Letter to the editor-Stone

Armed guards in Sun City Mesquite, WOW. I live in Sun City Mesquite and I have never felt the need to

“man the gates and roll out the cannon”. None of the residents I talked to felt threatened by the event

that occurred horrific as it was.

We do believe that the Mesquite Police and other law enforcement officials did an outstanding job of containing the situation. No one that I talked to felt the need for Pulte to provide us with a “posse comitatus”.

I frequently see Mesquite Police vehicles drive through our streets and I feel secure that they would respond if needed. I certainly hope we don’t resort to armed guards in Sun City Mesquite.


Mike Stone

Sun City Mesquite


  1. Kurt Chenchick says:

    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    I also live in Sun City and everyone I’ve spoken with agrees with Mike Stone. It was a tragic event but nobody I know feels the need for armed guards at the gate. I’m sure there must be a few out there, but I haven’t met them. It seems to me lately, whenever something bad happens, people jump on the bandwagon to have someone else be held responsible for the action of the individual. In this case, the venue and the hotel, being the responsible parties, should have done something that would have prevented the incident. Here in Sun City, holding Pulte responsible for securing the community seems a bit extreme. We already pay the Mesquite Police Department to maintain order, Why should Pulte also pay for the patrols? The police dept. did a great job. I live a few blocks from the community he lived in and when I saw the familiar area on the news that morning, I drove over to Promenance. The police stopped me and asked me to leave, they had enough trouble controlling the media and didn’t need me adding to the circus. So I feel they did a great job in securing and monitoring the scene.

  2. Tony gems says:

    They won’t
    That would mean pulte would have to pay for it and pulte will not pay.
    They may try to stick the hoa for any added costs , the residents will have to watch for that.
    And of course if pulte corprate tries to stick the hoa with any added costs, i am sure our resident hoa rep,DONNA “ rubber stamp anything pulte tells me to vote for”EADS will vote and go along with it and stick it to the dues paying residents once again.
    But yes, Mike-no problems up in scm related to this horrible incident ,all is quiet, just the memory of crapo and pulte corprate trying to stick it to the residents after the incident.

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