CSN Introduces New Instructor and Class

College of Southern Nevada – Mesquite Center is excited to introduce new instructor LeAnn Campbell and new course – College Reading Strategies for Fall 2018 semester. LeAnn joins our team of great instructors with a Master’s degree in English from New Hampshire University. She is also a long time employee of Mesquite Behavioral Health.

College Reading strategies will be taught by LeAnn Campbell on Monday’s from 6:00pm to 8:50pm beginning in the Fall semester. If you are pursuing an Associate’s degree with CSN, you will be required to take English classes and in many cases students will need to take a Reading class before they are able to enroll in English. READ 135 may be the pre requisite you need, check with CSN Mesquite staff to discuss your options. LeAnn will also be teaching COM 101 – Oral Communications which is an introduction to Public Speaking on Wednesday’s from 6:00pm – 8:50pm.

Registration for Fall classes is currently in progress, call our friendly staff at 702-346-2485 for questions or stop by the CSN Mesquite Campus at 140 N. Yucca St. for assistance with registration and placement testing.


  1. Teri Nehrenz says:

    Well, this is probably a class that some of the folks posting comments should take BUT…this is one of the reasons college is so pointless above trade schools anymore. Why would you be required to take a reading class before you can enroll in a required course that students have taken from the day they began school? Isn’t English something that is taught throughout? So why would you be required to take READING before ENGLISH? Aren’t high school grads supposed to know how to read already? Isn’t reading comprehension taught in high school English classes anymore? And people still pay for these courses which raises the tuition costs associated with each degree…getting ridiculous isn’t it?

    VoEd classes teach you the basics of getting into the career of your choice with 1/10 of the costs associated with college, isn’t it better to learn the skills of the trade hands on rather than studying a bunch of theories, philosophies and general filler stuff NOT associated with your degree of interest? College makes you pay for a lot of “filler” classes and tuition costs are outrageous. The more they “REQUIRE” the more you pay, this class is just one more of the requirements that raises the tuition costs. Shame on CSN for not requiring that people who enter college already know how to read. I mean, how did they pass the SATs without that knowledge in the first place?

    • Lori Griffin says:

      You don’t have to take SATs to get into an AA program. Furthermore, you would be shocked at the abysmal state of college entrants into NV colleges. How do I know this? I’m an older student who just completed a second Bachlors and I got to read students’ discussion posts. Many AA school have many trade degrees and many comm college students transfer to a 4 year colleges and might study nursing, or pre-med and also must have these pre-reas. And the fact that many many people have poor reading comprehension and English (writing and speaking) skills is not a good thing in many jobs. Just the same, I do agree with some of your points regarding the futility of many classes, the cost of these classes, and the dire lack of good, reasonably priced trade schools and high schools that shouldn’t assume everyone is or can afford to go to college.

      • Teri Nehrenz says:

        Hi Lori,
        Well, I didn’t know that about the SATs, we had to take them for all 4 year programs when I first started college in the 80s..I’ve been back three times since but never had to complete them again because of prior college credits…yadda, yadda.
        My last stint in college was in 2009, I was going to school for Web design and Graphic Arts online. Some of those courses were a waste for the actual degree…resume writing, algebra, Introduction to English BEFORE I could take English 101, some courses required 10 general education “electives”, some 8, some less…don’t see the logic in that but we have to pay for them regardless and the classes aren’t cheap; my course had 9. Didn’t we take all the GENERAL Education courses in High school? Now when I went to a VoEd School in the 90s…different story. It cost $2400 as opposed to my college which cost $64,000 and there weren’t any of the general electives studies involved, only classes that pertained to Medical Assisting and what they job entailed…computers, medical terminology, lab, phlebotomy, Anatomy, Physiology, Medical Law, medical coding…got much more for my money in trade school…just saying. Colleges are getting out of hand requiring all the extra courses, especially the online ones.
        No, I don’t think I would be shocked at the abysmal state of entrants into NV colleges, they basically suck. The number one university in Nevada is the University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a graduation rate of only 54%, second in line to that is University of Nevada, Las Vegas with a 41% rate, third Great Basin College with a grad rate of only 24% and the 4TH TOP COLLEGE IN NEVADA is Nevada State College with a grad rate of 15%. Those numbers don’t exactly draw the interest of students who are serious about their secondary education and, as a Parent, it doesn’t seem a logical place to spend my money.

        The poor reading comprehension I blame on the primary schools. There is no reason for a child who can’t read to graduate. This “No child left behind” policy the schools adopted many years ago is ridiculous. Why advance a kid if they don’t have the skills/knowledge for the present class let alone the advanced ones. They’re setting kids up for failure and not allowing them to deal with it; it’s as bad as “PARTICIPATION TROPHIES”, there’s no need to apply themselves anymore, they get rewarded just for showing up. I think the whole education system is a farce and needs to be revamped across the board without the FEDERAL DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION. It’s a worthless entity that continues to such the life and money out of the schools.

        • Teri Nehrenz says:

          Just to further the discussion and thoughts…, the CSN campus here in Mesquite doesn’t offer any degree courses on campus, they’re all online so if I wanted to go to school online, why would I settle for a school with less than a 10.6% grad rate when I can go online to any school in the US? Hardly ANYONE graduates from CSN, it’s a joke, really. I’d consider myself a fool to pay for any educational courses from that school and the fact that any “Expert” can sign up as an instructor to teach a class is RIDICULOUS at best, just because someone is expert at something, doesn’t mean they are capable of “teaching” something. There is a reason they require a degree for teaching. It’s probably one of the reasons students find the college so unsatisfactory that they drop out and seek education elsewhere…that should tell folks something if they do their homework and apply a little common sense.

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