WASHINGTON, D.C.  – Representative Ruben J. Kihuen issued the statement below following the Congressional Budget Office score of H.R. 1628 the Obamacare Repeal Reconciliation Act of 2017:

“House and Senate Republican’s are willing to do whatever it takes to turn their backs on hardworking Americans and leave them hanging out to dry without health coverage. Their latest stunt, a last-ditch effort to repeal the Affordable Care Act without an immediate replacement, is despicable. This bill would leave 32 million without insurance and cause premiums to double by 2026. It not only strips away tax credits that help millions afford insurance, it also ends Medicaid expansion by 2020, leaving many of our country’s most vulnerable without coverage. House and Senate Republicans have had years to come up with a replacement and have come up with nothing. It’s time for Republicans to stop putting vulnerable Americans at risk, and come up with real solutions that move our country forward in a bipartisan manner.”


  1. I am beyond frightened if ACA gets “repealed and replaced.” As a self-employed, ACA-insured, “older” female, my rates could rise into the $10-20k annual cost only to pad some insurance CEOs pocket. Not only does this make me angry, it makes me scared!

  2. Wallace Wilson says:


  3. Beth Fletcher says:

    I agree Ruben.

    They don’t care about the little people as long as the rich insurance companies get there money. If they cared they wouldn’t be pursuing the issue of REPEAL. Hopefully there are enough caring people in the senate to vote this down but I don’t think so.

  4. Jeff Powell says:

    Good night quit playing the blame game! How bout we forget about party politics and do what’s right for the American people! Both parties SUCK!!
    It’s a pretty easy fix- give us your House and Senate
    health coverage along with your retirement plan!!
    Or all current and pastHouse and Senate members must use ACA and Social Security!! That’ll solve things real quickly !

    • Harold White says:

      It’s my understanding that the house and senate have the same health insurance afforded them as all federal employees. The only difference is they pay no premium.

  5. Sid Lawrence says:

    Health insurance should always have been an option. Not mandate. I had better health insurance when I had a choice.

    • Jerry Yarbrough says:

      Amen Brother! My rates have gone thru the ceiling so freeloaders can have free or cheap insurance’ If they are so worried about their Rates, why didn’t most of them have insurance before Obama care? I’m surprised they haven’t asked for $50,000 a year and an endless supply of food stamps . Sorry! Just saying..

      • Amy Marshall says:

        The common misconception about the ACA is that all of a sudden, the burden is on the taxpayers. Here’s a newsflash–it’s ALWAYS been on the taxpayers. We have always used taxes to pay for Medicaid and food stamps. This is not a new thing. And without the ACA pre-existing conditions may well be denied. You can be as mad as you want at this whole thing, but instead of repeal and replace, why not tweek what we have? There is a way around this–universal healthcare, but of course, our taxes would go up. But you know what? If my taxes go up because somebody in New Hampshire needs cancer treatment or a heart transplant, that’s okay with me. Whatever happened to Americans looking out for each other? I see a lot of people claiming to be ‘Christian’ but unless you are on board with the Golden Rule, you’re not any kind of Christian that follows Christ’s teachings.

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