Letter to the editor-Twiddy

In response to Mr. Mike Stone’s letter of last week.  I also live in Sun City, Mesquite.  I don’t know you or where you live.  I do know you do not live in my cul-de-sac.  Also, I know you were not rousted from your bed at 3 am to vacate your home, and 6 hours later allowed to return, under escort, through the media maze.  The police and agents did an outstanding job of trying to keep us comfortable while they went about their important and unfortunate work.

However, when police officials left, my neighbors and I were immediately inundated with hundreds of media types with their cameras, crazy questions, 24-hour lights in the streets with dozens of cars parked and traveling thru the neighborhood for days.  Knocking on your door, passing notes under the garage door, hollering questions over the back fence, ganging up on you as you tried to leave your home and generally causing discontent.  It was frustrating and scary.  Hopefully, you and your neighbors will never be subjected to that kind of activity.

I recognize that our community was a back water to the real and tragic story in Las Vegas.  However, like you, I purchased my home in this community with some reasonable expectation that I could enjoy my privacy and serenity within my home and property.  I expected the HOA and PULTE, who have a fiduciary responsibility, to provide this security when necessary.  Our individual subdivisions are private property and the police will not provide blocking security unless the property is posted “No Trespassing”.  Once signs were placed in our subdivision then the police did an excellent job of moving the media intruders on.  Unfortunately, it took many days before the signs were placed.  The signs are gone now and sadly, to this day, we still have many cars driving by to get a look and take photos.

Mr. Stone, I am happy “you or your neighbors never felt threatened.  And no one in my neighborhood feels the need to” man the gates and roll out the canons, nor post armed guards” that you are concerned about.  Your letter tells me that you have no idea what was/is going on.  Me and my neighbors were severely stressed, and your statement is disingenuous at least and heartless at best.

Richard T. Twiddy


  1. Richard- i live in scm and agree with you 100%.
    Pulte-i.e . Shippert and the entire pulte board and corprate dropped the ball big time.
    I would say crapo and there contracted company dropped the ball but they only do what shippert and pulte tell them.
    I golfed a few days after this happened and saw the traffic jams you guys in prominance had to endure.
    Too bad pulte corprate did not do something right away but they were too busy trying to stick it to the hoa – all the residents to pay for what they should have right away.
    Shippert and pulte should have acted immediatly to clear that mayhem up in prominance but directed crapo to try to screw the homeowners , trying to get residents to stand guard and do the job pulte should be doing or contracting.
    Crapo is just a sub-contracted guppie doing what shippert tells him-i.e. – try to screw the residents.
    All residents will have to watch pulte and shippert real close to make sure the hoa does not pay for any costs related to that home, which will be empty for quite awhile.
    Stone is probably a crapo and donna eads guppie who think these 2 demons of deception can do no wrong.
    Richard stay safe and beware any spewing from shippert or pulte that may cost you and the hoa any money related to this house.

  2. Martin Locke says:

    Get rid of Donna Eads on HOA board and Phil Crapo. A good start

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