN through this incident; removing the negative opinion by a person writing to the editor, and that it was removed only after Ms. Black initiated a conversation with the paper’s editor. Mr. Young, please try to understand, the issue is not about trucks, or signs; it is not about MLN’s investigation, or for that matter, free or censored speech. It is about the very poor “PERCEPTION” of corruption, ignorance, ineptness, and political shadows that Annie Black created for herself in this early stage of her political career. Understand this Mike, whether these things are true or not matters little in politics, it is always the “PERCEPTION” that carries the weight. I reply to you in order to help you out. Please don’t vote for her based on your, ” . . . Seems to have the right stuff for Mesquite city council . . .” Know that she has the right stuff, make her prove she has the right stuff. And she can begin by placing her “plans,” “agenda,” and “direction” she has to make this city better on her fb and web pages! It is simple! Ms. Black should answer the question, “Why should I vote for you? and What makes you the best candidate?” It frightens me a little that she has not answered these questions, and you have not held her accountable to these entry level inquiries. And yet, you would place her in a position of leadership?

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