Blame the NRA

Every time there is a shooting the liberal left blames the National Rifle Association (NRA). The funny thing is that the Association cannot even carry a gun. It has no arms or legs; it is just an organization of likeminded people dedicated to protecting our constitutional right to bear arms.

The crazy people doing the shootings are not the NRA they are criminals who use a weapon to hurt other people. It could be an ax, a knife or a baseball bat they just want to hurt people. About 16 million people now have a right to carry a concealed weapon for self-protection since the cops are not around when many crimes happen and if they were, the bad guy would wait until they left.

Some people think a person should not have the right to protect themselves. Many times these are people who already have personal protection by armed bodyguards but most of us cannot afford that luxury. Like a women walking down the street and someone pulls up and tries to harm her, doesn’t she have the right to protect herself?  What about the older couple living in a neighborhood that now has changed its character?

In some cities and remote locations the police are not there at all. Don’t these people deserve protection? But the cry goes on take away guns and we will be safer, does anyone believe that that does not have bodyguards? Throughout our world there are many tools that if used wrongly can hurt or even kill us like cars, trucks and knives.

For myself and family, I would prefer to have the tools to defend our home. The police cannot possible be on site for most crime prevention, they just take reports and try to catch the bad people afterward. The tool you choose to defend yourself depends on many things such as income and skills but the choice should be mine not the government and according to the Constitution it is my right.

The NRA tries to protect my right to protect myself, what is wrong with that? They are just insisting that the government follow the constitution to protect our rights under that document. Some say times have changed and that we do not need guns as we have police and a standing army. But that is a problem, when government was under the English rule it became too demanding and the people resisted. Today the people still have the right to resist government oppression.

A good example is the Bundy case where the Bureau of Land Management wanted more money for cattle grazing on empty land. The people involved resisted and they had the means to do so. Right or wrong, people still have the ability to resist government overreach, which is also one of the reasons for the “right to bear arms”. The founding fathers had seen what too much government can do and how the British tried to take away the guns so the people would have no way to resist.

Under the Constitution the citizens are the militia and could resist the central government if it too became too powerful and hungry. We are free people and there are limits to the government’s power although some think the government has all the answers and should be able to run our entire lives.

There are still some who do not believe and want to be free people. Take the guns away and the government is in total power.” Vote new people into office” is the reply. We did that and look what the ruling class is trying to do to our President. For all his faults, the people voted him in and those that resist are the people who think they are smarter than the rest of us, if only they could get total control and there is a way, take away the people’s guns and then they have no power to resist.


  1. Phil Edwards says:

    Is this a joke?

  2. David Petrillo says:

    No one is going to take your hunting rifle or your handguns. What you do not need and what the signers of the Constitution never imagined are military grade weapons. They are only used to kill people. A lot of people on October 1, 2017 in Las Vegas were murdered by those needless weapons.

    Resisting what you call government over reach could be very hazardous to your health. Just ask the hundreds of unarmed black people who are killed each year by the police. Most of them never had a chance to obey any commands the police were giving. I still cry whenever I think of the 12 year old boy in Cleveland who was killed for just playing with a pellet gun. He was not threatening anyone and had no chance to obey any commands. The Bundy’s are just lucky that the BLM officers had common sense and released the cattle. They may not be so lucky next time.

    As I have stated before, the whole reason for the NRA’s existence is to increase profits for the gun and ammo manufacturers. Contrary to what you claimed, less than half of the NRA funding comes from its individual members. It is no more a grassroots organization than the Auto Dealers Association. Again, how does the NRA encourage people to buy guns and ammo? They scare the hell out of them.

    Mike, you know full well that no one is taking your guns anytime in the future. Is the NRA paying you to scare the people in Mesquite? Fortunately, most of us are not taken in by the lies of the NRA. I just got back from a month in Australia and their gun violence is a fraction of ours. People can own guns for their protection, especially out in the outback. However, they do not have the military grade weapons we have. The gun culture, thanks to the NRA, is killing our country and its citizens.

  3. Dave hibbard says:

    my comment is well done.

  4. Steve Clutterham says:

    Good job Mike. The original signers of the constitution did know of military grade weapons and private citizens were always allowed to own them. Weapons have indeed changed greatly since then, but that does not change our rights to own them. The problem is not guns of any type. The problem is people, plain and simple. The problem is that when people see something or someone unusual, they are afraid to report it out of fear of accusing an innocent person. This is ridiculous. If you have a family member or friend that is acting strange, amassing weapons and ammunition for no apparent reason, report it. If you are wrong and they are merely a private collector and are shown not to be a threat, no harm done. But if you are right, you may save lives.
    We all know someone who shouldn’t be trusted with guns and other weapons, keep an eye on them and report anything you see. Especially if the person has a record of weapons violations and is not supposed to have them. Together we can save lives. But we can not do it by disarming innocent people and leaving them to be slaughtered by criminals. Wolves will always pray on sheep. Don’t be a sheep.

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