Letter to the Editor-Bley

Recent events in Mesquite on the issue of low-cost housing should be of great concern to the people who live in our city.  Unbelievably, a proposal for this type of housing adjacent to the elementary school DIED before it was even presented before the Mesquite City Council.  The reason was complaints about “the type of people who would be living there.”  

But what about those people who live in Mesquite and need low-cost housing?  Are the complainers who are letting their prejudices call the shots unaware that Mesquite has a very substantial population who need this type of housing in order to have a decent quality of life?  They work at our restaurants and other retail establishments.  They are our hairdressers and our lawn maintenance workers, and, even, our casino employees.  The question has to be asked:  why are our low salary workers being asked to live outside of Mesquite in the only affordable housing they can find when it would be substantially easier for them to live within the borders of the city and more advantageous to those who depend on their services? Living in town means easier access to public transit and a much shorter commute to work. That translates into fewer days off work, which benefits all of us.  

And regarding concerns about any negative impacts of low cost housing, there are plenty of low-cost housing units that bring a good quality of life to their occupants and adjacent neighborhoods. Low-cost housing does not equal “slum.”  

We URGE the builder to resubmit the proposal and URGE the Mesquite City Council to seriously consider approving this plan, with the caveat that the Mesquite Regional Business (MRB) contractor or the Mesquite Chamber of Commerce provide best practices recommendations to ensure this project will be a successful addition to our community.  

The citizens of Mesquite, not just a prejudiced few, should have a say in whether people will be allowed to have a decent place they can call their home. 

Ann Bley 

for Virgin Valley Action Group 


  1. Very well said

  2. Miriam Samuels says:

    Excellent letter. I totally agree. As someone who has lived here for more than 15 years, I have a very friendly relationship with a number of people in the service industry. They are all fine people who would be an asset to our neighborhoods.

  3. Ruth Pacheco says:

    I totally agree with you Ann. People have to start looking out for one another, too much hate & prejudice in this country, that’s why it is in the bad shape it is in!!

  4. Beth Fletcher says:

    Congratulations Ann. You hit the nail on the head about this whole country. If everyone would just feel the same way you do this would be a better place to live. I for one was one of those who worked in the low income industry and I am not that “type of people” that they are referring to. I pay taxes and live a normal life just like those people that are saying those things. I could name those people that are making those statements but I won’t stoop to their level. As Michelle Obama said they go low we go HIGH.

  5. Julie Williams says:

    Great letter and I agree wholeheartedly. I knew nothing about the affordable housing issue in Mesquite when my husband and I bought a home here in mid-January and thought twice about doing so when I read the comments made by some of our fellow citizens about “those people”. “Those people” are good enough to clean your houses, serve your food, babysit your children, clean your houses, landscape your yard, etc. but not good enough to live in our community? That is backward and wrong-headed thinking on so many levels.

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