From the Mayor-Veteran’s Day Parade

I’m writing this column today, not just as the mayor, but also, as a proud veteran and citizen. I have been deeply involved with the Mesquite Veterans Day Parade for the past thirteen years. For the past few years it has become much more difficult to get the participants needed to make this parade the best in the area. The citizens turn out on the streets, that’s not the problem.

Many applicants wait until the last minute. I can handle that. Some back out at the last minute, others just don’t show up. Some tell me they didn’t get an application when I know they did, and others think they did but lost it. That’s ok as I can always send another. I understand, it’s human nature.

It’s important to honor our veterans and active military. A parade showing our support is important in this community as it is all over America. This year I have more participants coming from Las Vegas and other places outside Mesquite than I do from Mesquite. Shameful. I’m not angry, just disappointed. Where is our high school? They have a band, but have not participated in our parade for many years? They don’t even bother to tell me no, they just don’t respond.

This year, I put an article in the local paper asking for businesses to participate as long as they are patriotic in appearance and support our veterans and military. I received just several applications. Even though we do not allow religious themes in the parade, no church has asked to be in the parade supporting our veterans. We don’t allow political campaigning, but I asked numerous officials in office to participate. Only Chris Edwards, a veteran has responded. Shameful.

It’s not too late to respond and be part of the best parade in Mesquite while honoring our veterans and military. Our veterans support you; you need to show your support for them.

Call me at 702-280-2724 and I will get you the application you need. There is no cost what so ever to participate on November 4th in our 20th Annual Veterans Day Parade.


  1. Marie Palmer says:

    Mr. Litman,
    I can understand your frustration in organizing the Veterans Day Parade. It is not easy to pull off a public event that depends on volunteers, many of whom are retired, travel, and/or work full time and have a three day weekend to look forward to visiting family and friends. I cannot, however understand that you would publicly call out the high school, the band, their director, and the students. The music students who are not already in the band (playing at every home football game, several marching band competitions in the next few weeks, and every home basketball game) will be in the parade. Even though that is the same day as Clark County Honor Guitar, Real Men Sing in Las Vegas, and any other school, church, athletic, and other activities that students and family participate in, not to mention their part time jobs which many desperately need. We love our community. We participate when we are able.
    we thank you for understanding. See you on Nov 4th.
    Marie Palmer
    Virgin Valley High School Choir, Guitar, Orchestra Director

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