White privilege in Mesquite

White Privilege in Mesquite? Yes of course there is white privilege for the descendent of the people who built this country. In case someone has forgotten it was the white people from Europe who were the first settlers and the people who wrote the Constitution which laid out the values that has made America the example of what freedom can do if once released.

All over the world there are tribes of people who have the same values and societal make up. Whether it is in Norway, France or Somalia, most of the people talk, generally look and think alike. Certainly not all are exactly alike but enough alike to identify as a kind of tribe. And if we go back far enough before countries were establish that is what brought people together and then they formed countries with people who were alike.

That is the how human kind organized, people who were alike gathered together and those that did not fit formed other countries. That is the way most of the world worked. Now some talk about changing that here in America.

Some talk about a multicultural society and sing the song of diversity. They want to change this country, which has brought the greatest wealth to its citizens, into something else; Bringing large numbers of people into our country that do not have the same beliefs, education and even language can overwhelm the local communities. Yes over the years, many people came into the country and were assimilated. Many first generation immigrants did not know anything about the country but by the next generation or two they were assimilated with American values, culture and ethics.

They learned the value of hard work and were self-reliant, no handouts only a hand up. It is true some did not make it but many, many did and prospered. Yes we are not always equal but over time we did the best we could to get those who wanted to work hard on board.

Those that fit in the best (spoke the same, looked the same, had the same values and even the same religion) did better. But over time those barriers began to fall and if you worked hard you moved up, not to the top right away but step by step people could rise up and get a better position in life and the children could move up further. You heard that saying “I was the first in my family to go to college.” Sure it is not perfect but where else in the world do you have a chance if you are not a member of the ruling tribe?

Yes there is “White Privilege,” but nowhere else can someone move up as they can here, yet some want to change all that, let’s change the values, let’s change from hiring on merit to hiring on need. They want to bring in people who have nothing in common with those already here and will not integrate. They stay in their own tribe and so they cannot get a job and welfare is the only thing for them and their families.

The solution is bringing in those who wish to become Americans; they do not have to have the same religion but cannot be anti-Christian. All are welcome but let’s not kill the golden goose. That is the system that has brought untold wealth to so many. We must not let it go back to a tribal system. If we overwhelm our current system with too many that will not or cannot be assimilated it all could be lost.

America should not be where you do not have to work to survive. No one should go for free except those who truly cannot make it on their own. Everyone works and has a chance but nobody who can work gets freebees. Not enough jobs, make some up, it’s easy.

What is missed is that “White Privilege” has been slowly morphing into “Merit Privilege” where if you have something to contribute you move up, if you do not contribute you stay where you are or move down. I vote for “Merit Privilege”.



  1. Lenni Cunningham says:

    Pure hate. Why would you feed the already sick minds. Seriously.

    • Bobbie Green says:

      Wow! I read Mike Young’s column. Wow! I read the response to the column Wow again.
      I re-read Mike’s column, I see an ordinary man who loves his country trying with written word to defend his country and tell why he believes as he does. He is not an expert historian or professional writer. He is a fellow American and a Mesquite resident who cares. I did not see any HATE speech in his column.
      When I read the comments, I was bewildered. How do people get hate out of his view of how our country was formed? Since we do have freedom of speech and the press here unlike many other countries this is where we citizens have the right to express it.
      Most of you I see disagreed with him. That’s ok you have your opinion also, but I see personal attacks, not just a different point of view. Worse yet the attacks come in the same letter you are disparaging America. I did see more hate in the response and yet they purportedly come from people who believe in love to all and diversity and freedom. This certainly is food for thought.
      What has happened to common decency and showing a little respect for the opinions of other human beings?
      When someone writing a column states a fact I question or did not know I check it out for my own information. Sometimes I learn things I didn’t know, you might too.
      Bobbie Green

  2. Dave Tracy says:

    If you don”t like this country go back where you came from, no ask you to come here.

  3. John Williams says:

    Really? “In case someone has forgotten it was the white people from Europe who were the first settlers”. No, I haven’t forgotten who the first settlers were, and it wasn’t white people from Europe. Of course to a white guy you only want to count things done by white guys and try very hard to forget about the prior cultures slaughtered by the white guys who came to this country from Europe. And, of course,you want to forget that whole “slavery” thing. What a skewed and hateful outlook you have.

  4. Lizzy Jones says:

    Oh my gawd! I cannot believe this garbage. This kind of thinking is part of the problem with our country today.

  5. Elizabeth Tervo says:

    Your contradictions are quite comical. Your ideology of who should be allowed to live in America is comical. You have Americans who themselves are Atheist- most immigrants come from a Christian background. Secondly, if you don’t want people to take “handouts” you have to at one point give these so-called people who are incapable (according to you) of integrating into our society some form of employment. America was not built on “looks” as you make it sound on your ridiculous article. It was built on equality and freedom for all. The opposite of what you’ve so freely depicted.

  6. Fabiola Santillan says:

    “Bringing large numbers of people into our country that do not have the same beliefs, education and even language can overwhelm the local communities.” – Sadly, you’re American, but don’t know your own country’s history?….America DOES NOT have an official language. Something MANY people don’t look into.

    “In case someone has forgotten it was the white people from Europe who were the first settlers…” – you mean, slaughtered the Native Americans and took their land?

    “The solution is bringing in those who wish to become Americans; they do not have to have the same religion but cannot be anti-Christian.” – I hate to inform you, America is NOT a christian nation. If you need me to, I can direct you to an article that can back me up from your friends over at Fox News. I also want to ask, why are you choosing to only look into the parts of the Constitution that you like? You don’t want Anti-Christians? Well buddy, re-read the Constitution, it CLEARLY says, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.”, so excuse me, I can believe in the Flying Spaghetti Monster if I want to.

    I may not LOOK American, and my Mexican accent MAY come out here and there, but it sure does seem as though I know more about this country than you do. I am 21 years old, Mexican-American, born in UTAH, and am proud to be a part of THE MELTING POT that is America.

    What does it even mean to “look”, “sound like”, and “talk like” an American, anyway? I’d like you to break that down for me.

    I am so glad that this column is called “Point of View”, because that is exactly what this is: Mike Young’s POINT OF VIEW.

  7. Beth Fletcher says:

    Sounds like something the KKK would say. We want to try and bring people together regardless of what “tribe” we belong to and you just want to pull us apart. Wait til NOV.

  8. Debra C Cole says:

    This is one of the most uninformed bigoted articles I’ve ever read. I understand you are entitled to your opinion but the fact that you are so biased and have attempted to twist all historical evidence in order to paint a lily white Christian picture is ludicrous. The picture of this country is one of diversity, inclusion, consisting of many colors and hues. The fact that you are color blind as well as ignorant of the many contributions made by people of all colors and belief systems is frightening. YOU are everything that is wrong with America.

  9. Cody Reese says:

    This article is completely ignorant. Poor writing, and an even more poor showing of character and showcase of a citizen from Mesquite. Open your mind, and take down your walls. This isn’t the 1950’s-1990’s anymore. This is a new America, and I suggest you get with the times. Sad to see this, honestly.

  10. Michael Stilley says:

    Yes, the same people who destroyed the native population (white people were not the first ones here), a culture that worshiped the earth, did not destroy nature for the sack of wealth, and did not understand why white people were trying to kill them off. If you think white people are superior, you don’t know our history of destroying opposing cultures.

  11. Joel santi says:

    Consider educating yourself before posting such nonsense. This country was built on the enslavement of one race and the genocide of another. Have you ever heard about the Trial of Tears? I’m tired of people like you believing and actually believing whites are superior than everyone else. If it wasn’t for all these imagrants this country would not succeeded. The real intruders were people like you. Stop picking and choosing what the constitution stands for, and again. There’s troops out there defending and dying for people like you to have the right to say such nonsense. Educate yourself before speaking your mind.

  12. Javier Gonzalez says:

    Cannot believe what I just read. This man is clearly racist and should not have been allowed to publish this. Disgusting.

  13. mike young says:

    Do you mean the “Sick Minds” That built this great country?

  14. Wayne Griffith says:

    Rant rant rant hate hate hate. Thanks for your contribution to the human race today.

  15. Mayor Al Litman says:

    I can assure you this is not how the majority of Mesquite residents feel. Mr. Young is completely out of touch with society. I don’t see hate in his article, just ignorance. He needs to take a course in not only human relations, but in history.

    • Mike Young says:

      Mayor – The first white settlers were from Europe and they are the ones who wrote the Constitution. The indigenous people were still in the tribal stage of political development. No one thinks they wrote the blueprint for building America. Also I clearly support Merit privilege not radical privilege and I do hope those in Mesquite support Merit.

    • Connie Foust says:

      This is a conversation that you need to not reply as Mayor. You can speak your mind as a citizen but as Mayor you represent everyone and calling someone ignorant is your opinion. White privilege is a term made up by the left to divide the country. A white person, such as yourself, should understand we have no control over our color or status because of it. There are plenty of poor white people. I think the community needs to come together as good people. Calling someone out as racist for having an opinion that you don’t agree with is extremely divisive. I have read comments on this page that are frankly disgusting.

      • David Petrillo says:

        Are you this critical of our current President? No one is as disgusting and divisive as Trump. Just read his tweets or listen to his off script remarks if you want to see or hear disgusting. Mayor Litman’s comments were very respectful in comparison.

        • Teri Nehrenz says:

          Don’t you think it was pretty disgusting what Clinton did to Monica with the cigar in the Oval Office too?…Wealthy men in high positions just think they can get away with anything.

  16. Terry Donnelly says:

    White privilege is simply the notion that white people are the standard by which all others are to be judged–the standard. Unfortunately, white privilege exists in the U.S. today, but it doesn’t have to. The Declaration of Independence doesn’t read “all men are created to act like white people.” Sadly, we haven’t gotten to the “equal” about which Thomas Jefferson wrote. Accepting that white privilege does exist, one can take several courses of action. One is the one taken in the above column that whites really are superior and all folks are welcome here, but the more fully and quicker an immigrant starts acting like a white person, the easier it will be to succeed. Another would be to accept their white privilege like the students at the Parkland, Florida high school that was shot up in February. They are mostly white and mostly middle class or richer, so they knew they had privilege and a platform. They took that platform put themselves in the spotlight, and peacefully advocated the repeal of unjust and misguided laws concerning guns. The next step is to take the platform and cede the spotlight to immigrants and people of color so that they too can shine with no requirements to give up their own beloved heritage. When, at long last, there is no need for a white person to have to share the spotlight, when we all get it naturally, that is when the U.S. will be post racial.

    This column goes on to stretch privilege to religion. To Mr. Young, one can believe in another religion, but must bow to the superiority and authority of Christianity. If one is anti-Christian those Christians are free to keep their boot heels on your chest. Again, Jefferson did not write “all men are created to accept Christianity.” In fact, they are pretty clearly against it. This is mainly true because most of the Founding Fathers were not Christians, they were deists who believed a god made us, put us on Earth, and sent us merrily along our way.

    The United States is not like other countries. It was founded on an idea, not a religion, regional purity, or common language. We were founded on equality and are still striving to meet that challenge. Columns like this one set that mission back. When I first read this yesterday my first reaction was to reply this is the most condescending, bigoted piece of writing I have read in a long, long time. However, I didn’t want to be that dismissive, so I waited to cool off before writing. I’m glad I waited.

  17. Kevin Johansen says:

    What a bunch of racist, bigoted, poorly written crap. Shame on the Mesquite Local News for even allowing this to be printed.

  18. Art Pereira says:

    Dont you realize you are part of the problem we are currently having!!??

  19. Teri Nehrenz says:

    The ENTIRE POINT of an OPINION piece is to spark CONVERSATION. Just because we put out an opinion piece doesn’t mean we agree or disagree with it, it’s up to the PUBLIC to respond with their OWN OPINIONS back. That’s exactly what this piece is doing and NO, we’re not taking it down. Conversation about this subject needs to happen. This IS something that is an issue and conversation about such issues shouldn’t be blocked or censored.

    We have opinion pieces published every other week from an author who has a liberal “Point of View”.

    If we can’t respectfully argue a “POINT OF VIEW” how are we, as a community, a society or a country supposed to be able to come together for change? Is EVERYTHING not supposed to be spoken of because it doesn’t align with your own thoughts or ideas? What would that solve?

    Aren’t we, (black, white, yellow, purple…) as the “SUPERIOR BEINGS” supposed to be able to intelligently discuss even the topics that may be a bit controversial? Shutting up NEVER leads to changing ANYTHING.

    What I see here in this comment thread is EVERYONE calling Mike the hater because he spoke what some believe, look at the comments and think about the tones in them as opposed to Mike’s piece. Where is the hate coming from…all of you who are spewing it at him, that’s where. You are attacking this man for having a DIFFERENT opinion than your own but NOWHERE in any of these comments have I seen the words, “Gee Mike, that’s a pretty harsh outlook, WHY do you feel that way?” or anything like them. Is your INTOLERACE of his OPIONION piece any better than what’s written? NO, it isn’t, and that is also a part of the problem.
    If you believe hate has been spewed, look at the HATE most of you have spewed back. People who live in glass houses…

    • Fabiola Santillan says:

      Mike tried to pass pieces of his OPINION as facts, so of course the public is going to be outraged. Apart from a history class, Mike needs a writing class because this piece was poorly structured.

      Why didn’t Mike say “In my opinion, the white people from Europe were the first settlers…” in his opening paragraph?

      When you try to put FALSE FACTS onto an OPINION piece, people will come at you.

      And why would anyone ask WHY he feels this way? What would he respond with? Basically his opening paragraph, which would lead to the same comments anyway in correction to his FALSE FACTS.

      Also, I’d suggest moving his column over to the OPINION section of the site since that’s what it is.

      And one more thing, this DID spark conversastion. I don’t want this article removed either. I think it’s great to have Mike express his own beliefs. It only gives us a better picture of what this man is like in real life.

      • Teri Nehrenz says:

        It is under his Column which is clearly titled, “POINT OF VIEW” which means opinion, I don’t know how else it can be categorized, columns and opinions are in the same class of writing.

        • Kevin Johansen says:

          Terri, We get that. It is opinion, or “point of view”. But, respectfully, and for the future, are there any limits or boundaries that your paper has set for any “over the line” hate speech?

          • Teri Nehrenz says:

            Well, the term “over the line” and hate speech are fairly subjective. Apparently our editors found this to be a worthy enough topic for discussion. You sound like some of the old school folks who think that if something isn’t discussed it will just go away. It won’t, discussion needs to happen. Problem is that I see only one side of the “discussion” everyone else just keeps saying he’s stupid, hateful and ignorant. That is NOT discussion. Give an opposing point of view instead of just “dismissing” his opinion as invalid.
            Whether you like it or not, this exists because people don’t discuss things and feel that if you don’t talk about maybe it’ll go away or if you do talk about it, you’re stupid. NOTHING will ever get better if nobody “TALKS” about these things.

          • Connie Foust says:

            Well I read enough to see the progressive left is alive and well in Mesquite. The first amendment talks of FREE speech, yet only the left feel they need to shut down discussion by attacking the writer. Picking apart details they find offensive. Who are the haters out there? Well, everyone who attacked the author personally because they disagree. The Constitution was not written for the left or the right, it was written to preserve your rights and also Mike’s rights. So stop the b.s. If you feel so strongly about the Native Americans then go to the reservations and help them out, because your opinion only does not help. I also will point out that most societies have always had slaves. I don’t endorse slavery but I do wonder about a new form of slavery that we condone in our current society and that is paying cheap wages for people to get their lawn cut, house painted or any other task they think they are either to busy to do or feel they can afford. Who is cleaning your homes, who is mowing your yard. If you are using any landscape company in Mesquite you are contributing to a permanent under-class. So stop the piety and look at yourself in the mirror.

      • Teri Nehrenz says:

        Why would I ask why? Because it’s a good question.
        People only form their opinions based on the FACT/experiences/things learned, of their lives. Why wouldn’t you want to know?
        For instance, I have mixed feelings. I grew up in a bi-racial family, was born into a neighborhood that was primarily Hungarian, Slovak and Polish until it was taken over by another culture. I personally witnessed a great and well kept neighborhood turn ugly and most of it now…well, let’s just say that even the bravest Clevelander won’t go through that neighborhood unarmed or unaware. My grandparents remained in that neighborhood because they couldn’t move to another, they wouldn’t have been accepted being a bi-racial couple as they were in the late 40’s.
        So, needless to say, I’m tolerant of immigrants and other races or cultures but that doesn’t mean that I don’t have strong opinions AGAINST some things that other cultures and even some races are doing to themselves.
        When you drive around big cities, it’s clear and apparent that there are some neighborhoods that are tended much better than others and some, not at all. You can’t deny the people living in those neighborhoods are directly responsible for the care or non care of their spaces. and when you see the some of those spaces, you can’t really can’t form a great opinion of the culture that has garbage strewn across their yards or windows broken out and left that way, truth is, if they had the respect for themselves that they claim we should have for them, then the neighborhoods would look a lot better than they do, with or without money. It doesn’t take money to make things look clean and cared for so the excuse that they may or may not be low income or on welfare doesn’t cut it.
        I am white, my grandfather was black…I hate the people who spewed hate at my grandmother and grandfather because they dared to be different but I don’t hate all white people. I love the black people who lived in my grandparents neighborhood, at first, they were tolerant, nice people who just wanted to be a part of something bigger and better. It didn’t last, other minded black people moved in and changed things for the worst. This is fact. My opinion was formed based on my experiences both good and bad and experiences added over the years either dispelled my original thoughts or confirmed them…bottom line, there’s good and bad in every race and culture. You have to view people as individuals and INDIVIDUALS have individual opinions and experiences which most definitely shapes and forms those opinions.

        People who are of different cultures PREFER to be around people of their same culture…is this fact or my opinion? It’s my OPINION based on the FACTS that there are numerous cities that boast places like, “CHINA TOWN”, “LITTLE ITALY” and “BAVARIAN/GERMAN” villages. But even in these cultures and neighborhoods, they remain true to AMERICA…they follow our constitution and our laws as did their immigrant forefathers. We’re not trying to tear out those roots or tear down the neighborhoods, as a matter of fact, lots of us visit them regularly because it’s different but also familiar.
        We cannot go to another country and instill our culture, laws and beliefs into the natives there, why should we be any different? If people choose to come to AMERICA it’s for a reason, correct? That reason usually is that “it’s just better here.” What makes it better is the fact that there are freedoms. Freedom to live here and keep your own language, culture and beliefs…well, we as NATIVELY BORN AMERICANS would like to keep our rights as well. It SEEMS as if SOME people wanting to move in to AMERICA not only want to keep their religion/culture but force it upon others. THAT’S NOT COOL!
        If you move to a “better place”, for a “better life” why try to make it just like the one place you are running away from?…Pretty sure that’s the point Mike was trying to make. Come on in…just don’t put me down for being what you’re wanting to be…AMERICAN.

        • Fabiola Santillan says:

          “You can’t deny the people living in those neighborhoods are directly responsible for the care or non care of their spaces.”

          “If they had the respect for themselves that they claim we should have for them, then the neighborhoods would look a lot better than they do, with or without money.”

          This blew my mind.. so did your grandparents not respect themselves since they also lived in those type of neighborhoods? You’re also out of touch with reality. Maybe get familiar with the government and how it affects low income housing.

          I won’t be commenting any further. This is all so absurd to me.

          • Teri Nehrenz says:

            No, when it started changing for the worse, my grandfather passed away and my grandmother moved.

        • John Johnson says:

          TERRI these are clearly NOT intended to be read as OPINIONS they are intended to be read as FACTS. AMERICA is a MELTING POT. WHITES AND PEOPLE LIKE YOU are NOT SUPERIOR than anyone else. forced religion? When? WHERE? Get out of here. CHRISTIANITY is NOT a requirement. THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE IS NOT a requirement either. Troops are out there FIGHTING for your right to say such NONSENSE. About what is and isn’t “American”. I bet you’re proud of the land YOUR people took from the TRUE NATIVE AMERICANS. You speak of unity like you have a clue what that even means. Do you mean whites on one side and the rest on the other? Simply because your grandfather was black doesn’t mean you grasp the definition of UNITY. Also statistics have proven that most people on welfare are WHITES YES WHITES. Go pick fruits and vegetables for a day, let’s see how long you last. YOUR WELCOME by the way. Consider picking up a book some time, history repeats itself.

          • Teri Nehrenz says:

            First, I didn’t say those things, never said I was superior to anyone. Nobody said Christianity or English was a requirement either. What are you reading?

          • Teri Nehrenz says:

            I read ALL THE TIME for instance, what this man has to say about it: The OPINIONS are based on the FACTS of Mike’s life and experiences, nobody said anyone was superior, just that we’re not all equal…there’s a HUGE difference.

            Yes, I do have a clue about UNITY. I work with a lot of different people, different wealth levels, different ideal, ideas and merits…we don’t all think alike, we think differently and that’s how we come up with solutions to issues. It’s not a me win, you lose situation we’re discussing, it’s a let’s all win by discussing these differences and coming to common ground OR agreeing to disagree and take a vote, but at least EVERYONE gets the opportunity to hear both sides and draw their own conclusion, cast their own vote. How can you make an informed decision about anything without first seeing or hearing all sides?

            This man has some fascinating things to say about Priviledge, ANDREW T. DILTS associate professor of political theory | loyola marymount university // visiting senior fellow | london school of economics:

            I want to insist that if we want to think about privilege, and if we want to talk about it productively, if we want to question it, undermine it, refuse it, smash it, and do so without reproducing it or re-centering the axes of domination that privilege always already entails, then we must approach it politically.

            This is my simple claim: privilege is a political form of rule and ought to be viewed as such.

            A first less simple consequence of this, however, is the more difficult claim to substantiate (but to which I am more strongly attached): to acknowledge that privilege is political calls us to direct our energies toward what Alisa Bierria terms the “subversive proposition” of abolitionist politics.

            A second consequence: we ought to embrace what Angela Davis—drawing on W.E.B. Du Bois’ account of the failures of reconstruction—calls the “comprehensive abolition” necessary for building a true abolition-democracy: building of the institutions necessary for black liberation that can render slavery, the prison, the death penalty, the border, and the settler-colony all obsolete.

            And a third consequence: we should take up what Joel Olson argues is a democratic theory and practice that is dedicated to the proposition that, “No privilege held can compare to a world in which privilege does not exist.”

            And I want to do this by thinking about the idea of “merit,” the role it plays in the academy, and the critical theory of Iris Marion Young.

            First Movement: Privilege, Property, and Epistemology

            It is helpful to start with the simple claim, and to clarify what I mean a little bit. A “privilege” is a kind of property; it is a kind of “gift.” A privilege is a kind of property; it is an object which one controls, but which is not entirely one’s own. A privilege is always a grant, a grace, a forgiveness, and it always comes from an authority. And while a privilege is typically distinguished (at least in a liberal lexicon) from a right, this is not really the most helpful distinction. Put differently, the sovereign is not simply they who decide in the state of exception, but rather they who grant privileges. If we trace the roots of the term, we arrive at private laws: commands that pertain to a single individual. Privileges are, by their very definition, unearned properties, the kinds of things that can be revoked without cause.

            This helps us recall the lost radicality of liberalism and property theory as articulated by someone like Locke: that one could claim to appropriate a thing (or, it turns out, another person) by nature and not by grant of authority from an arbitrary sovereign. But while Locke may have seen such a claim as liberatory, it was, of course, only for those who were themselves granted the privileges, as Carol Pateman has shown us, of masculinity, or as Charles Mills reminds us, of whiteness. The liberal rejection of privilege was, not surprisingly, only radical in relation to the feudal order it sought to replace, and only in regards to those who have not been political and epistemologically, to borrow the language of Kristie Dotson, disregarded, disbelieved, and disavowed.

            Privilege is political therefore not only in that it constructs and reconstructs authority, but because it operates in and through the very system that was said to replace it: property. And as Cheryl Harris reminds us, at the core of property as a practice, as exercised throughout the entirety of the history of political sovereignty in what became the United States is the system of racial domination. Whiteness is the property that confers immunity on some bodies from the constitutive violence of the foundations and maintenance of the United States.

            To profess a commitment to democracy, is, sadly, insufficient to the eradication of privilege, but it is necessary. That is, to be dedicated deeply to the premise of equality and to reject the subordination of others (either on liberal or radical terms), is to also assert that privilege has no place in political life.

            But, one might be able to draw a demarcation on the left between liberalism and radical left politics by the degree to which one allows that privilege, an unearned and undeserved relations of property, to exist in putatively non-political spheres of life. That is, while liberalism might try to recuperate privilege and its properties into a general theory of property (like Locke does, by asserting that self-possession is a privilege granted by God and nature), a radical position might reject the claims of privilege itself.

        • Connie Foust says:

          Good response. Thank you. I have a multi-racial family and some of the comments that I have read, are so offensive. Mike Young was not offensive. I one time asked my daughter in law what she wanted to be called, Native American or Indian. She firmly told me she was an Indian. Yet the people around the reservation who are clueless and liberal call her tribe Indigenous People. She just laughs at them.

      • Mike Young says:

        Fabiola – You Missed the whole point because I did not recognize the Indian People as the first settlers Maybe they were, maybe it was some other people, in any event we are all settlers but the one who made a difference in setting up the country, were from Europe. Some mention the slaughtering of the Indian indigenous people but there were attacks and slaughter on both sides luckily we won those Indian Wars.

    • David Petrillo says:

      The best response to Mike’s column came from Mayor Litman. Mike does not speak for the vast majority of the citizens of Mesquite. If Mike was trying to write a parody, he did a lousy job. If he was trying to wake up the more moderate people of Mesquite, he did a great job. We need these people to vote in the coming elections. It has been my experience living and traveling around the country that immigrants are the hardest working people I have ever seen. It does not matter where they came from. As to the mantra that they are on welfare, there are more white people on government assistance than anyone else. If anything, many of these people risked their lives to make a safer life for their families. Welfare had nothing to do with it.

    • Kevin Johansen says:

      Terri, I feel like you are calling us out for expressing our opinion that Mike’s words are not worthy of thoughtful debate. They simply need to be called racist, ignorant, and divisive. Do you really think any amount of debate would change his heart? America is a great melting pot country of many different cultures, many different countries of origin, many different religions ( and of no religion), and we should embrace one another in unity.

      • Teri Nehrenz says:

        I’m calling you all out for spewing the hate you say he’s spewing. Calling him racist, ignorant and divisive isn’t helping the issue, it’s adding to it.
        Feel free to express your opinions but don’t attack anyone else in the process. Mike didn’t attack any of you, he just stated his OPINION base on the facts of his life.

        • Teri Nehrenz says:

          “America is a great melting pot country of many different cultures, many different countries of origin, many different religions ( and of no religion), and we should embrace one another in unity.” What do you mean by UNITY? Everyone thinking and acting the same? That’s sort of what Mike said in his article isn’t it?

          • Kevin Johansen says:

            No! It is not what Mike said. Unity is recognizing that we are all created equal and should view one another blind to skin color, religion, country of origin, etc.

          • Teri Nehrenz says:

            Unity will only happen when we accept our differences, not turn a blind eye to them; we need to embrace and celebrate the differences…we might learn something.

          • Teri Nehrenz says:

            And no, we are NOT all created equal or I would have been born with a silver spoon up my butt instead of having to work for a living. Some have worked their way to the top while others prefer not to work at all. Some were born wealthy and some never will be…we are far from equal in character, performance, intelligence and everything else. I can’t hit a golf ball to save my life but some can drive one from her to eternity…not equal at all. We are only equal in the fact that we are all homo sapiens, that’s all..the only difference is that it doesn’t matter what race, creed or religion you are, w’re still homo sapiens, we don’t even eat, breath or sleep the same but do have the ability to better ourselves. What makes humans SUPERIOR is the ability to embrace the differences. It’s when some start to try to make others think the same way they do without understanding, compassion and a little simple reasoning, things get out of control. Opinions NEVER hurt anyone, it’s acting on those opinions that begin to hurt. Some things that happen to be a reality for some are simply not THE reality others see or live by. The realities I saw growing up just don’t exist out here so I’m not surprised that some don’t understand Mike’s Point of View…I never said I agree with it, but I understand that HIS reality is much different than mine and he must have had some experiences that drew him to his conclusions, I don’t hate him for his feelings, how can I, he’s never acted on them and hurt anyone with his opinions, and he’s certainly never hurt me with them…he’s just made some of you angry…but why? I’m sure that if anyone of you drove through Cleveland, Detroit or any large Metropolitan city in the Mid West, you would see a much different reality than you see here in Mesquite, that’s all.
            I do however still maintain that if you want to be American, then lock, stock and barrel…you can be but you can’t pick and choose what parts you want and what parts you don’t. If here, you live by the same rules, laws and our Constitution as everybody else…it’s only right other wise, there’s really no other reason for anyone to be here…is there? Would you go to another country with the express purpose of breaking their laws and not expect to be punished? It should be no different here. Our forefathers (sorry, mine NEVER killed any Native Americans) fought to come here and make a good life and they followed the laws of the land,
            and like Mike said, assimilated into the “American Way” (what ever it was at that time and in their area of settlement) they didn’t try to change them. And because of all these adaptations, we now have a multitude of cultures, beliefs and traditions stretched across the US. I guarantee that my cousins in Kentucky and West Virginia lived a whole lot different than I did in Ohio or here in Beaver Dam and even in our own “tribes”, we are not all created equal.Even in the small Tribal villages of Alaska there’s a hierarchy of people all within the same tribe, some hunters, some “warriors” some seers and some healers…not equal and that inequality is what makes America work because we need all of those kinds of people. We are not a socialist country, we’re not all of the same religion or beliefs…we built on that… the fact that some people were born to work with their hands and others with their minds and still others that are willing to break their backs for a little or a lot, heck, we’re not even equal in our desires. We’ll be a whole lot better off if people embrace the differences instead of trying to hide the fact that they exist.

        • John Williams says:

          Every day we get to CHOOSE to be who we are. If you choose to continue racism, bigotry and sexism I will give you no quarter.
          Racism, homophobia and misogyny are not “political opinions,” they are FAILURES OF CHARACTER, and we should NOT allow Mike Young or anyone else to rationalize their choices by portraying them as any type of sympathetic figures….. including Senior Citizens.

          • Connie Foust says:

            There you go again John Williams spewing your progressive Marxist agenda. Love all of the words you used.

    • Tom Donaldson says:

      The world had this conversation, it was called World War II. Mike’s opinion that this country must stay white and christian to continue is literal fascism.
      Here’s a conversation starter: How does Mike think that white privilege is deserved when he is such an advocate for merit? His argument is that white people are the descendants of those who built this country and that entitles them to privilege, yet those who enjoy this privilege did nothing to earn it themselves.

      • Teri Nehrenz says:

        Ask Mike

      • Mike Young says:

        Tom – This is not a conversation and it is not about WW II, it is how we are evolving from a country that was founded on European culture (Except without the cast system) to one that is being overwhelmed by people that do not have the same values and ethics as those that built our country. Never did I say that White Privilege is Merit Privilege. It is only the values, and ethics that those people brought forward that I am talking about.

        Now many say there is something wrong with working for a living, Working hard and being honest. Many people bring their culture with them and do not understand the principles that made our country great. Those principles were originally brought by white people but can be used by anyone. Unfortunately many choose not to use them and just demand equality. YOU HAVE TO WORK FOR IT.

        I worked from the ground up from cleaning manholes in the middle of streets and fields to running the operations of a billion dollar utility. Adopted by a single working mother and had many questions about my ancestry growing up, worked my way through college and helped many with a hand up, not a hand out. I fairly earned what I have and believe there was no “White Privilege” but a hell of a lot of hard work.

  20. Carole Lynn Rawlings says:

    I lived in Mesquite Nv. for 3 years and I was pleased with the little town People need to know their History of America I have traveled and seen many things people should assimilate naturally that is what it is all about Know both sides of the Trail of Tears. I had many friends growing up in Calif. Mexican- American Jewish Irish German. But I will say the new Immigrants whohave arrived have a poor attitude towards Americans by their talk they are not welcoming or talk in a hostile way about America and Americans. They are not humble some are but I have observed that some are not so nice. Other people I have talked to feel the same way that are in my age group. This is by observance. Be grateful for what you have. When you come here have humility. Perhaps it is because they can acsess Welfare which is not good. They need to have skills and add to the culture. Learn the language be part of the whole melting pot. Carole L. Rawlings

  21. Teri Nehrenz says:

    Dear “Hope a bus hits you”, No, nobody will ever see those absolutely horrible comments. First you don’t follow the rules. No aliases, if you have something to say, say it but have the guts to be you. Second, we don’t approve comments that would have gotten our mouths washed out with soap as kids and we don’t attack people by wishing bad things on them.
    Third, I can’t verify a third party email address.
    If anyone else wonders why their comments aren’t being posted, we do have rules to follow, please follow them or your comment will be deleted.
    You MUST use your real first and last names.

  22. Beth Fletcher says:

    Well Teri I can see why you came in 3rd place. I can just imagine what your interview was like when you were interviewed for the contest. Who would want someone like you to represent the Senior Women of Mesquite after all of corrupt comments you have written above. You promote hatred and the contest sure doesn’t promote hatred. I didn’t think I would vote for the mayor before but after his great comment he’s got my vote. Right on mayor.

    • Teri Nehrenz says:

      Beth, you always say that I promote hate, what did you just say, was that not hateful? The interview didn’t have anything to do with political views. Ms. Senior Mesquite doesn’t “Represent” the Senior Women,we represent OUR OWN ACCOMPLISHMENTS AS SENIOR WOMEN and those we work for all Seniors man or woman and we work to raise money for the other charities…I did a good job and didn’t have to solicit the businesses, they were all personal well wishes from people who actually know me. Nowhere in any of my writing do I say anything about hating anyone, where are you reading that? What, I can’t tell you that things are different elsewhere without it being hateful? I don’t understand. As a matter of fact, I believe I specifically said, I DON’T hate anyone based on color, creed or religion, I take people as individuals…that’s not spreading or promoting hate at all…why do you feel that it is? When you see all the stuff on the 5 o’clock news, you know the stuff about the riots, shootings and such…is that promoting hate too? Can’t people have a different point of view or experiences without you putting us down for them? I haven’t put you down or said mean things to you, I don’t even know you or what type of person you are, what good you do for others and can’t really make an assumption based on a few comments, that would be pretty close minded and hateful of me, don’t you think?

      All I’ve been saying in these comments is that people need to understand other people’s points of view, you don’t have to accept them as your own, just realize they still exist and talk about them…how in the world are you twisting that into something hateful?

      • Teri Nehrenz says:

        Oh, and if you are referring to the fact that there are terrible neighborhoods in Cleveland and the fact that the people who live in those neighborhoods are directly responsible for the conditions of those neighborhoods go to Cleveland, you can see that it’s a fact, not an opinion and not spreading lies or hate, just stating facts…all true. All akin to the same statement that we, in character, not race religion or creed, are NOT all created equal, simply how I see it but I don’t hate anyone for being richer, poorer, more fit or accomplished…that’s all up to me. If I chose to be any of that, I would be but my character won’t allow it, it does however allow me to be kind, considerate, understanding and empathetic to the opinions of others and how they were formed rather than bashing them for it.

  23. David Petrillo says:

    Mike sure did a huge favor for the Democrats in the 4th Congressional District. Based on the pure numbers of the comments above and their passion, there is a zero chance that the seat will revert back to the GOP. Thank you Mike. You stirred up the liberals and moderates in the Dustrict and they will flock to the polls in November.

    • Teri Nehrenz says:

      We can only hope. I guess this did some good to exact some change, huh? See, talking about things does do some good, even if it’s only at the polls.

      • Cheryl Grace says:

        Nowhere did Mike say he was superior, just that we’re not all equal. Nor did he say you were privileged if you were Christian or spoke English. He is not promoting White Privilege just stating it exists. Never did he say that White Privilege is Merit Privilege. It is only the values and ethics that those people brought forward that he is talking about.
        Many people bring their culture with them and do not understand the principles that made our country great. Those principles were originally brought by white people but can and are used by many. Yes, America is a great melting pot of different cultures, different countries of origin, and different beliefs. Most people no matter their color, race or beliefs come here to make a better life for themselves and most follow our laws, they don’t try to change them.

        But does anyone want to be overwhelmed by people that do not have similar values and ethics as this country was built on? Does anyone want to be overwhelmed by people who hate us and want to kill us?

        • David Petrillo says:

          No one is trying to change our laws when they come here. They are coming here for one main reason. That is to provide a safe environment for their families. I have traveled extensively around the world and people all share the same values we do. As for ethics, especially the work ethic, no one works harder than an immigrant. Please stop listening to the hate mongers and accept the fact that we are more alike than we are different. Our country is unique in that we are a melting pot. It made us great and will continue to make us great.

  24. Benino Garcia says:

    This will be my first and last comment on this page. Teri, I think you should have kept this racist bigoted article out of your paper. That was a terrible decision on your part. There are far more constructive ways to start a conversation then just pissing off an entire community that relies on your paper for their local news. If you can’t see why this article is detrimental to our unity as a community then I feel sorry for you. There are so many more individuals on Facebook that are standing up against this hate speech. Keep this stuff in your house or hair salon or local bar and OUT of the newspaper. Thank you

    • Teri Nehrenz says:

      I do not make any editorial decisions on the part of our paper, that’s not my job. You don’t know me so can’t assume I go any of those places you speak of other than my home.If people wish to remain ignorant of the opinions or views of others, it’s their business. Our paper is for those who want to be well informed on all positions and both sides of the coin. Like I’ve said before, not talking about these things WON’T make them go away no matter how far you want to bury your head in the sand.

  25. Mayor Al Litman says:

    Ms. Foust,
    I normally use mayor as my title, when the subject addresses Mesquite ,as I do represent the city. I do not think Mike Young has a hateful bone in his body, nor do I think he is a racist. I think the problem is the subject matter of his article. I’m sorry I called him ignorant, he isn’t, but I believe he is in over his head on a subject that far to complex than what is expressed in is article. The topic has so many layers that it should be discussed in an open forum, if it should be discussed period. Far too many emotions are involved for a one-sided commentary. I majored in American History, abet, a long time ago and realized then how complex was then. It’s even more today.

  26. Donna Phelps says:

    What an out cry for one persons OPINION! When I read and then read again the Opinion by Mike Young, I don’t under stand the vicious attacks on his character, thoughts and writing. Why couldn’t you each have written your opinion to this article so I could see your point of view with some insight. Instead in MY Opinion the comments are far from creditable and only filled with hate.
    PS I did read the slam about Teri and Ms. Senior Mesquite Sorry Terri Totally not necessary.
    Please continue to publish options in the Mesquite Local. You can see these “Opinions” are needed.
    And lastly I have known Mike Young and find him an enlighten, thoughtful, kind and caring human being!

  27. Ann Silano says:

    Indian Supremacy; they scalped the heads of the early settlers and then proceed to hang them from trees like Christmas ornaments. They tied “white men” to sticks leaving them to die of exposure. Now we “give” them land reservations where they put their casinos driving men into bankruptcy, proceeds are then distributed among all the entitled-tribe members, even the couch potatoes, collect their “fair share”

    • David Petrillo says:

      How did this comment make it past the adults at Mesquite Local News. It is outright racism and not at all truthful. Indians had every right to protect their families from the genocide going on in the 1800’s.

  28. Sue Smith says:

    I neglected to get this posted last week, but I want to be on record as supporting Mike and his vote for “merit privilege”. The “privilege” goes to those who earn it, regardless of their race. As a society we have made huge strides in this regard, and efforts of good people will ensure we continue to move forward. My position is that those who are trying to say otherwise are just trying to divide us as a society. Regarding all of the name calling – it is a sure sign that the name caller does not have the facts or the good ideas to support their position. All they can do is make personal attacks. It is very sad and off putting. Thank you, Mike, for coming forward with your opinion, and trying to open a discussion worth having because of the divisiveness the term “white privilege” is causing in the society as a whole.

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