Reliance now offers internet without phone service

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It has taken several years and many requests from customers, but it is now official.

You can now have broadband service with Reliance Connects without a phone line.

The new service was soft-launched in April and on a full rollout May 1, according to Area Manager Harold Oster.

“We had to look at the financial repercussions from the changes,” he said. “Now that there is some Federal help to offset the costs, it has become more viable.”

The new program is being called “Just Broadband” and is available for new and current customers by going to or by calling their office during normal business hours at 702-346-5211.

While hundreds of customers may be cutting their landlines, their costs for internet will increase slightly, although Oster noted that there are still savings to be had in doing such. The minimum package for Just Broadband starts at $49.95, which is $10 more than the previous rates.


  1. Steve Clutterham says:

    Sounds like a 25% penalty for not having a landline. Why is this necessary in Mesquite, but not anywhere else I know of? Landlines sill soon be a thing of the past, then what?

  2. John Chambers says:

    How can you spin a $10 increase per month ($120 a year) on an already overpriced service into something good?

  3. Tony Gems says:

    Frankly, reliance pricing is outrageous, compared to tds whom frankly is high compared to other areas.
    Cannot wait till tds and reliance get kicked outa here and we get real cable and broadband companies.

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