Letter to the editor-McCorkle

We, the people of the United States, need to think long and hard about what is happening to our country, as seen particularly in the GOP proposed tax reform bill. Most of feel that at present the rich are getting richer; the poor are getting poorer, and the middle class is disappearing. This will become even more evident if this bill is passed.

Senate Republicans are trying to give the rich one percent a $1.9 trillion tax break. Recently, the Senate voted to massively increase income inequality in our country using the federal government’s power to redistribute wealth upward. In this 51-49 vote, the chamber backed a budget measure that would clear the way for Republicans to enact epic tax cuts. These cuts are for corporate elites, mega-millionaires, and billionaires – not for you and me. Senate Republicans also approved massive deficits in order to pay for Trump’s tax cuts.

We need to take action now to save our country and the lives of its citizens. We can’t leave it up to anyone else to do it for us. If you don’t agree with the Republican agenda or the Democratic agenda, find out why, speak up, and fight for your beliefs. Together our voices can change the direction of our country.

Diana McCorkle

Virgin Valley Action Group.


  1. Connie Foust says:

    A tired progressive talking point. It is the rich who provide jobs and lift people out of poverty, not the government. After eight miserable years of identity politics and citizens being shoved into class groups, we need to appreciate we are all American’s and this country is the best country in the world for lifting people out of poverty. The poor do not pay taxes so how does impact them? Perhaps we should go to flat tax and have all citizen’s with the same percentage. I would much rather see a rich person build on his/her wealth by investing in jobs for American workers. I would much rather see jobs come back to the United States. I would like to see my grandchildren have the opportunity to make wages that would require them to pay taxes as opposed to minimum wage. The national debt can never be paid at this point due to liberal policies, so let’s move ahead as American’s for all to benefit.

    • Teri Nehrenz says:

      Thank you! You said it all.

    • Martin Locke says:

      As usual, those brainwashed by talking points come out of the woodwork to say how this will raise wages for all and lower incomes will benefit. Not true. Wages are still in the basement for the middle class. How much does a worker at McDonalds, Walmart or the casinos make? When Trump was campaigning, he constantly complained how horrible our national debt was, but not he wants to increase it by 1 trillion or more. Wake up folks. Read the bill. Families like Connie’s and Teri’s are going to pay higher taxes, pay more to enter national parks, pay more for services, pay more for everything. You cannot cut the money coming in without increasing it somewhere else. It’s basic math, not political double talk.

    • Brent Christiansen says:

      America has experience he liberal economic plan and it doesn’t work. In just 12 months, American GDP has grown from no growth over 8 years to approaching 4% The New Tax code has lowered all income tax brackets and double the standard deduction. which has already provided income benefits in the form of employee bonuses and wage increase.

      Yes the new tax code will even benefit Democrats.

  2. Beth Fletcher says:

    Thank-you Martin. You said it all. The rich corporations are not going to use the extra money they are going to get by not having to pay higher taxes. They are going to pocket it so they can enjoy their rich life style more. Why are you people so GULLIBLE to believe these people that are filling your brains with the BS?

  3. Brent Christ says:

    I do believe it is business who provides Jobs. Democrats have a long history of killing the Goose who lays the eggs

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