The Mesquite Roundabout Cops

I live in Sunset Greens and frequently take my life in my hands by traversing the dreaded round-about. The truth is, I love our round-about. No stop signs or wasting gas sitting at a red light with nary another car in sight. What I don’t love is other drivers who don’t glance both directions let alone abide by the large yellow YIELD signs when entering.

I was quietly driving my daughter down Mesquite Blvd last week when one of these thoughtless drivers cut me off while I was clearly minding my own business and in the correct lane. He was entering the Roundabout and nearly ran me off the road. Well, I did my usual long aggressive HONK. Evidently, I scared my daughter in the process.

Little did I know when she got home she would tell her husband, “I’m pretty sure mom is losing it. She thinks she is the Roundabout police”.

This is a severe warning to all using our Round-about. We have our eyes on you and a force, of at least one, on duty to give you the long honk if you don’t YIELD when entering a lane. PS. I’m the one who goes as far as to courteously use my blinkers to warn when I enter and exit.

Bunny Wiseman


  1. Geoff Gravett says:

    Love it. We went to Germany and the Netherlands recently and there are a ton of roundabouts there. Since they’ve had them a while the (rb) etiquette is pretty well developed. I’m sure we will catch up
    But for now thanks for the reminder. And your horn is pretty loud!!!

  2. Linda Caldwell says:

    This is very true, somehow that round about turns into the Mesquite speedway! The other spot that is dangerous is making a U TURN at Falcon Ridge Parkway and Pioneer Blvd. Once you come out by Walmart at the gas station side you have to make a right of course, but then need to do a U turn at the light to come back toward the round about to go home. There are two lanes to make a left turn but ONLY THE FAR LEFT IS FOR THE U TURN. I can’t tell you how many people are in the next lane over and proceed to make a U turn from there. THAT IS NOT A U TURN LANE! It is very dangerous not to mention a ticket offense to turn from that lane, as the people in either lane could possibly be actually making a left instead of a U turn. Please beware!

  3. Jennifer Leishman says:

    I could go on all day about the drivers in Mesquite and their dangerous driving habits. Granted, I know locals that live here are guilty of some of this, but by and large the majority of the ones I have seen have license plates from other states. I’ve seen people drive on the wrong side of the road on Mesquite Blvd. because the median wouldn’t allow a left turn; people completely stopped in the right lane on the Blvd. like it’s a shoulder instead of a lane; and my favorite is the ones driving 10 mph instead of attempting to drive close to the 35 speed limit. I would just like to urge visitors and residents and part time residents alike to get familiar with the rules of the road and try to remember there are other people who use those roads too, and these habits make it more dangerous for everyone.

  4. Amy Marshall says:

    It’s not just the roundabout–it’s also the drivers shooting off the I-15 like they are the only cars on the road. It’s actually frightening how they don’t look, but just barrel off the freeway. For the record, I always slow down at the yield signs–you don’t always know if the people coming into it are going to come into the lane you are trying to cross–

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