From the Mayor

Last week our other newspaper in Mesquite ran a front-page article about the proposed clean-air initiative.  The article covered, basically what was said at the city council meeting the week before.  I have some comments to make along with a history lesson that will perhaps better clarify my position and how all of this came to be.

I attended a meeting of the local Democratic Club in 2010.  I was invited as a candidate for the upcoming election.  Prior to me talking to the group, the then president of the group read a letter which, as I recall, was sent by the American Lung Association, looking for someone to represent them in forming a clean air group.  I clearly recall it paid $25.00 hourly, was to be several hours weekly, and might involve some travel.  No one in the audience seemed interested, so the president of the group took the offered position.  A few months after the election that year, two members of the newly formed group asked me to lunch.  I accepted and we had lunch.  During lunch, the president of the group asked me about how to get a ballot item on for a vote.  I told him it would take 15 percent of those who had voted in the previous election.  However, I did mention they needed to get it done soon to meet the time frames required.  Again, as I recall, they decided it was not the way to go and asked if they had a chance getting the city council to pass a no smoking ordinance for the casinos.  I told them I didn’t think so and the matter was dropped.  Over the years since, I have been approached,  many times, with the same questions, but by different members of the group.  I don’t believe they had a formal name.  I repeatedly told them that I doubted anyone on council would approve a no smoking ordinance for the casinos.  No other areas of any smoking were ever discussed.  Last year I was again approached and told the group that the only way their smoking ban would go forward was to put it on the ballot.  I told the group I don’t support it, but if it were law that I would support the law.  In other words, I follow the law, and would not break it no matter how I felt.  I never flip-flopped as the article said.  An ordinance is a law and I have sworn to uphold the law, period. The article also said that the committee of non-smokers felt that they had the support of the mayor and council, but were now facing a backlash.  I cannot speak for the council, as we have never discussed this.  To discuss this would have been a violation of the open meeting law unless it was agendized and at a public meeting.

We, as a city, have never tried to stop the clean-air initiative, but have only stated our views of this proposed ordinance.  I don’t believe stating our opinion is wrong or illegal.  We did not file any legal action or encourage others to file.  It will be up to the courts to let the initative go forward or not.  I believe in a prior article I commented about the mayor or council not responding to public comment.  On occasion we do, or I ask the appropriate person on staff to respond.  This is done to clarify a point brought up, or to answer a direct question.  We do not discuss or debate an issue brought up by a citizen at a meeting unless it is agendized.  To do so, would probably be a violation of the open meeting law.  I hope this article better clears up my position on the proposed ordinance.


  1. Cynthia Banks says:

    Well it looks like the left is practicing fake news again. It has come all the way the little Mesquite. Saying the Mayor flipped flopped is clearly a lie. When the people came to my door I was nice to them, but told them why I was against. If someone tried to approach me now on this subject I won’t be so polite. We should never tolerate liars trying to get their way.

    • Amy Marshall says:

      Please don’t blame this on the ‘left practicing fake news’. I bet you dollars to donuts that the majority of the non-smoking group are squarely in the presidents corner, and I am having a hard time figuring out why political bias is a thing, in your opinion.

  2. Steve Clutterham says:

    Thank you Mr. Mayor. I have been to most city council meetings listening to the facts and figures that the Clean Air group has downloaded from the internet and read aloud at the meetings. It’s like they think people don’t know and agree that smoking is bad for one’s health, we all know that. I have never heard any member of the council say anything to suggest that they support Mesquite being the first Nevada city to enact a smoking ban in casinos. In the article posted in the paper last month before the primary elections, only one candidate said he would agree with the smoking ban, and he lost.

  3. Beth Fletcher says:

    The whole country is tolerating a BIG liar so why does it bother you that this is a lie. By the way the left does not lie as much as the right. Obviously.

  4. Michael M. McGreer says:

    Everyone is missing the point. Those supporting the clean air initiative want the people to vote on it. Those opposing the initiative argue potential revenue losses. Everything else is irrelevant. Gaming Legal efforts to stop putting the initiative on the 2018 ballot will simply define the framework for the 2020 effort. The cities proposed financial losses are speculative at best. The figures could easily be converted to revenue gains. The 2020 initiative will get the necessary signatures, be in line with a legal framework. Misleading revenue losses will be countered with facts on why they are misleading.

    Just let the people decide.

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