Today, Rep. Ruben J. Kihuen released the statement below ahead of votes expected later this afternoon by the U.S. House of Representatives to reopen the federal government and end the Republican shutdown:

“While I am pleased that today will end four months of Congressional Republicans’ holding nearly 9 million CHIP recipients hostage, I cannot support the legislation that passed the Senate earlier this afternoon. Unfortunately, this deal hinges upon the word of a Senator with a long history of breaking his promises and going back on his word. I cannot support a continuing resolution that fails to provide a permanent solution for DREAMers, fails to reauthorize funding for community health centers that serve nearly 90,000 Nevadans and 26 million people across the country, and fails to provide disaster relief to Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands, Texas, California, and Florida. We could have avoided the Republican shutdown entirely by passing the bipartisan legislation that already exists to address these issues. Instead, Congress has chosen political brinkmanship as its strategy, governing one continuing resolution at a time, avoiding actual solutions and leaving millions of Americans behind.”


  1. Sid Lawrence says:

    You need to get your facts straight. Support was sent to those places to which you refer, warehouses of relief supplies are held hostage in PR, Texas never complains it just fixes its own problems and moves on. What happened to the money that was sent to help in Haiti? I think some Clinton foundation has it. Why would we be responsible to the VI? Start helping the Citizens of this country…and not just those you can push into your voting block.

  2. Steve Clutterham says:

    Republican shutdown? Are you serious right now? Do you know how to count? That’s some funny stuff right there, I don’t care who you are.

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