Recently radio talk personality Michael Savage on his show Savage Nation, warned that Millions of Americans will revolt if the left wing globalists remove President Trump from office. He said “Americans could even resort to mob violence”. So far any violence has been by left wing activist and agitators. These protesters have been funded by very left wing groups and have received lots of news coverage. So far we have not seen any right wing or any Trump supporters cause any violence. But the confrontation at the Bundy Ranch was close. Nevertheless, what if the will of the people is overturned?

Some may argue that Trump didn’t win the popular vote so he is not the legitimate winner of the election. However, here in America our system was built to protect “States Rights” from the city mobs, many of whom are supported by government handouts. Originally in order to vote you had to be a land owner supporting the government with tax money. Fortunately that was changed because women and some minorities could not vote. But there was a great danger when people who were living off the government can vote in people who promise more benefits.

If enough people were dependent on the government they could outvote the people who were paying the bill. That is a condition we are close to today. People who are working their whole life and then government takes a good part of their income and gives it to people who don’t want to do anything. I’m not talking about people who cannot work but of able body people who just do not work and live off other people’s effort and sweat.

Could the regular middle class Americans really resort to mob violence? That question was once answered in the American Revolutionary War and again in the Civil War, but could that happen today with our current generation? Some seem to think it could happen. People are beginning to think they have been tricked into thinking that by working hard they can get ahead, yet because of the demands by government they do not move far. They realize that the American dream is impossible for them to achieve no matter how hard they work.

The other side demands redistribution of the wealth although they never created any wealth; they want the fruits of other people’s labor. Some take to the streets to try and seize power. There current goal is to take Trump down, through any method available and deny the American people their fairly elected President. If that should happen the leftists have stolen the peoples vote and that may result in a civil war in this country.

Thus we have the two sides which have formed the battle lines for a civil war. On one side are the working people who earn money by hard work and the other side consisting of the Washington elite and those who want more free stuff. These lines existed before Donald Tromp was elected, but he has become the rallying cry for the working folks and the sworn enemy of the left. It is not a battle between the haves and the have-nots because many very rich favor the left control so we can have a socialist government and they will continue to have the power.

The power elite in Washington think they know best and forget they are just a representative of their voters back home. Even the Blueblood Republicans have undermined the Trump administration by staffing the White House with leakers and even sought to limit the president’s powers. Some like McCain even sided with Democrats to save Obamacare while delaying the rest of Trump’s agenda. How will it end is hard to tell right now but it will not go smoothly.


  1. Terry Donnelly says:

    Mike, you contend that we are close to having enough people who are dependent on government outvote those paying the bill. You say you are only talking about the able bodied who can work and choose not to. Let’s find out who they are. There are about 52 million people on welfare. Finding these percentages are difficult because there are about seven or eight different programs, including Medicaid and SNAP (food stamps) all the way to cash payments each month. Some are on one or two, some more, few on all programs. But here are some round numbers. Of those 52 million, half work, so were talking about 26 million who could be scamming the government and working people. Of that 26 million, 76% or 20 million are kids, elderly, and disabled. Now we’ve got 6,000,000 possible scammers. Of those 30% or about 1.8 million are on welfare for less than a year, so our cheaters are now down to 4.2 million. Half of those have been receiving welfare for over three years. That 2.1 million getting benefits for less than three years don’t seem to be any threat as long-term scammers. They either needed the help or weren’t very good at cheating and got caught. We’ve now got 2.1 million possible drains on society and at least some of them must be legit. I can’t say exactly, but let’s say there are 600,000 who are legit, long term welfare receivers who don’t fit into the above categories. Now we’ve got 1.5 million scammers. I’m all for going out and finding them and taking away their benefits, but I don’t think 2.5% of the total people on welfare (one half of one percent of our total population) who don’t belong there present any national threat or put the rest of us in jeopardy.

    • David Petrillo says:

      Terry, you are confusing Mike with facts. You should also add that the people who are on some sort of welfare and work, are working at McD’s or Walmart. If these companies were paying a living wage, the welfare payments would go down. Why even ole Cliven, Mike’s hero, was collecting welfare for over 20 years. Even today, he is eating and sleeping on the taxpayer’s dime.

      Also, I do not think Mike has to worry about the peaceful progressives taking down Trump. The FBI and Mueller will do a better job. Today’s early morning raid on Manafort’s house was not a routine event. Raids of any type are not done in fishing expeditions. They have to be approved in advance and they have to detail the items being taken.

  2. Beth Fletcher says:

    #1 Trump was not elected BY THE PEOPLE. He was elected by the electoral college.

    #2 If there are so many people for Trump then where are they. Why aren’t they out there protesting for their favorite candidate? You know why they aren’t out there supporting him is because they are too embarrassed to support someone who has failed them. He hasn’t done a thing that they wanted. Obamacare needs some overhauling but not totally repealed and Senator McCain and the other 2 senators realized that. They didn’t want to see so many people go without insurance. I give them a lot of credit. They are thinking of the people not thinking of themselves. Why don’t you get it througho your thick head of yours that that was the right thing to do.

    • Mike Young says:

      Beth, Trump was elected by the people, no one said the president was elected by the masses in the cities. Each state has a equal share it the vote. The vote goes state by state, that is the American system that has served us well since the founding of our country. You’re suggesting that the people in Los Angeles, Chicago and New York just select the president is outrageous and disenfranchise all other states in our country. You also might just watch some of the Trump rallies attended by thousands of his supporters, while only hundreds of paid protesters are out side in the streets totally lawless. Again, you might just look at the fact that 6.5 million played the fine not to be Obamacare.

      • David Petrillo says:

        Votes in cities count just as much as a vote in the sticks. The wealth in the country is mainly in the cities. The cities employ most of the people and creat a vast majority of the wealth in this country. Look at our state. Clark Country and the Reno area control all state wide races. I just drove both ways between Mesquite and Reno and I can attest that there is very little going on in the sticks of Nevada. Tonopah looks like the next ghost town. Nevada is a blue state and will only get more blue in the coming years.

      • Terry Donnelly says:

        The people who opted out and paid the penalty are proof that the ACA is working. Those who chose to go without paid the fine and that money is in the system helping the people who chose to take advantage. If you remove the penalty, how will you replace that money? I will agree this is a weakness and that there needs to be better incentive to buy insurance. If Congress and the White House would support and care for the law, we could amend it and get a much better product.

  3. Beth Fletcher says:

    Yeah you are watching Fox News with the fake news about all of the people that are at rallies for Trump. When will you admit that he is not capable of running this country and as I recall he lost the popular vote didn’t he so where do you think all of these people are that voted for him. Looking through rose color glasses again I take it.

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