Making life a little Sweeter

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The efforts of Phyllis Litman, Mary Nelson, Linda Faas, Sandra Evans and Sharon were well directed in their 14-month long efforts which went toward organizing La Dolce Vita, a fundraiser for the Mesquite Cancer Help Society, which was held at the Eureka Casino’s on April 15. Sweets were prepared and beautifully displayed by Eureka Banquet team members and champagne was served to the guests; centerpieces were created by Mary Nelson. Photo by Teri Nehrenz

La Dolce Vita, a fundraising event held at the Eureka on April 15, roughly translates into “The Sweet Life” but the reason for the event is anything but sweet.

La Dolce Vita was the brain child of Phyllis Litman. She organized the event because she knows cancer is a devastating disease that not only steals your health, it steals your resources as well.

Something that is near and dear to Litman is the quality of life for those who are her friends, neighbors and even unknown community members.

Litman gathered a small group of women who also feel strongly about the “sweetening” or softening the impact that cancer has on members of their community. An organization Litman knows helps soften that blow for local families is the Mesquite Cancer Help Society.

Litman was adamant about wanting to do something for this cause specifically when she said, “It doesn’t discriminate, from birth to old age, anyone can be struck with this devastating disease and it’ll just suck the life right out of everything in its path. Think about the people who can’t work because they are too sick from treatment and the residual effects that will have on all family members; not to mention the absolute devastation of knowing you have cancer in the first place.”

Litman said with the help of Yoli Bell and MCHS she knows Mesquite families are having an easier a time coping because MCHS is all encompassing, from financial help to support groups and counseling, they help local residents. The money they get stays in Mesquite so Litman feels her and her teams 14-month-long efforts were well directed. Litman doesn’t feel good about giving money to large organizations that spend most of the money donated on administrative costs rather than helping people who need the help; she knows that isn’t the case with MCHS.

Every penny the MCHS receives benefits a local cancer patient and their family by way of helping to ease the burden of paying home bills on top of doctor bills and medications when they are in treatment and unable to work. MCHS has been a Godsend to many families in Mesquite so that’s where Litman and her team focused their efforts.

Litman wanted to do something different, something that wasn’t the like many other fundraising events that are golf or dinner related, something uncommon and elegant so La Dolce Vita was born.

She set out to raise money for the MCHS, gathered her team and they all went to work on soliciting donations from local businesses and private individuals. Every penny raised through the silent auction items, raffle ticket sales and live auction hosted by Phyllis’s’ husband Al Litman, is going to be given to the MCHS. Al said, “She and her friends have spent a very long time working extremely hard to make this event a success; it means a lot to her.” He was grateful to those who gave their support to make this worthy cause a success.

Mesquite Showgirls Geni Barton and Joni Robinson (we apologize, Peck was mistakenly listed in the printed version) were beautiful in blue and a force to reckon with when it came to selling raffle tickets: who could say no to their smiles and enthusiasm?

A success it was. The Grand Ballroom at the Eureka was full with 140 supporters having some sweets, champagne, good conversation and a seemingly great time. Former Ms. Senior Mesquite Jean Hardman entertained the guests with her violin while strolling amongst them throughout the night. Mesquite Showgirls Geni Barton and Joni Robinson (we apologize, Peck was mistakenly listed in the printed version) were beautiful in blue and a force to reckon with when it came to selling raffle tickets: who could say no to their smiles and enthusiasm?

Guests enjoyed sweet treats and champagne which were beautifully prepared and displayed by the Eureka’s banquet/catering staff while the tables were adorned with stunning centerpieces created by Mary Nelson who was a gracious greeter even before you stepped through the door.

There’s no doubt that the generous efforts of Litman, Nelson, Linda Faas, Sandra Evans and Sharon Neider along with the support of the Eureka Casino, local businesses and community members were well directed. Litman would like to sincerely thank all involved for helping her to help make fellow community member’s hardships a little softer and their life a little sweeter.


With apologies,

Corrections to the printed version include:

Joanie Robinson was the Mesquite Showgirl, not Joni Peck as was listed in the paper

Phyllis Litman’s name is spelled incorrectly in the printed edition.

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