Why the Hate

Why all the hate, it is very disturbing to see such deep hatred here in America. People who were friends are pulling away, part of our country wants to pull out and people attack each other with weapons to hurt and possibility kill. Who really has it that bad here, with one of the highest standards of living in the world? Our poor here are better off than much of the world.

Many people protesting slavery of course never experienced what that was like, but because of the suffering of their ancestors, they have a better life. Slavery is wrong but it has been practiced since the beginning of time and is still practiced today in some countries. Makes you wonder why the protesters do not go to those countries and protest there.

Somehow, the protesters here in this country have it wrong when they claim the Republicans are the bad people. Democrats are the ones who supported slavery and blocked many efforts to abolish it. The Democrats have turned the tables and directed the hate at the Republicans and President Trump. At every opportunity, the press attacks the President for the least little thing. A good example is Charlottesville, VA, where some nut drove a car into a group protesting a neo-Nazi rally, the President said he was not condemning anyone until the facts were known. Somehow, that seems reasonable yet he was criticized unmercifully.

What is the rage and hate all about, it is about Trump’s promise of a better nation. Those swamp people have a vested interest in keeping things the way they are, no changes please. All this rage is really against us, regular folks, people who work for a living and contribute to society. Although most of Americans think we have a classless society, that is not true. Those elite people in Washington live the high life and believe they know what is best for the lower class, that is us.

This is why the people elected Trump to change what Washington had become. To throw-out the elites who had forgotten their own roots. People who think they are above the law and that seems to be true. Even some conservatives think prosecuting past political figures is unwise because it puts us on par with some third world nations. Yet if you broke the law, whoever you are, you should be prosecuted, but that’s not the way it has been working. Maybe that is one good reason people voted for Trump.

This unreasonable hate and rage seems to be consuming many people on the left, including some who should know better. This hate is consuming a good part of our country’s efforts and hiding our accomplishments. Yes, there are a few paid agitators who will never back off unless someone stops paying them but, the rest of the left, need to cool it and realize what we are accomplishing with business coming back and the jobs that brings. Hopefully, taxes will be coming down so people can decide what to do with their money instead of government taking their earned wages and doing their pet projects.

Let’s all get together to make America great again. Some will still say something negative and to those we say maybe another country would make a better home for you, that is if you can find one better.




  1. Elgin Karklins says:

    This is a well stated factual comment and it is time that more people find out the truth by themselves instead of what the Media is saying over and over again. The Media is biased!
    Yes, the Fat Cats in Washington, especially the Senators, do not want changes. They feel that the taxpayer owes them their great life style and benefits, and that they are the only ones that know what is best for the country. Actually, the only thing they know is how to raise money and how to get re-elected. Answer this question; “How can a new Senator with little personal wealth, raise millions to get elected, and then become one of the wealthiest in this country by doing nothing except attend meetings.” If you can answer this question, then you will understand why we need to get rid of the Swamp in Washington and return the control of our lives back to the individuals and the states.

  2. Terry Donnelly says:

    It is disingenuous to blame today’s Democrats for slavery and the bigoted aftermath of post Reconstruction. Yes, the Democratic Party was the party that fostered those views, but party views shift over time. Instead of party names we’ll use different terms to describe those who fought for and those against slavery in the 1860s. Abraham Lincoln was a member of the new Republican Party. They were liberals who supported a strong federal government and a powerful executive branch. Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation was an executive order. Lincoln was assassinated because his murderer thought he was a political tyrant due to how strongly he ran his White House. Lincoln would not be a Republican today. On the other hand, the Democrats were the states rights party of the time. They were the party of John Wilkes Booth who wanted the weakest federal government and weakest president possible. That platform would not be Democratic today. Small government, states rights advocates are generally Republicans today. The KKK was founded by Democrats, but it isn’t the Democratic Party that the Klan seeks out today. The party names were there in 1860 and beyond, but party philosophies have turned 180 degrees, especially in the last 50 years. Tell the whole truth.

    • David Petrillo says:

      There you go confusing Mike with facts. You are absolutely right about the 180 degree shift. The Southern Democrats, who were very conservative, went over to the GOP after the Civil Rights Act was passed. I was a Republican back in the 60’s and voted for Nixon who was a moderate. Today’s GOP is made up of people like Mike who actually believe that poor people like being poor and that people on welfare stay on welfare. (both are not true). Mike supports what our President said the other day that there are good people on both sides. I guess there are good Nazi’s after all. Maybe we should have let Hitler alone and let him run the World. Good Nazi’s? Only in Trump’s alternate Universe.

      • Mike Young says:

        David – Your hate shows so much in what you say. It seems that you believe the Democrats are helping the minority groups by keeping them dependent on the government for welfare checks. They have done such a good job that our poor are far better off than in other parts of the world and many have decoded not to work, but jobs are opening since Trump took office so those that want to work can. However, there is still a large number of people on welfare that live that way and don’t have any intention of working. There are also a number of poor people who want to live where they are even with no jobs in the area and we support them too. I’m appalled that you claimed that there are only two groups, the good guys (those who voted for Hillary) and all the rest who are Nazi (those who voted for Trump). One crazy guy who drove into a crowd doesn’t represent all those who want change in Washington. As for the other side you see people with masks and weapons spiting on police. How do violent protesters rate any support.

        • David Petrillo says:

          I have no hate for anyone. I only pity people who try to defend slavery by claiming that the heirs of slaves are better off today. Huh? What twisted logic would come up with such nonsense. Is that what Rush and Sean are pushing? The world would have been a better place without slavery. The heirs of slaves would gladly give up their current status if they could undue the horrors of slavery. You can thank Liberals for the abolishment of slavery. Your welcome.

    • Elgin Karklins says:

      Terry, it is about time that you Democrats face up to your sins and admit that you have started the modern hate movement. Just get all the details about your left groups and then tell us if they are not involved in starting most of the fights and riots. This action breeds hate and you know it. It is truly a shame that the Democratic party has become a group on mindless individuals who have no respect for this country and who must wear masks to protect their identity. They do not have the courage to openly discuss issues or let others express their views.

  3. Michael Stilley says:

    I grew up in the 50’s and 60’s so I did not know all the problems present then because there was no social media, just newspapers and television. I did not know what the president or congress was thinking and did not know what my friends and neighbors really thought. Now, anyone can post on-line. Now, anyone, including our current President, can post on twitter, face book or any of several social medias and, in some cases, without identifying themselves. I sometimes think the hatred and animosity are old themes. The only difference is the ability to broadcast your thoughts. Maybe we are no different now than we were then. Just a thought.

  4. Connie Foust says:

    The history of the Civil War was not because of slavery. It started because of taxes that Lincoln imposed on farmers. Most of the Civil War veterans from the south did not own slaves. When the war started, Lincoln brought in the slavery issue. With this said, I feel the behavior on all sides is appalling and frankly disgusting.

    Also many of the statues that were put up in the country that the left finds offensive, were actually gifts from the North after the war to show their unity. It is too bad people don’t know what the heck the history of this war truly is.

    We have a generation of young people who were taught revisionist history, thereby they believe what they are doing is right and just.

    • David Petrillo says:

      Any statues that glorify traitors and our enemies should be removed. As far as the North gifting statues, they must have come from people like Trump’s father who was a KKK member.

      • Connie Foust says:

        Trump’s father was not a member of the KKK. You must be watching the Clinton News Network. If that was the case all American’s would have heard about by now. It’s comments like this that create division. There are those who believe the lowest of the low lies.

        • David Petrillo says:

          He was arrested at a KKK parade. He later in life refused to rent to blacks. Please connect the dots. As far as lies, your President has told more verified lies in the last six months than all the last three Presidents in total. Other than waste our money playing golf and traveling the world, what has your President done since being elected? I am still waiting for a promised 30% tax cut. Play less golf and get to work.

      • Elgin Karklins says:

        David, statues do not glorify traitors and our enemies but tell a story about our history and how this country was formed to became the greatest in the world. So now you want to take down all the statues, including Columbus, our past Presidents, Martin Luther King, Elvis, etc. but for what reason? Is it because you were never taught our history or you don’t care anything about this country. Wake up and start thinking for yourself. The statues have not hurt anyone, but your mindless thinking and hate will. Besides these statues are great pieces of art created by our talented people.

        • Teri Nehrenz says:

          Anything or place represents what one wants it to in their own minds, I imagine that there is as much variety in what they represent as there are people. Those who feel hate in their hearts toward the statues are just as validated as those who don’t…we CERTAINLY don’t walk in one another’s shoes and we shouldn’t be telling one another HOW to think. Anyway, why don’t the PEOPLE in the area where the offensive statues sit VOTE? Isn’t that what our country was built on, a person’s right to vote on society’s/communities’ “laws”? Just a thought. It would most definitely be a much better way to resolve this and far more peaceful don’t you think? I mean, WE, meaning Mesquite Citizens don’t really need to argue over this, the statues aren’t here and can’t possibly offend us on a daily basis…you know “Outta site, outta mind”. None of us would have even been aware of the issue had it not been on the national news and created a problem there. Why are WE allowing it to create the same problem here? We can all empathize with each side of our choice without becoming “personally involved” and arguing among ourselves. After all, this is not a subject that ANY amount of arguing will resolve. Any amount of arguing just perpetuates the subject.

  5. Beth Fletcher says:

    Trump’s father was pictured with the KKK so tell me how you think he didn’t belong with the KKK. I think you are watching the Fox news who is probably telling you these lies. And you talk about Hatred. Did we have all of this hatred when President Obama was elected? No. Did we have all of these hatred marches when President Obama was in office for 8 years? No. I guess the true republicans are coming out of the woodwork and are showing their hatred.

  6. Steve Clutterham says:

    WOW! What a bunch of nonsense over a bunch of crap that has nothing to do with any of us in Mesquite. Contrary to current thinking and George Orwell’s book 1984, you can not change the past by removing evidence it ever happened. All you can do about the past is learn from it and try to make the future better without repeating it. None of you are doing this.

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