Letter to the editor- Williams

First, I am not a smoker, but I am a constitutionalist. The economics have been laid out and that alone should have guided the City to squash this Chinese/North Korean, controlling piece of arrogant, freedom sucking idea back to where it came from.

Businesses have the right to run their businesses as they want. Wedges is smoke free, and they made that decision. That is great! But to have a small group come into our town and mandate to our people and businesses what to do is not the way Nevada works, or America works!

The validity of an argument is proven by changing the subject to see if it holds weight. So let’s change “Smoking” with, liquor or what kind of car you drive. Would we crumble to the wishes of a small group of people that say only economy cars, no trucks because they waste gas? How about no liquor? That’s a good one. My favorite is (I think it is) in Highland Utah, they made it illegal to have your business open on Sunday! Yeah, that’s going to fly real good here!

Now the rights thing, a lot of people go into and work in the casinos and bars. I can say with all surety that NO ONE is forced to go into or work in these businesses!  Seriously, NO ONE has to. They can work anywhere! And people do not have to go into these businesses! So no one can say they “Have to work there or go in there “! That alone should send these carpetbaggers home!

So, City and Counsel of Mesquite, in Nevada, we still believe in rights and freedoms. So, stand up for the entire City and all of Nevada! If not, please move out of our state.


Frank Williams


  1. Shane Butehorn says:

    This is a very naive view. While I don’t think the Clean Air initiative should impose upon homeowners of condos and townhomes I do think that indoor public spaces should be made non smoking.

    Anyone claiming you don’t have to work there should really explore the job market of Mesquite. Opportunity is not abundant for a lot of people in this town. Exposing them to the harm of cigarettes all day every day during their tenure can cause serious illness that the public then has to pay for later.

    I know everyone wants to protect the casino’s and claims that this will have a massive impact to their business. However, name one person that you can think of that has ever said “I want to go to the casino and smoke”. That is not why people go there to begin with. They go to gamble and for the entertainment. Casino’s will not have the impact that is feared.

    • Teri Nehrenz says:

      For many part of ENJOYING the casino experience is the ability to smoke, that is why the casinos are so full of it as you all claim…people like to gamble, drink and smoke. Yes, it will impact business, you’ve read comments from those with first hand knowledge and experience yet you call them a liar. EVERY BUILDING IN MESQUITE IS SMOKE FREE EXCEPT THE CASINOS. You have so many other choices, its the smokers who are limited.

      • Steve Clutterham says:

        Thanks Teri Nehrenz for you thoughtful and intelligent insight into this matter. I always look forward to reading your views on current affairs in our wonderful little town.

        • Teri Nehrenz says:

          Right back at ya! I really enjoy the plain, good ole fashioned common sense you use; something not so common anymore.

      • David Petrillo says:

        Yes Teri, you do have a choice. That choice should be to quit smoking. Do you have a death wish? Smoking is killing you. The people you spend the most time with are impacted by your smoking. For your own health and the health of your friends and family, please quit smokng. Live out your life in an active manner instead of being tied to an oxygen bottle. .

        • Teri Nehrenz says:

          I do Thank you for your concern but I’m pretty healthy in spite of…I haven’t had a cold, flu or any malady not muscle/carpal tunnel related in 11 years. I’ve no intentions to be “tied” to anything. I also never take prescription meds and am a HUGE advocate for holistic healing. I’ve seen a general practitioner once in ten years… no issues, good blood, great cholesterol, used to suffer from chronic bronchitis in Ohio, that went away when I moved out here, DR. said, stop smoking or it’ll NEVER go away, he was wrong! I’ve had VIRAL pneumonia only once in my life and that wasn’t caused by smoking…still have my tonsils, appendix and gall bladder. I live with 15 animals, my hubby, daughter and best friend right now (she just moved out here) My husband, best friend and I smoke, my daughter suffers ONLY from the smell of the smoke, she’s got no second hand related issues AT ALL, not even the symptoms. My husband is also very healthy fit and active. He has had the flu about three times in the past 5 years but he works in the hospital so it’s expected but I never contracted it from him and didn’t have to avoid being around/touching or kissing him. He also is required to either get a flu shot yearly or wear a mask. He took the shot and still got the flu (see what I mean about pushing the meds) I got neither.

          I believe that people are pre-disposed to disease, it’s in our DNA and what isn’t IS caused by the side effects of many of the medications the docs and pharmaceutical companies want to continue to profit off us from and pump us full of. There is NO WAY all of your hype can convince me that it’s killing me. I’m 55; I’ve been smoking for over 40 years, both cigarettes and pot with never having to spend the night in the hospital for more than giving birth. I don’t take meds and am healthy as a horse.
          Since the people I spend the most time with also smoke, I don’t think my smoking is impacting them as much as their own smoking is and from what I see isn’t much here.

          The mind is an extraordinary creature, you can talk yourself into believing anything. Don’t believe what others tell you, listen to everything and believe what works for you. I believe that God put a vegetable/plant or mineral on this earth to take of virtually everything but big corporations and marketing have gotten a lot of people to believe the worse. When the brain sends out negativity, the body picks up the signals and you can quite literally talk yourself in to any malady but there’s a cure for all of them; you just have to look.

          I healed my Great Dane from a cancer that the docs told me would kill her in two months, that was in February and neither her nor I were ready to accept that and we fought with natural minerals, her tumor is also completely gone, it was the size of very large grape tomato. She’s gained weight, muscle mass, appetite and got her spirit back. Sorry, but you can’t convince me. When it comes to what I see and personally experience as opposed to “things I hear” from other people, I’ll go by what I know any day, thank you.

          You are completely free to listen to everything everyone else says if you’d like but that’s just not me. Mom told me all the time, “Believe NOTHING of what you hear and only half of what you see.” I live by those words everyday. I should live in Missouri because you’ve got to “Show Me”.

        • Amy Marshall says:

          David Petrillo–it’s absolutely none of YOUR business to preach non-smoking to smokers. WE KNOW SMOKING IS BAD. It’s also none of anyone’s business to preach to private clubs, which, like it or not, is what casinos ARE. By the way, we had a nonsmoking area at the Oasis. On any given day you might have seen 4 or 5 people there at the most. Smoking, drinking, and gambling are part of the casino experience, and if you don’t like it, don’t go there.

    • Teri Nehrenz says:

      Opportunity is not as elusive as you think it is either. It all boils down to a matter of Choice and consequence. Nobody is forcing anybody to do anything. There is more than enough opportunity in this town. The Senior Classes the last two years prior received over 5 million dollars in scholarships…that’s opportunity for those who apply themselves so you can’t say that the young folks have no choice…they have a lot of career choices other than ‘casino worker’ in college or vocational studies. Deep Roots, Star Nursery, LoadTec, Smith’s, Walmart, Stage, Real Estate, City Worker, Fire, Police, New RV Shop Coming in…Fast Food Managers make a VERY GOOD living…opportunity to work your way up there but some go to work at the casino because it’s instant BIG CASH gratification with little prior efforts having to be made to get it. You don’t need college or trade school to work there and still get paid big bucks.

    • Steve Clutterham says:

      Gosh Shane, I am sorry you are completely wrong in your view. I’m guessing you are not a full time resident, not a smoker, not much of a drinker and not much of a gambler. Yes in deed smokers do say let’s go to a casino, the ONLY public places in town where they can smoke.
      Many casino employees are directly involved in gaming. This means no matter where they work in Nevada, they will be exposed to smoking as of right now. That is there choice, they paid good money to go to school to get these gaming jobs knowing full well they would be working in smoke filled rooms. They accepted that trade off for a well paying job with much of that income from tips. Where else could they make the kind of money they do with just a few weeks training?
      As for the employees in the casino restaurants, there is no smoking allowed inside them and they too enjoy much more income from tips than if they were working at a Denny’s or other sit down, non gaming restaurants. Most casino hotel rooms are smoke free also, yet the housekeepers also enjoy above average tips compared to working in conventional hotel.
      Like I said before, no one has done a comprehensive study or poll of the approximate 2000 casino employees to see if they are ready to risk their jobs over an idea that came from outsiders, snow birds, and infrequent casino visitors. The clean air people continue to talk about polls taken in Mesquite that show 60+% of citizens support this. When and where did they take these polls? At the clean air meetings? At Sun City? At the senior Center? They sure never talked to me and I am a registered voter and 10 year resident of Mesquite.
      If this initiative passes, people will lose job, casinos will close, residents will be forced to move to find employment elsewhere. Those are undeniable facts, supported by the many other cities and casinos that have tried it. And don’t bore with response about Macca and other places where it is working. We are talking about Mesquite, located one hour away from the biggest gambling mecca in the world.
      We moved to Mesquite in part for the gaming. For the lifestyle of a small city with a hint of the action of Las Vegas without all the people, traffic, and crime. I will be damned if I’m going to idly stand by while a small group of people force there ideas and ideals on me and the rest of the city. To assume that every non smoker in this city supports your right to impose your ordinance on all of us is extremely naïve.
      Don’t get me wrong, I hate smoking, the damage it does to our health, and the mess it makes in casinos. I hate that I have lost 5 direst family members to cigarette related cancer. But that does not give me the right to tell local businesses in our small town how to run their business. Nor does it give me the right to tell other people how to run their live. Smokers do have a non-smoking gaming choice in Wedgie’s casino/bar/restaurant, yet the only time I see them very busy is during sports playoffs and Friday nights. If the demand for smoke free casinos is as strong as you think it is, I would expect to see them so swamped that they would be looking to expand or open a second location here in town.

      • Teri Nehrenz says:

        Bravo!! Excellent point on Wedgies….There is every objection’s solution to the problem but they ALWAYS WANT MORE!

        • Teri Nehrenz says:

          I don’t think many of us would be able to argue our point as well if Wedgies was, in fact, a successful gambling establishment but it isn’t so there is the opposing argument right out the window. The fact that it isn’t sort of kills the credibility of their argument doesn’t it? Didn’t even think of that Steve, but your’re absolutely correct and they’ve got great food, that’s two issues down…they can gamble and eat without the smoke…but still, they don’t. Personally, I don’t think the casino food is quite as good as some other establishments in town so I REALLY don’t see the draw there except for the crab legs which are a DEAL!

    • Frank Williams says:

      In reference to having to work and little opportunities in Mesquite…Yes , the opportunities here are small….but you can always move…So no one has to work there….that was my point…

  2. Jackie Freeze says:

    I generally don’t weigh into these kinds of arguments because they are emotion not fact-based. Let me tell you a story. My father, a lifelong smoker, died of COPD. Anyone who has watched a loved one go that way knows how hard it can be. He started smoking before we knew how harmful it was and by the time, he knew what he was doing, it was more important than life itself. Did my mother have choices when he was smoking while hooked up to his oxygen tank and could have blown up the house? I guess she could have divorced her husband of 50+ years. I believe smoking would be illegal if it weren’t for the strength of the corporate lobby. So I find the argument that this constitutional rights issue and that minimum-wage workers have endless choice in employment. Both arguments are naive and usually not made by people who worry about putting food on the table. I like the casinos and it is part of why we live in mesquite, but the smoke keeps me from spending much time there. This argument has gone on way too long. The bars across the country argued that when they went smoke-free people wouldn’t come in. Didn’t happen. After a bit, no one would remember when you “could” some in the casinos. So on behalf of my father who died too young and those of us who don’t care if other smoke, but it shouldn’t be shared in public locations, let’s try a fact-based approach to this issue. Smoking kills the smoker and those around them!

  3. Beth Fletcher says:

    Terri, What is a person that is in their 50’s and need to work and only have a choice of the casino. The casinos accepts older people with benefits. Have you ever had to stand on your feet for a long period of time like the cashiers at Walmart. It is a very tiring job. There are jobs at the casinos that do allow older people do sit while they work. I presume you are a smoker since you are peddling this garbage. I was a smoker and find it very annoying to smell smoke while I am at the casino. And I don’t appreciate the smell I have on my clothes when I get home. You are not looking at both sides here. Smoking is harmful to everyone who is around it. You list a lot of businesses above but do they have openings like the casinos. I worked for many years in the casino and did not appreciate the stench that smoking has. Now you are telling people where they should work just cause they don’t like smoking. Sounds like a DICTATORSHIP.

    • Teri Nehrenz says:

      I NEVER told anyone where they should work, I simply listed options other than the casino, don’t put words into my mouth.

      I am 55, worked for 17 years as a medical assistant/constantly on my feet and for 22 years my second job was bartending/serving because that’s what ultimately paid the bills. Yes, I’ve been on my feet for years and for two of them here, in Walmart, sampling food and beauty items.
      Now I work for the Newspaper and don’t stand on my feet.
      Yes, there are options Beth other than the casino, Dr. Peggy was just hiring for a receptionist, Workforce Connections can offer you options as well as Mesquite Works, check them out if you’re really that annoyed with the smoke. There are tons of options, you just have to do your research.
      I’m sure there’s going to be more office type of jobs when the RV place is built or have you tried reEducating yourself? You see, I did in 2009 when I saw that there weren’t many options available and at the time there were less than now. It took me three years of online learning and some serious effort, while still working, so please don’t give me the excuse that there isn’t opportunity, you’re just not putting yourself in the position to accept other options.
      In your 50’s and can’t stand to work…sorry but I’ve seen them two decades older than you busting butt; standing, walking, bending, kneeling, you name it.
      You sound like you’re one who’d rather continue to make excuses, blame others and expose yourself rather than take action to avoid your own health risks possibly because it’s just easier that way.
      You can’t blame us for your lack of motivation.
      Like I said, it’s the ONLY place in Mesquite you can smoke indoors….many more businesses offer jobs where you can’t smoke, try learning something new; it could take you places other than the casino.
      Not dictating, just suggesting.

  4. Beth Fletcher says:

    I rally don’t care to read about your life history. Smoking KILLS and you don’t have a good argument as to why people should smoke except to put more money into white repubs who own the tobacco companies. Can’t you wake up and see what you are backing. SMOKING KILLS and it is harming innocent people.

    • Teri Nehrenz says:

      Beth, If you “RALLY” don’t want to read my life history, here’s a thought…DON’T; it wasn’t addressed to you anyway. Obviously you DID though otherwise you wouldn’t be able to comment.
      Please stop reading my comments because all you do is focus on one little TWISTED speck of what I’ve said in just one of the many comments to create an argument. I don’t ever suggest that anybody start smoking…I NEVER said people SHOULD smoke, just that I and they DO SMOKE; there’s a difference. I also said, people are free to choose for themselves as long as they accept the consequences. “choice and consequence” You’re so jaded by your own thoughts, you’re not even reading what others are saying correctly.
      I am saying that we have one place in town that is not smoke free, that is the casinos. YOU HAVE EVERY OTHER BUILDING that is smoke free. If you don’t like the smoke, stay out of the casino. They have the right to run their own business just like you have the right to stay out of it if you don’t like their practices.

      THIS group is NOT the majority, it DOES NOT represent correct, or even close to correct, numbers. YOU CAN’T POLL LESS THAN 2% OF THE POPULATION and present 62% of that as a majority; IT ISN’T.

      I don’t mind having a battle of wits with an armed person but you’re not; you are way off base on the things you accuse me of saying and want to argue points I haven’t even made.

      • Al Smith says:

        Your right Teri, its called a Constitutional REPUBLIC for a reason.
        I would suggest people that want to impose their will on other people read the Constitution, Federalist and Anti-Federalist papers that made that awesome Document. Its not a DEM-OC-Racy.
        Beth showed her true colors with “Have you ever had to stand on your feet for a long period of time like the cashiers at Walmart. It is a very tiring job. There are jobs at the casinos that do allow older people to sit while they work”
        I do it every day and I’m 63 smoked since junior high at least 2 pack a day now. Will out walk out hike this SJW even on a bad day.
        But she really showed her hand with this
        “I rally don’t care to read about your life history. Smoking KILLS and you don’t have a good argument as to why people should smoke except to put more money into white repubs who own the tobacco companies.’
        Now it got WHITE and POLITICAL
        What a joke

  5. Patrick O'Meara says:

    While this issue is being studied, one suggestion is to patronize the Eureka resort, where air circulation and air filtering are significantly superior to most, if not all other gaming establishments in Mesquite.

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