Building permits jump back up in November

After October’s two million dollar decline in building permits issued by the city of Mesquite, November’s numbers look really good.

The city issued 110 permits in November valued at $8.180 million compared to 101 permits issued a year ago worth $7.543 million.

A general commercial building permit worth $950,000 was issued for a new event tent at the Virgin River casino. The structure will be much like the CasaBlanca event tent but will have a direct entrance and exit to the Virgin River casino itself. By comparison, the Virgin River tent will be a 10,000-square foot facility while the CasaBlanca event tent is 33,000-square feet.

A second general commercial building permit was issued for work at the Mesa View medical clinic building.

Three new business permits were also issued in November compared to one last year.

Permits for new single-family residences dipped slightly from November 2016 coming in at 31 permits valued at $6.997 million. Last year the city issued 33 permits worth $7.137 million.

Pulte Homes of Nevada took out 18 permits for new homes in Sun City Mesquite. Nevada Residential Construction (NRC) took out six permits new home construction.

Three permits for new homes were issued to Warmington Residential Nevada, while Jackson Constracting received two and Construction West and a private builder each took out one permit.

Eight residential modification permits were issued in November compared to six a year ago. Two permits for swimming pools were issued last month compared to eight permits in November 2016.

The number of permits for block walls increased from three last year to eight this year. That’s usually an indication of more new home construction.

One demolition permit was issued by the city, but no grading permits were.


  1. Chad Beard says:

    I would avoid Pulte Homes with every effort. I know there is always a degree of frustration with building a house, however, our experience has been like 5 months of dealing with a cheap, used car dealer. The house is getting ready for pre-drywall inspection (was supposed to be first week of October), we have been dealing with large cracks in the block, they put one of the lag bolts through the main sewage drain in the foundation. They broke up the several feet of the foundation in that spot and then another few feet in an adjoining room for some reason. All of that during the middle of November, and nothing has changed since then.

    They have also not done anything about the construction folks smoking and just dropping the cigarette butts all over the house. In several places, the cigarette butts have almost caught fire and are leaving burn marks all over the flooring and framing. We have spoken numerous times to our Building Manager, and others above him. Nothing has been done. If any of you are interested in more details regarding a full list of the issues and actions, let me know. There are several builders in the subdivision, choose another. Building with Pulte is more heartache than it’s worth.

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