Dean Heller Press Release

 After Jacky Rosen voted to shut down the government yesterday, Chuck Schumer and the Senate Democrats just finished the job tonight. Their selfish stunt has put vulnerable seniors, children, and veterans at risk, as well as forcing our military to serve our country without pay.

By voting for Schumer’s shutdown, Democrats rejected numerous pieces of legislation that have broad bipartisan support. The plan would’ve delayed the unpopular “Cadillac” tax—a 40 percent tax on some employer-sponsored health insurance plans that nearly 1.3 million Nevadans are expected to pay—that hits the working class hardest. Sen. Dean Heller’s bipartisan bill to repeal the oppressive “Cadillac” tax previously passed the Senate 90-10.

And Democrats, including Rosen, also voted against reauthorizing the Children’s Health and Insurance Program (CHIP) and funding it for six years.

In a failing effort to distract from her reckless decision to close the federal government, Rosen introduced numerous bills today. Oddly, they are similar to bills Sen. Dean Heller has repeatedly introduced that would withhold Congress’s pay until they pass a budget and would allow our troops to continue to be paid during the shutdown.

But if Jacky Rosen was serious about supporting our troops, she wouldn’t have voted to take away their paychecks last night. Like her empty words about reauthorizing CHIP, Rosen’s bills are nothing more than pandering.

The American people have made it perfectly clear they are not happy with the Democrat-led shutdown of the government. According to a poll released by CNN today, 56 percent said they wanted Congress at all costs to approve a budget agreement to avoid a shutdown.

“Rosen’s bills today are nothing more than a sad attempt to cover her tracks,” Heller campaign spokesman Keith Schipper said. “Shutting down the government is reckless and inexcusable, and she will have to tell Nevadans why she chose to pull this cheap political stunt at the expense of seniors, children, the troops and our veterans. The voters won’t forget.”


  1. David Petrillo says:

    Could someone explain to me why it is a Democratic shutdown if the White House and both houses of Congress are controlled by Republicans. I guess the Republicans are too busy sending children back to countries that they do not remember nor speak the language to actually govern the country.

    I expect MLN to give equal time to Tarkanian and Rosen and any other candidate for the Senate. Senator Heller knows his chance of re-election is almost zero so he is starting his campaign early. Equal time!

    • Teri Nehrenz says:

      Dave, Of course we will when they send us something. We can’t publish what we never received.

    • Teri Nehrenz says:

      Wow, that statement “…sending children back to countries that they….” Oh, you must be talking about the Republicans holding people responsible for the law. Can someone please explain to me why everyone is so supportive of immigrants breaking the law but NOT tolerant of say, drug addicts who break the law, cold and hungry AMERICANS who have to steal to eat who are breaking the law and all those others who overcrowd our prisons for breaking the law…why don’t we have sympathy for thier crimes? We have sympathy for the crimes of people who don’t even live here and we want them FREE, not locked up; does that even make any sense? Why is this country so full of such double standards? Drug addicts have a disease, shouldn’t we be more tolerant of the diseased than we are of the able bodies who break the laws of our nation?

      Why should we give more to those who don’t live here than we give to those who fought for your right to give it? You all are saying take care of those illegal immigrants…Many republicans say take care of our own first and if anything is left, THEN take care of the others. Would you let your family starve and give everything you have to the person across town that you don’t know? That’s what you’re FORCING on others when you support or pardon such things as illegal immigration. You’re forcing the government to raise taxes, take away support for our elderly, sick and disabled AND you are slapping our military in the FACE by supporting the illegals and allowing our VETS to suffer for it…yes, the money to support them could go to our vets instead. You gladly vote to spend EVERYONE’s money support these people and I personally pay taxes, I don’t want to support them, we’re not forcing you to, that’s your choice so why should you be able to force us? Why not fight your immigration fight using ONLY the money that you supporters give? Didn’t we fight a war against this a long time ago? Why are we making our own same mistake…some of us NEVER learned from the history books apparently.

      The law is the law, when I broke the law, I was punished, they should be as well…or are you willing to pay my $175 speeding ticket because it will cause hardship to my family by my having to pay it? Put things into perspective here and stick to a side…either you abide by the laws or you don’t, it doesn’t work both ways.

    • Teri Nehrenz says:

      It’s always a pleasure to have a goround on different opinions with you! 🙂

  2. Lenni Cunningham says:

    Really and whose fault was it last time. Too bad you can not ever take responsibilities for yourselves. You do no wrong…WRONG! You ALL need to be fired. The house and the senate both need to be short term, 8 years you need to term out!, so we can have new blood with hopefully young and innovative thoughts. So sick of you all I my never vote again.Dean Heller you are the worst! What have you done to help anyone except your wealthy doners.

  3. Thomas L Pacino says:


  4. Phil Edwards says:

    Thanks for giving one side of a national story. No right of reply from the target.

  5. Billie Newton says:

    Educate yourselves people this is NOT a “Democrat-led shutdown”. This can only be blamed on the Republicans who run the senate (thanks Dean Heller for nothing), congress and our beloved,kind, truthful and law abiding PRESIDENT. Put the blame where it is due.

  6. Art Brenner says:

    Lets get real! Bi-partisan means both parties support a bill, or parts of a bill. If the continuing resolution to fund the government contained only those “riders” with bi-partisan support – the bill would have passed. But no, republicans insisted the bill contain their partisan provisions – but refused to include the democrats “must have” provisions.

    The democrats did not vote against the bi-partisan supported funding for the military, CHIPs or the government. They voted against the republican partisan provisions (i.e. “the wall”) while refusing to include a provision democrats insisted all along be included (i.e. “DACA”).

    It takes two parties to make a disagreement and, in this case, the republicans were most disagreeable.

  7. Dean Heller, where do you communicate with constituents?
    I voted for you in 2012. I have assumed you would represent me and conventional Republican values. You do neither.
    Do you make any statements, meet face to face with constituents, debate the issues with Nevada, Democrats, or just Republican in committee behind closed doors.
    I am disturbed by the last two pieces of legislation. The Tax Cuts & Jobs Act & the Omnibus bill that just passed into law. Both final versions were delivered to Congress and the thousands of pages, trillions of dollars, federal government regulation & $685 million for a Veterans Home in Northern Nevada , were reviewed and voted into law in less than a day for the Omnibus bill, & less than 72 hours for Tax Cuts & Jobs Act.
    No debate, no press review/release, no public statement on 2000 + pages of Federal Law. Why is the onus on speed and force behind legislation. Congress used to debate, go to commitee, tell voters , compromise in public, govern.
    Now the political climate is forcing partisan legislation through & living with the consequences of poorly vetting legislation that will add trillions to the debt
    Thank you

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