You know you’re from Mesquite if…

The MLN has been having a little fun with our readers on Facebook with the post: You know you’re from/in Mesquite if…” and we’ve asked people to comment.

We’ve had some good responses and we’d like to share some of them with you, our readers.

You know you’re from/in Mesquite if…

It’s 83 degrees outside and you say, “I’d better grab a jacket.” – M. Erickson

When you see a towel taped to the door handle to keep from burning your hand. – D.B. Davis

You walk into Walmart and know everyone in the store or have seen them before. – K. Lang

Your pool water feels like bath water. – C. Dye

The temp drops to 105 and you tell people, “We’re heading for a cooling trend.” – B. Moore

Your car is outnumbered 20-1 at Lee’s by Utah plates. – K. McNamee

You have a green paw on your car. – S. Bledsoe

When you go to the grocery store and people are wearing shorts and sweatshirts under a jacket. – T. Young

You’re related to half the town. – T. Pulsipher

When you reach for your driver’s license and all you can find are players cards. – D. Mayer

The car wash turns you away because your car is too dirty. Yes, it really happened. – D. Fischer

When you know how to play blackjack before you can count to 21. – S.S. Harris

When you bring a jacket everywhere because the AC seems so cold. – S. Lawrence

You give directions by saying “turn left by the post office and then right at aunt carols then two houses down next to where jimmy peed on that cat.” – S. Hansen

Thank you to all who responded, we had fun reading them. We hope you all had fun too. Keep the comments coming; let’s continue to have some fun.



  1. Michael Stilley says:

    When a record is set for 10 consecutive days of high temperatures over 110 degrees and nobody celebrates the occasion.

  2. Miriam Samuels says:

    When you realize it’s too hot to go swimming

  3. Harold White says:

    When rush hour traffic nearly exceeds 5 cars.

  4. Ruth Pacheco says:

    When U partially cook your veggies & fruit rinsing them in cold??? faucet water!!!!

  5. If your city has a top-notch, super effective Police force that keeps your favorite city a safe place to live, you must be living in Mesquite!

  6. Steve Clutterham says:

    When also had a top notch fire chief, until your city council decided to fire him without cause. And then they hired an outside investigation that proved they were absolutely right, there was no cause.

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