Letter to the Editor-Toutant

It saddens to hear so many people talk about the President of the United States with such negativity and hatred.  I avoid facebook a lot now because of the negative and spiteful posts.  As an American, these types of comments are anti-American and offensive.  If you are getting your information from facebook or cable news such as MSNBC, CNN and ABC, your information is one-sided, and very skewed towards the liberal agenda. As someone who watches news and researches the truth, I would like to share the following with you:

On 9 April 2017, four months into Donald Trump’s presidency, a group of men, women, and children, mainly from Honduras began a march through Mexico to the United States border to request asylum.  These people chose to bring children with them, even if they are not their parents, through dangerous territory ruled by cartels and violent criminals.  If any American did this to their children, they would have their children removed by CPS.  Mexico offered these people asylum in their country, but they wanted a better life in the United States, replete with free medical, housing, welfare and in some cases, college.  Who pays for this?  You do, with your hard-earned tax dollars.  No person who comes to the United States through the border at ports of entry is arrested or detained unless they are found to be smuggling people or illegal substances.  Those wishing to become LEGAL immigrants can apply for worker’s status or for citizenship.

The process of separating children at the border is only happening to ILLEGAL immigrants. And for those outraged, this law was passed in 2002 in the Senate by a vote of 90-9. The likes of Clinton, Feinstein, Schumer, Biden, Ried all voting in favor of it – Public Law 107 – 296.  The Obama administration actually expanded the system of detaining families – typically mothers and their minor children – after a huge surge of Central Americans along the U.S.-Mexican border in 2014. The policy resulted in many minors being detained in various locations, in much-criticized conditions, either with their families or by themselves if they had crossed the border alone. A federal judge in California ruled that the Obama administration was violating a 20-year old case, known as the Flores settlement, when it kept families detained for longer than 20 days. The Trump administration has followed the Flores settlement separation practice.  On Wednesday, June the 20th President Trump signed an executive order to reunite children with their parents, a daunting task since many children came unaccompanied.  These underage children cannot just be set free on their own.  This order will likely cause more court challenges to Flores.  President Trump was following the rule of law.  If he didn’t, he would be criticized with comments about having no regard for the law or being above the law.  No matter what he does the left criticizes him – hatred.


Carly Coutant

Mesquite Nevada


  1. Lizzy Jones says:

    And if you are getting your news only from Fox, your information is one-sided, and very skewed towards the conservative bias. As an American this country supports FREE SPEECH, which means anyone can say anything they wish, whether or not you agree with the statements. So, everyone is entitled to their opinion about this president. It is one of the ways to assure all Americans may voice their likes, dislikes, fears and praise for our system of government. I too dislike the hateful comments, but they are not just coming from the moderate to liberal viewpoints. And, by the way, your “facts” are really not true. You need to do some real fact checking.

    • David Petrillo says:

      Great reply. I find it hilarious that people who only watch Fake News think that CNN, NBC, ABC, NY Times, etal are the ones who are biased. Our President is the one who is setting the negative tone in this country. He refers to his opponents in the most vulgar words. He has earned zero respect. We need more people who are willing to get in his face and let him know that he is not acting very presidential. He is an embarrassment to this country both at home and especially overseas.

      • Steve Clutterham says:

        Yes David, you must be right. As always. That’s why President Trump’s poll numbers keep going up. I thought you would be packing up and moving away by now.

    • Amy Marshall says:

      Thank you, Lizzy–you are correct–

      • Al Smith says:

        Thank You Carly for the balls to post this.
        I shut down TV in my home in 2008 when the lies on every network became obvious.
        I warned my friends and family about facebook, way before 2008, and they said it’s the only way to keep in touch with my kids. Facebook is for people that don’t have a life and need attention in my humble opinion. Never did the facebook thing and I’m in touch with my family just fine.
        If all these “fact checker” people would do their own research and fact check the fact checkers, they would find they are owned by the handful of people that own the main stream media if you dig deep enough.The fact is Carly it comes down to Christian Values and Morals that this Nation was Built on, something that has been chipped away at in this great nation, but needs to be restored.

        • Amy Marshall says:

          This country was built on religious freedom, NOT Christianity.

          • Al Smith says:

            Sorry Amy, but this NATION was Built on Christianity and because of that we are accepting of all other religions.
            (But now I think only to a point in resent years)
            Read the Magna Carta, federalist and non federalist papers and then the Constitution and get back to me OK.
            Love your pasion for liberty and freedom,

    • JAY V HOLLIDAY says:


  2. JenniferLeishman says:

    Thank you. Good letter.

  3. Nan Kanwisher says:

    Well said

  4. carly toutant says:

    If my facts are not true, why don’t you point them out with the truth?

  5. Sonny Graham says:

    Hello Ma’am. I’d like to reply to some of your paragraphs in your letter.

    First, it was President Theodore Roosevelt – the 26th President of the United States and a leader of the Republican Party during his time – who stated “To announce that there must be no criticism of the President, or that we are to stand by the President, right or wrong, is not only unpatriotic and servile, but is morally treasonable to the American public.” I believe that to be true to this day. That quote can easily be accessed by clicking one of these links:

    Second, you say it saddens you to hear so many talk about President Trump the way they do. Does it also sadden you to listen and read what President Trump says about others, including his fellow Americans? Please take the time to read these links, too:

    You claim that you research the “truth” – is the truth only what you choose to believe? Just like President Trump and his claim of “fake news” when it’s not news he likes?

    Third, your second paragraph is almost word for word on the Snopes website. What you forgot to include is that Fox and Friends reported on this story March 25, 2018 and 57 minutes later President Trump was tweeting about the “caravans.” (<- that was word for word, too). Here is the link to that story:

    Continuing with that paragraph, I don't believe any American would travel to another country, so I'm not sure where you're going with that example. I would hope that others take the time to research what President Obama did in 2014 and what President Trump is doing today regarding this separation of families – but that's a whole other subject that is not worth getting into *at this point.* (I will, however, say that "tent cities" for our homeless Veterans should be erected in several cities – look how fast the Trump Admin set up those beds/shelter/3 meals a day and snacks). You're right: don't enter illegally and you won't get separated.

    In your final paragraph, you ask "how others are portraying their Country & what are you telling the world, that we are weak and full of hatred?" If you can't see that the rest of the world is seeing the United States of America, represented by President Trump, as just that – then maybe you should turn off Fox News and watch literally any other news network (including the ones you mentioned above) and other newspapers to see how the world is viewing us. I don't need to remind you of the vulgar words Trump spewed during his campaign. I've never attempted to grab any woman that way (even if I was allowed to).

    About me: I am not a Republican, Democrat, conservative, liberal, socialist or whatever. I am a man of common sense who is for personal freedom, with the right to criticize anyone who I do not agree with. That iss what makes America great!

    • carly toutant says:

      Snopes is run by liberals and are often found to be wrong. In any case, I did not quote for snopes, that information can be found on many sites. My intent was to prove how this country has come to hate.

    • Lizzy Jones says:


  6. Amy Marshall says:

    For starters, ASYLUM SEEKERS are not the same as ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. Secondly, separating young children from their parents to hold as hostages for a misguided wall is not only heartless and cruel, but ridiculous. Patriotism means to stand by your country, not by the president. The damage that has been done by the border problem, alienating our allies while praising dictators–all of this may be irreparable. We need to stand up to bully tactics, no matter who they come from. I am sorry if you think Trump is getting a bad deal, but where were you when Obama was hung in effigy, portrayed with a bone in his nose in Zulu garb? Where were you when Michelle Obama was compared to an ape, and accused of being a man? We have rampant racism alive and well in this country, and it’s not going to get any better until (hopefully) 2020. And by the way, illegals CANNOT get healthcare, food stamps, etc.. They are not eligible or most gov’t programs, just so you know. I’m sorry that FOX is allowed to run us over with lies, with the exception of Shepard Smith, who seems to be the only voice of reason and ethics there. Do some research. FactCheck.org, Politifact.com are both excellent sources.

    • carly toutant says:
    • carly toutant says:

      Where are you when Peter Fonda asked for Baron Trump to be ripped from Melania Trump’s arms and locked up with Pedophiles? And Ivanka Trump’s 4 year old daughter threatened with the same? WOMAN being targeted in restaurants and movie theaters because they work for President Trump? You think it is OK for Maxine Waters (D California) to scream to a crowd to follow and harass anyone who works for President Trump, anyone who wears a Trump hat or Tshirt? I intended to show the hatred forming in this country. I do not use liberal fact check sites.

      • Amy Marshall says:

        The two fact check sites I recommended are bi-partisan–they call out the left as well as the right, which shows me you have no clue about those two sites, Carly.
        As for threatening children, hell no! I don’t like that either, and feel that children should ALWAYS be left alone, so we do agree on that point.
        If the people who worked for Trump would once, JUST ONCE, stand up and call a lie a lie, or at the very least, inform him when he is blatantly wrong, his staffers would not have the problem of being called out for those lies.
        As for Ms Waters, I don’t agree with harassing people. An open and HONEST dialogue would be more helpful. The trouble is, it’s gone too far. I have never witnessed an administration that lies at every turn, disparages our FBI, and our press, and blames one side (who are the minority in the House and Senate) for every single thing that has gone wrong.
        And if you want unbiased reporting, try PBS. FOX, with the exception of Shep Smith, lies to the American people on a damn near constant basis.

    • Lizzy Jones says:

      Perfect! Thanks for your rational and honest retort.

  7. You can keep insisting that all but Fox News is loaded with lies and misstatements or find out for yourself. There are in number of national and international news sources reporting and showing the mothers telling of coming to our border to seek protection in the manner required by our laws, only to be arrested and have their child(ren) taken from them. You can only hide from the truth so long. I hope your time is up.

  8. Rick Kammerman says:

    The folks who have written and responded to this post have correctly identified the problem with media reports. They all have their biases but the same stories are reported differently by both the liberal and conservative media. As a practical matter, they are all in business to generate profits for their owners so while they all claim to be independent, if the business is not profitable, the employees will be out of a job. So whom does one believe, I can listen to those outlets that generate reporting that agree with my political beliefs but in this date and age, that does not guaranty I am getting facts. I don’t know the answer.

  9. Phil Edwards says:

    Trump supporters will not let the GOP rein Trump in, so they punish those who preach moderation by tossing them at the primaries. Paul Ryan has faced up to the problem and is leaving. Every time Trump sees a critic in the GOP go down he blows his own trumpet like a bull elephant. Trump believes stirring the pot over border control will take peoples eyes off everything else he is up to. The GOP has a tiger by the tail and the rest of the US will eventually run out of patience with Mr Trump.

  10. Lenni Cunningham says:

    PBS and or BBC. I dare you! The problem I see is people WANT their ears ‘tickled, whether it’s truth or not.When the communist infiltrate FURTHER into our country people will be scurrying to Canada.

  11. carly toutant says:

    This part of my letter was left out. It is needed for content:
    President Trump has stated several times he does not want to keep LEGAL immigrants from coming to America and has stated at rallies the need for these immigrants as Americans do not want to do the type of labor Mexicans are glad to do and do well. He has had conversations with the Senators, Congressmen and governors of agricultural states who rely on these laborers.
    I have had many conversations with my Latina friends who are angry illegal immigrants are being given preferential treatment, placing them ahead of their loved ones to be granted entry to come into the country legally. People broke the law by entering the country illegally and if they are willing to break one law they are liable to break many more. One friend told me she is sometimes up all night keeping guard over her home and property while illegal activities, mostly drug related, are conducted very close to her home. My prayer for her is for her family to get to immigrate here and not a criminal illegal.
    Back to my opening statement regarding hatred for the duly elected president of the United States, I ask you, how are you portraying your country? What are you telling the rest of the world, that we are weak and full of hatred? Parents, what are you teaching your children? Trashing the President of the United States, no matter who he or she is, in front of your children or on your facebook page teaches hatred. To hate the president, the flag, their country can spread through them like wildfire. Who will they hate next? Their teacher? Their schoolmates? Which of them will gain access to a gun and shoot someone wearing a flag shirt, or a Trump hat? Why is it okay or funny two women have been harassed and chased from restaurants because they work for President Trump? I can guarantee you conservatives would not do that because we love our country and we have learned respect. Respect starts at home and children learn enough hatred away from the love and guidance of their parents.

    • David Petrillo says:

      In the case of Ms. Sanders, she has been harassing the American public ever since she started working for Trump. How can she go home at night and look her children in their eyes when she has been lying all day. And as for your comment that conservatives love their country and have learned respect, the same is true for the rest of us. Both sides have good and bad apples. Just remember what life was like under Obama. We were respected throughout the world. We were not the laughing stock of the world as we are now. We believed in our post WWII alliances. NowTrump loves Russia and North Korea and dislikes Canada. He loves those countries because he loves how their leaders can do anything they want without having to go to a Congress. Just remember, Trump is not a conservative but a fascist. He does not share your values.

      • Al Smith says:

        Mr.Petrillo I have Questions for your Super Intellectual Mind… I didn’t graduate the 6th grade in Mayberry and am a curious person.

        1. “In the case of Ms. Sanders, she has been harassing the American public ever since she started working for Trump”
        Does that justify this kind behavior?
        How has she been harassing the American public? and from all reports she sleeps fine.
        *****I like how you brought up the POOR CHILDREN in that statement.****

        2.”And as for your comment that conservatives love their country and have learned respect, the same is true for the rest of us.”
        One Answer for that ANTIFA . BLM. and all the other splinter terror groups.
        You didn’t see this kind of behavior from Conservatives when the last President was Elected or Re Elected.

        3. “Just remember what life was like under Obama. We were respected throughout the world”.
        Ya after Obama went around the world on my dime and (this is a family site so I will keep it clean) KISSED ASSES. Do I need to post all the bowing pictures again or can you just google it for yourself. I was humiliated by what I saw, you should be Too.

        4. “Now Trump loves Russia and North Korea and dislikes Canada”.
        I’m from Canada and I think they made some very bad chooses (Canada) they are suffering for it now. As far as Russia and North Korea We made some very good choices.
        A quote from two of are Founding Fathers if I may…

        “It is our true policy to steer clear of permanent alliance with any portion of the foreign world”: it was George Washington’s Farewell Address to us. The inaugural pledge of Thomas Jefferson was no less clear: “Peace, commerce, and honest friendship with all nations-entangling alliances with none.”

        BEAUTIFUL Stuff right there.

        The rest of your rant is Bias opinion and I wont comment on that.

  12. carly toutant says:

    Yes, Virginia there is a Carly Toutant. I did live in Ohio 15 years ago and was an elected official and a Director at a large non-profit. That is my story what’s yours?

  13. Steve Clutterham says:

    Great response Al.

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