Letter to the editor-Walmart- Get A Map!

The Walmart in Mesquite “Nevada” has a pop up tent over a Nabisco display with the University of Utah logo all over it. This Walmart is obviously in “Nevada”! It should be promoting UNLV! Besides UNLV being a “Nevada” school, it is just an hour away, where U of U is like 5! To the Mesquite “Nevada ‘ Walmart and all of those gung ho people all goo goo eyed about Utah : You are in “NEVADA” if you don’t like it, please move to Utah ! We that know where we live and are proud of it will appreciate those that don’t, to move out ! This town has so many problems on which way to go in business and government, maybe if they knew and had pride in where they lived, maybe we would get somewhere!

Frank Williams



  1. Rick kammerman says:

    Lots of utah fans here.

  2. Mark Schaffer says:

    Frank, if this is your largest compliant, learn to enjoy rather to be so easily offended! Mesquite is a wonderful “border town”, Perhaps it is you, who should find another place to reside?

    • Frank Williams says:

      I live in NEVADA ! I support NEVADA schools,businesses and interests.As I said before, this town has been influenced by outside ideologies that has restrained or contradicted the normal lifestyle of Nevada and America as a whole.You go anywhere in the country, you will not see a state promoting a university from another state.Try putting up a OU promo in a Texas store? They would run you out of town!Ever heard the phrase : Nip it at the bud or trim off the twig before it becomes a big branch”?

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