Letter To the Editor-Joseph R. Maridon. Jr., Esq

To The Honorable Justice of the Peace for Bunkerville Township Darryll Dodenbier:

I want to extend my congratulations! While you still violate Judicial Canon 2 on a regular basis, it has been more than three and a half years since you abused the prestige of your judicial office to advance the economic interests of your friend, Kyle Waite in direct violation of Nevada Code of Judicial Conduct, Canon 1, Rule 1.3.

As you will recall, in mid-2014 if you were ordering traffic ticket defendants in your court to attend traffic school online at “bosscourteducation.com,” a website owned and operated by BOSS Court Education LLC. Of course, BOSS Court Education LLC is owned and operated by Kyle Waite, the son of Moapa Valley Justice Court Justice of the Peace Lanny Waite and a current candidate for Justice of the Peace in Moapa Valley Township.

I wish you the best of luck in the upcoming elections.

Joseph R. Maridon. Jr., Esq


  1. Kyle Waite says:

    Interesting that I am supposedly friends with Judge Dodenbeier, but I have never met him. BOSS Court Education is an approved provider for traffic school Through DMV, along with many other businesses, and courts can refer their clients to my courses if they would like. However, I have no arrangement with any court to refer cases to my business exclusively. Further, BOSS Court Education will be sold if I am elected to the bench. I will be taking the appropriate action against Mr. Marion for his false accusations.

    • Brandon Cox says:

      What are the false accusations from Mr. Maridon? The things I read about you from Maridon are: 1) you own and operate a traffic school website, 2) you are the son of current Justice of the Peace Lanny Wait and 3) that you are a candidate for Justice of the Peace in Moapa Valley.

      Should you be elected, I hope you read each case carefully and are not too quick to make judgments against “just because.”

      • Brandon Cox says:

        A few minutes after posting the above comment, I Google’d your name and candidacy information to get see your background. In a candidate interview with the Moapa Valley Progress (http://mvprogress.com/2018/03/07/moapa-valley-justice-court-meet-the-candidates/), you stated you originally wanted to go into healthcare but state that you changed your mind after speaking to some Doctors.. 1) the Affordable Care Act (aka Obamacare) did not become law in 2008, as stated in the article. 2) Why did you leave the law firm of Mills & Mills, owned by your opponent Gregor Mills, after one year? The article states you later went to work in a Healthcare-related field. You do occasionally fill-in for Judges.

        How can you preside over cases if you do not know that the ACA was made law of the land in 2010 and not 2008? And do you feel you are qualified when you have not been in a courtroom defending or prosecuting cases since leaving, I’m guessing in 2014? Asking your father and supposedly watching him over the last 30 years can only do so much for you personally.

        I do not live in Moapa Valley, I live here in Virgin Valley so I cannot vote for either one. Best of luck to you and Mr. Mills this November.

  2. Brandon Cox says:

    UPDATE: I was looking over your Facebook page and reading your information on the website https://www.mvwaite.com/ and it states you work as an attorney for a private company in Las Vegas. My bad, I didn’t get to read that far before commenting above.

    By the way, you’re really okay with continuing your father’s “Fresh Start” program?

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