Theater volunteers recognized

Theater volunteers who were recently recognized for their exceptional service to the Mesquite Community Theatre are: Back Row: Phil Brittain, Judy Brittain, Russ Westwood, and Christopher Finnegan, front row: Ann DeBaufre’, Bob Nelson and Bunny Wiseman. Photo by Teri Nehrenz

On May 11, Mesquite Community Theatre volunteers who have made significant contributions to the organization were honored with a small and personal luncheon in addition to having their names placed on a plaque which will be displayed in the theatre lobby.

The first name that appears on the plaque is Bob Nelson. His name was added years ago but his services to the community theater haven’t waned. Nelson spearheaded the remodeling project that occurred at the MCT in 2009 and his management, sound skills and know-how have continued to be a driving force in all aspects of the theatre ever since. He recently procured the funds and was largely involved in the purchase of a new lighting system for the MCT. See MLN article:

Following closely behind Nelson’s name on the plaque is Bunny Wiseman. Anyone who has ever rented the theater needed a question answered about the theater or needed a toilet cleaned in the theater has met Wisemen who does it all. She is the heart and soul of the daily operations. She isn’t opposed to doing whatever it is that is needed by anyone and is everyone’s go-to girl. She even fills in for groups that may need an extra body or character whether she’s directly involved in the group or not. Wiseman is truly the theatre ‘know-it-all.”

Russ Westwood was in attendance accepting this honor for the Mesquite Cowboy Poets who have made a wonderful contribution to the MCT by donating a large screen TV that can be used as a monitor or teleprompter. The TV can be used by virtually every group that utilizes the theater and can be set for prompting music, words or even used to display a set list for bands or orchestras.

Theater volunteers who were recently recognized for their exceptional service to the Mesquite Community Theatre are: Phil Brittain, Russ Westwood, Bunny Wiseman, Judy Brittain, Ann Debaufre’, Bob Nelson and Christopher Finnegan. Photo by Teri Nehrenz

Ann DeBaufre’ is a freelance interior designer and the designer behind the new look in the lobby. Her skills went to work on putting color on the walls, creating new window treatments and procuring some exciting new wall décor.

Phil and Judy Brittain have been the faces behind the window in the Box office for several years. Both Brittains recruit and train the volunteers who work in the box office. Judy puts her vast accounting skills and knowledge to work reconciling the books and ensuring both the ‘powers that be’ and the groups who use the theatre get paid.

Last but by far not least on the list is Christopher Finnegan who, along with Nelson, researched and purchased the new lighting system. Finnegan worked about 80 hours installing the 43 new lights and show control system that, together, have capabilities that even Finnegan himself will continue to discover for a long time to come. Finnegan also works as the main tech on most of the events that take place at the MCT. Although he does receive a small stipend for actual show hours, he spends many volunteer hours before the show setting the lights and/or sound and applying it all during rehearsals, photo ops or whatever else the various groups might need a tech for; his possibilities are endless.


  1. John Sadler says:

    Congratulations to these volunteers with the exception being Judy Brittian, who cares only for Judy Brittian. Why? Because as the President of the Mesquitoes she is a bully. This once great dance organization that was open to dancers of all ages and provided a means of exercise for women of this community has changed to fit the personality and character of Judy Brittian. At the behest of Judy Brittian, my wife Pam Sadler was suspended from dancing with the Toes and fired from her job as duly elected Treasurer by the dance director, an employee of the Toes for behavior unbecoming of the organization. The dance director has no authority to by state law
    nor Toes bylaws to either suspend nor terminate. Pam has been denied due process throughout this action. Can Judy Brittian answer these questions:
    Was Pam ever counseled or given a letter of warning about this alleged behavior?
    Was Pam ever given the opportunity to address the BOD or the membership?
    Under what state law governing 501c3 organizations does an employee of the Mesquitoes have the authority to fire a sitting board member?
    Has Judy Brittian told other board members they are under a gag order not to discuss this illegal action? This nonsense goe on and on because of one person, Judy Brittian.
    Pam has had many members of the Toes write letters in support of rescinding this illegal action only to have them ignored by the Judy Brittian Mesquitoes BOD. Pam’s crime in all of this nonsense? She’s an honest person who thinks rules and law should be followed. For this she was targeted and removed illegally from the Toes.
    In order to get justice Pam has had to hire a lawyer who has repeatedly send letters to the Judy Brittian Mesquitoes BOD only to be ignored. What is the Judy Brittian Mesquitoes BOD afraid of?
    This all could have been avoided by simply following written bylaws and state law governing 501c3’s and discipline of members. Judy Brittian’s Mesquitoes BOD continues to ignore these bylaws and state law.
    Pam has been told to let it go, to quit,to move on. Tough to do when you have been treated so unfairly and repeatedly lied about and had your very honest name dragged through the mud. She fights for all Toes who are threatened by this regime.
    Judy Brittian volunteer of the year? Maybe.
    Judy Brittian, head bully of the Mesquitoes? Definitely.

    • David Petrillo says:

      Unless Pam is reinstated, very few people living in Sun City Mesquite will continue to support the Toes. We have been attending the Toes events ever since moving to Mesquite four years ago. The man reason we attended was because of Pam Sadler. Her passion for performing was a joy to see. She even got John Sadler to join the Toes for a few seasons. Mesquite is too small of a town to have such petty political people running our organizations. Bring back Pam immediately!

  2. Wayne Griffith says:

    Congratulations to all volunteers honored. This is an article to honor and recognize people who have volunteered and contributed to the Mesquite Community Theatre.

    To bring the above mentioned squabbles to this comment forum is poor form and insulting to the honorees.

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