Health District closes Mesquite restaurant

The Southern Nevada Health District closed the popular Panda Garden Asian food restaurant, located at 12 West Mesquite Boulevard, on April 19. Photo by Barbara Ellestad

According to its website, the Southern Nevada Health District ordered the Panda Garden Asian food restaurant closed on April 19 based on a routine food inspection that found severe violations of food handling requirements.

The popular restaurant located at 12 W. Mesquite Blvd. had a history of poor grades on previous inspections dating back as far as 2005. Most recently the restaurant received a “B” grade on two previous occasions in August and January 2017 and a “C” grade with 39 demerits in January 2016.

According to the Health District’s online report the restaurant’s inspection last week found violations of food wholesome, not spoiled, contaminated, or adulterated; food protected from potential contamination during storage and preparation; effective pest control measures, animals restricted as required; and grade/card signs posted, consumer advisory.

A restaurant employee was seen removing supplies from the building on Monday afternoon but refused comment. The restaurant has posted a for sale sign on the front entrance.


  1. Steve Clutterham says:

    They will be greatly missed. However it sounds like it’s a good thing for the people of Mesquite. Food safety is very important and not nearly as difficult as they continued to make it. Sorry to see them go instead of improving their food handling skills.

  2. Marinka Green says:

    I never had a single issue with the Panda Garden. We had many family dinners there, food was good and the staff was alway friendly and helpful. It will be missed

  3. Sue Miller says:

    Darn it! This was one of the few favorite restaurants we really liked in town. Never had a problem, our food was always hot and delicious. So sad to hear this.

  4. Eyline Cowart says:

    The reason for closure of this restaurant would have been more understandable had the number of demerits for the violations been included in the article. In my search of the Southern Nevada Health District, I discovered there were a total of 14 demerits; 5 – Food wholesome, 3 – Food protected from potential contamination during storage and preparation, 3 – Effective pest control measures, 3 – Grade/card signs posted.

  5. Corbin Van Nest says:

    I too am sorry to see the restaurant go, however I do thank the Health District for protecting us! Check out the video on “dirty dinning”.

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