Hatred on the left

Hatred on the left is so strong that is seems communication is almost impossible. Recently on a trip to Southern California a group of old friends got together and  sat down to catch up on where they were in life. All went well until someone wanted to turn on the news; the T.V. channel must have been left on Fox News. Once the picture came up, two of the old friends eyes got wide and they abruptly got up and walked out of the room leaving a few choice words behind.

Fox News was controlling their lives by shutting down all conversation between friends. Later after the news had been turned off the two re-entered the room and re-engaged, someone asked what the deal with Fox News was? Then the outrage began with statements that people who watch are racists, anti-gay and fools for supporting the President who obviously was anti-American and anyone who supported him was the same or worse.

After a shocked minute or two someone foolishly asked “are you kidding”. Their reply indicated they were not and those that watch that stuff were as bad as Trump and then the nice afternoon was over. Such outrage and unwillingness to explain to someone a position on a subject has never been so blatantly displayed. There has been lots of examples of this hatred on T.V. but very seldom in person and so personal. What has happened to civil discourse?

This column has experienced some of the name calling and ranting but when friends experience such reaction to a simple news program it has to make people begin to worry about getting together and sharing ideas with friends. So personal, so hateful, what has happen to our society? Thinking back over many years it’s hard to remember such strong emotions no matter which party was in power, Eisenhower through Obama, never such outright hate. It seems once the elections were over the arguments should be left behind and we all should support our President, sure somethings we like and some we complained about, but never this outright hate and emotions followed  by the refusal to discuss even the smallest  point.

The funny thing is that Trump has accomplished a great deal in his 500 days in office; In spite of massive attacks from most of the media and a totally obstructionist strategy by the Democratic Party the President has kept his promises and did all he could to Make America Great Again.  The results speak for themselves.

Starting with: Foreign policy, the incredible economic turn-around, travel bans for countries involved in terrorist activities, regulatory reform by mandating for every new regulation two must be eliminated, supporting law enforcement, crushing ISIS, starting to rebuild the military, starting to build the border wall, approving the Keystone and other pipelines, a hiring freeze on federal employees, exiting us from trade agreements that cost American jobs and to many more to list in this article. There are so many  things he has accomplished you must wonder is the hate for Trump and Fox News or is it hate for America’s new successes.



  1. Wayne Griffith says:

    Take a trip to the Fox News comments section. The same with another favorite Breitbart. There is enough hate on both sides for all.

    Your anecdotal story adds nothing to open discussion but is your attempt to further your agenda. You write about hate then add your letter to the steaming pile.

    I am still having an outright laugh at your “ once the elections were over the arguments should be left behind and we should all support our President”. Just like with President Obama, yeah sure.

    Anyway, Mr Young, this country is already far greater than any one of us and for that I am truly grateful.

    • Cindy Banks says:

      My goodness, instead of realizing that this should happen between friends you attack just like his did. And you have made his point, you hate so much, you can’t even discuss a subject. Just pathetic.

  2. Terry Donnelly says:

    Why didn’t you just turn the television off? Why were you wasting time watching TV when there was great conversation at your fingertips? Are you really so naive? You sound surprised at the scenario. When the two silently returned after the noise and echo was turned off, they were baited and insulted for their “point of view.” If you, Mike, didn’t know what was going to happen immediately when the two walked out, shame on you. It would have been an act of courage to join the silent two–not in support of their stance, in support of face-to-face, human conversation over the boob-tube. If you were that starved for what was being put forth on Fox, you could have heard it all again in an hour or two.

  3. David Petrillo says:

    You have a very short memory. Fox News attacked Obama 24/7. Senator McConnell promised to make him a one term President. The Congress, once taken over by the GOP, refused to give Obama any victories. Your friends at Breitbart and Infowars, along with the Tea Party, attacked Obama with racist and demeaning signs and outright lies. (He was born in Hawaii). Your list of accomplishments pall when compared to those that Obama accomplished. As you fail to remember, the world was heading into a severe depresssion. Due to the misguided wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, our economy was in a recession. Due to the efforts by the Obama administration, our economy turned around and the world wide depression was averted. Actions by the Obama administration paved the way for our current economy, the defeat of ISiS, and the withdrawal of troops from the Mid East. And the Obama administration did not roll back environmental protections that have made our air and water more toxic.

    As far as the source of the hatred in the country, look no farther than to our tweeter in chief. In all my 73 years, I have never experienced such an outright bully in such a high office. He sets the tone for our country. Trump has no manners, integrity, class, or other attributes that would enable him to represent our country. He is a total embarrassment. The world has no respect for us. I have yet to meet anyone outside of our country that feels we did the right thing by electing Trump. They usually shake their head and offer condolences. Our country was much more respected during the Obama years.

    • Billie Newton says:

      I’ve witnessed the hatred as well…ONLY ON THE RIGHT…
      Dave Petrillo above is so absolutely correct with his reply. Bravo Dave!
      Stop defending the “tweeter in chief”…This is the thinking of a hateful person and sadly your email, Mike, puts you right in the forefront of the hatred. STOP BLAMING SOMEONE ELSE i.e. the left.

    • Amy Marshall says:

      You go, Dave!!! Well said.

  4. Kevin Johansen says:

    Mike, you ask the question: “What has happened to civil discourse?” Then I believe you provide the answer: “Thinking back over many years it’s hard to remember such strong emotions no matter which party was in power, Eisenhower through Obama, never such outright hate.” What is different now? Donald J. Trump. We elected an immature, immoral, narcissist as president. There are disrespectful things being said on both sides, for sure, but my opinion is that it is mostly anger from the never-Trumpers and hate from the Trump supporters. My take-home pay went up from the tax cut and my retirement accounts are doing well but I would gladly give that up for a President that seeks to unite and not divide. Please try to understand that for some of us it is just not okay that Trump lied and said Eagle’s players kneeled during the anthem, says John McCain is not a war hero because he got caught, mocked a handicapped reporter, talked about Megan Kelly being on her period, lied and said he didn’t know who David Duke was or what he stood for, was the original birther, called a handful of black athletes peacefully protesting racial injustice “sons of bitches”, made fun of the looks of political opponents, said white supremacists and those that protest white supremacy are on equal moral ground, separates children from their parents at the border, cheats on his wife with porn stars and Playboy models, brags that he can sexually assault women and get away with it because he is Donald Trump, lies to the American people continually, and on and on and on.

    • Mike Young says:

      Kevin, very well done, you exemplified civil discourse and I respect your opinions, of course I don’t agree with all things you said but stating the facts is much more effective than expressing hate. I could challenge many of your points like separating children at the border from the parents which is a law passed by congress and enforced by several Presidents or the Eagle’s players kneeling during anthem as I saw it on T.V. during the season. I agree with You on the moral issues and others, however, I didn’t hire a minister or a nice guy, I wanted someone who could set the country on a new direction and he has sure done that. I was tired of the old Washington ways which has taken us down the road to almost ruin. His accomplishments are without equal in such a short time. It’s true that he says some crude things but he sure got us on a different trajectory than we were following. I can get over the character flaws for our country’s success and we’re headed that way. Again thank you for your comments.

      • David Petrillo says:

        You must have been watching the Fox Fake News Network to see the Eagles kneeling. However, they never knealt during the anthem. Fox apologized for their deliberate misleading videos the other day. The videos they showed were of players kneeling to pray before the game. None of the Eagles took a knee during the anthem last season. You owe them an apology.

  5. Mike Young says:

    David, You are partially right, only kneeling by Eagles took place during Pre-season. Unfortunately, you again missed the main points. Is the hate for Fox News and Trump or for America’s turnaround, low unemployment, Tax relieve, killing regulations that hurt farms and business and don’t help environment, Standing up on the wealth steeling treaties that transfer our citizen’s wealth to others nations that didn’t earn it. Football? A small player in out country’s health.

  6. Al Smith says:

    Thank You Mike for speaking up once again.
    It’s obvious in this thread there is no Civil Discourse.
    I’m scratching my head and thinking (or maybe I’m wrong) wasn’t this great nation united after 9-11 …
    Then came Obama and after 8 years of that where are we then. DIVIDED.
    Very sad you ran into old friends brainwashed by the T.V.
    I have run into that as well.
    I haven’t had T.V. since 2012 and don’t miss it. I would encourage others to turn if off as well, or, just get rid of it, but not everybody all at once cause we would have REAL zombies walking in the streets.
    Thanks again… and keep them thinking

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