LTE- Marlys Harper

I am beyond disturbed when I read this newspaper, especially lately. Numerous falsehoods that we have publicly disputed time and time again are presented as facts.

At the City Council meeting on Wednesday, June 13, Barbara Ellstad used public comment time to present “questions,” one of which concerned the validity of Mesquite Citizens’ Initiative for Clean Indoor Air, due to a recent filing with the state. At that time, I provided correct information about our local and state filings. The next day, a story written by her, appeared in the MLN, perpetuating the false, partial, and misleading information I had corrected the evening before at the council meeting.

So, let me clarify again:

The petition committee who filed the initiative is not the PAC. When the petition committee called the city clerk for guidance in April, we were referred to the Nevada Secretary of State’s office. The state referred us back to the clerk. We followed each instruction we received, even redoing specific steps multiple times to ensure each requirement was fulfilled. Many of our questions and the instructions we received were submitted by email, and copied to the city attorney.

The PAC is a separate entity that was filed with the Secretary of State’s office, on June 1, 2018. The purpose of a PAC is to report contributions and expenses of a campaign. It is not necessary to report until either the contributions or expenses exceed $1,000. At this point, there has been no money to report, but we wanted to be prepared. I’ve been guided through this process by the Nevada Secretary of State’s office personally, ensuring I was following each requirement.

So, we are in perfect compliance and timely with both local and state laws. Otherwise, we would have been notified by the city clerk or city attorney if we were out of compliance with the city. Also, we would not have received a stamped registration from the Secretary of State’s office, as we have.

Please stop printing falsehoods and misinformation as news. I would suggest that Mesquite Gaming and any other contributor to the paper verify their information carefully. Otherwise, their submissions must be considered a willful attempt to mislead our community.

Marlys Harper


  1. Amy Marshall says:

    I just wonder if every signature on your petition is actually from citizens of our town. Some of our citizens have been approached in Las Vegas, and I am sure some out-of-town visitors as well. You must know that, since this may be on the ballot for Mesquite only, ONLY the citizens of Mesquite may sign it.
    Also, I would respectfully request that the group stop using casino workers as an excuse. Most of them do NOT want this ban.

  2. Mike Wiseman says:

    If the PAC has not received more than $1000, you could answer the public’s questions by disclosing who has paid for the billboards, full page ads, and all the other items that have been purchased by the organization promoting the initiative for the last several years. Pretending that less than 1000 has been spent is the reason citizens believe that the organization is not truthful.

    • Marlys Harper says:

      Please see the LTE in this issue written by Christine Picior. Your question was also answered at the June 13th council meeting.

  3. Beth Fletcher says:

    I wish you would all quit bullying people about the fact that casinos would close if they can’t have smoking. Wedgies is doing quite well and they are a smoke free so your theory doesn’t work. I was at VR casino last night and I did not see one person smoking and it was busy. Not one person was smoking that was around me. Quit scaring them. If only 15% of the whole United States is smoking are they all here in Mesquite or visiting Mesquite. I think not. Put it on the ballot.

  4. KATHLEEN L WOOD says:

    Smoking is a personal choice and in MOST public places is not allowed. If you want to smoke, go outside! My husband does and he does not expect to be granted some special dispensation for his choice to smoke!!!!!Get over it!!!!Most people would rather respect people and the law!

  5. Steve Clutterham says:

    Both casino owners have publicly stated that the smoking ban COULD cause them to close. I am at VR for several hours at least 3 nights a week. I always see smokers, always. I always see machines and tables covered with cigarette ash from smokers. DO not try and tell me you were there and no was smoking, it is simply not possible. How many people smoke is simply not the issue. The real issue is how many people in a casino at any given time smoke, how long do they stay compared to non smokers and how much money do they spend compared to non smokers.

    As any business will tell you, 20% of their clientele are usually responsible for 80% of their business. It’s a fact of life, it’s how business works. In the gaming industry, decades of studies show that smokers spend much more time and money in casinos than non smokers.

    The bottom line is that if it passes, a small group of people will pat themselves on the back and tell each other what a great job they did saving people’s lives. Then in the months to come they will realize that they put families out of work, killed the biggest businesses and employers in our city and destroyed the economy of the entire city. But it will be ok with them, because they accomplished their goal, got their gold star and will be on the next thing they can do to restrict the rights of others and make decisions for businesses they could never dream of owning.

  6. Steve Clutterham says:

    And by the way, Wedgies is not a casino, it is a bar and restaurant with a limited gaming license. It gives non smokers the alternative they are looking for. However, they are not happy with that. They want it all, and the gold watch too. Why don’t you go to the 2 Dottie’s in town and try suggesting it to them? They would throw you our on your ear so fast your head would spin.

  7. Beth Fletcher says:

    I had said where I was at, by the restaurant, and while I was playing I did not see one person smoking. I am sure there were smokers but I never encountered them. If you think the vote would be in favor of smokers than get it on the ballot. As I have said what are you afraid of?

    Give us non-smokers a chance to vote on it..

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