Courageous Career Change

Before and after photos.
Bird will bring out the most beautiful you. Submitted Photo

There’s something admirable about someone who is willing to pursue their passion. We all love to hear stories of people who courageously made the leap of faith to follow their true calling. It certainly isn’t easy, but the ones who do, you can’t help but want to support them and root for them to make it. It gives us all hope that maybe we too can go for our dreams.

We have one such courageous dreamer right here in Mesquite. Many of you may know Ron Bird from his ten years of working as an insurance professional in the family business of Financial Concepts. If you do know Bird, then you surely must be aware of his life-long passion for art. Four years ago, he caught the photography bug and it is a passion that has been growing inside him ever since. So much so, that in January this year, he made that brave leap and left the family business to open up his own studio, Ron Bird Portraits.

Magazine style photos. Submitted Photo

Bird’s focus is contemporary portraits. When asked why he chose this subject, Bird said, “I am a firm believer in the importance of having beautiful photographs of yourself, not just for you, but more importantly for your loved ones. One day, they will go looking for photos of you. What will they find? But the other reason I love this style so much is I get to truly transform people through the experience. I get to capture the inner beauty that they may not see themselves and reflect that back to them. I get to show them how their loved ones see them everyday. Sometimes they find a part of themselves that they thought had long since passed. And sometimes, they just start to accept themselves for who they are because they realize they are beautiful just they way they are.”

Having your portraits taken with Bird is definitely an experience. It starts with a personal style consultation where you will discuss how you want to be photographed, what you want to wear, and who you want to be photographed with. On the day of your shoot, you will be pampered by getting a makeover with professional hair and makeup. During your photoshoot, Bird puts his clients at ease by guiding them through every part of the pose and micro expression that will shine your inner beauty. When the shoot is over, you and your family and friends will be invited back into the studio to view your images and make your final purchase. “There is no hard selling allowed in my studio,” says Bird. “You only purchase what you love. It’s my job to take the best photos you’ve ever seen of yourself so that you will want to buy them all, but what you spend is completely up to you.”

In addition to the magazine-style portraits, Bird also photographs families, couples, pets, and headshots/personal branding for professionals. He can also shoot very creative photos and utilize his Photoshop expertise to give your photos that unique look you desire. For more information on Ron Bird Portraits or to schedule a consultation, contact or call 702-706-3784.


  1. In reading this article by Teri Nehrenz about headshot photography and Ron Bird’s great work – I thought to add my own experience in being a headshot photographer and founder of 4 studios in Canada ( ).

    Headshot photography is a paramount branding tool for everyone in just about any career and purpose that can be used for multitude of reasons. Here are the main reasons for having a well captured professional headshot from a established photographer like Ron Bird…

    1) “about us” page. Every company with esteemed staff will have an about us page, headshots will relay information that is felt rather than understood.
    2) Looking for work. LinkedIn is becoming the best place to find information about every professional and job recruitment, your headshot will open or close doors.
    3) Dating. A professional portrait will let your future loved one to have a great understanding on who you are…
    4) Social Media. Facebook, G+, LinkedIn and just about any social media account has a headshot becoming the catalyst toward initiating a relationship.

    • Thank you Carlos for your comments on this article. You are absolutely correct. What most people also fail to realize is that each of these media outlets have their own size and aspect ratios requirements that are specific to their formats. At Ron Bird Portraits, we are happy to be able to fulfill all your needs including square images for Instagram, wide images for Facebook banners, and open spacing for allowing text for websites.

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