Open letter to George Rapson, Brian Wursten and David Ballweg:

I voted for all of you during the last election as I believed it when you said you would represent the City of Mesquite with integrity, honesty, transparency and what would be for the benefit of Mesquite. Instead, I find that you voted to remove a qualified Fire Chief based on rumors, gossip and innuendos that turned out to have no basis in fact. Rather than review investigations that confirmed there was no evidence that confirmed the Fire Chief was not guilty of the accusations, you forced him out. If you have evidence to the contrary, say it. Otherwise, you have no integrity, honesty or moral fiber. If you have no evidence to the contrary, you have defamed a qualified Fire Chief. Elections are in the future. I only hope the people of Mesquite remember what you did.


Michael Stilley


  1. Art Hansen says:

    Voting for Ballweg and Wursten was a huge mistake. Both are self serving politicians who do what “they” think is morally right according to their warped idea of morality, not what is best for Mesquite or its citizens. Rapson is usually pretty good, don’t know what caused him to vote that way.

  2. Steve Clutterham says:

    I agree 100%. Either reveal the true reasons you felt it necessary to give both Mesquite and Chief Christopher a black eye, or else we all left to assume it was merely a witch hunt as Chief Christopher indicated. When he starts to look around for a new position, all prospective cities will ask why he was fired. What is he supposed to say? I don’t know? That apparently would be the truth. Should he say for the 2 reasons you gentlemen stated, both of which were found to be completely incorrect? When you gentlemen start to interview for a new chief, if he was recently fired and could give no logical reason for it and said he was exonerated by both an internal and an outside investigation, but was fired BEFORE the results of the outside investigation were returned, would you believe him? Would you hire him? Very bad and very expensive decision guys.

    • Michael Stilley says:

      Absolutely correct. I was disappointed in Mr. Rapson’s vote. Apparently, the Judicial System which states that you are innocent until proven guilty does not apply to the Mesquite City Council. I would be curious to see what an independent investigation would determine what these three councilman received in support of firing this individual.

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