On the subject of Illegal Immigration

We see on television many protests that are in support of Illegal immigrants but most of the protesters have no idea of the facts. Recently the Los Angeles times published an article that stated that about 40% of people working in Los Angeles are working for cash, consequently not paying any taxes. The reason for most of that is that they cannot get a regular job because they do not have a Green Card or Social Security card.

This is very interesting because most of these people’s families are also on some kind of government support. Few of these illegals are paying taxes while the people who are working are paying for their support. This is of course in California but it is creeping else ware. There are regulations that prohibit illegals from receiving welfare but those regulations are largely being ignored. Many times out of compassion for the families but in many cases it is more lucrative for the families just not to report any income.

Unfortunately, this is happing everywhere in the United States and it’s a fast growing problem. Sadly it comes down to do you want to support illegals or your own familyNancy Pelosi, when she was Speaker of the house, suggested a Windfall Tax on all stock market profits (including Retirement fund, 401K and Mutual Funds).

When asked how these new tax dollars would be spent, she replied “We need to raise the standard of living of our poor, unemployed and minorities. For example, we have an estimated 12 million illegal immigrants in our country who need our help. She wants to equalize income between all people living in this country. As you may know she also supports for letting everyone living in the state to be able to vote, citizen or not.

It is incredible that people, illegals and refugees coming into our country can get welfare and retirement benefits simply by asking. Yes, some of the laws were changed and that coupled with slack enforcement lets almost anyone get benefits. Now most of us do not mind helping people who cannot work but take great offence to those who cheat and just lie around and live off the working folks.

We need to think about what the consequences are of this situation. These illegals who are working are also getting government assistance so they send money back to their home country to help those at home. However that means that we the tax payers are allowing our money to support people in other countries. And that is a goal that many support, but it makes sense that those that want to help people in other countries should do that through their donations and not those tax payers who need the money for their own families.

These illegals are also taking jobs from Americans who want to work but are displaced by the people the employer does not have to pay Social Security or Medicare taxes for, just pay them under the table at even a lower wage and sometimes sub-standard working conditions. This is not right but it is being done all the time.

The solution is that people who want to support immigrants should take responsibility for those they select by making sure that they have a job, pay taxes and are not a burden on others. That is the way it for Green Card holders so let us get rid of illegals. Those people who support illegals can stand up and support someone to become a Green Card holder instead of forcing all of us to give our tax money to support illegals. This money leaving the country is also making America poorer so let’s ask those out protesting who and how many they will stand up for and support.


  1. Ken Carter says:

    I agree with your article but, you have to face facts, you have a broken system that just does not work. Let me explain. I built a home in Sun City Mesquite nine years ago. My wife and I both retired Canadians talked to lawyers about emigration to the US. We explained that we had two homes and could bring in over a half million dollars to the US. Neither of us had and criminal background record and between us we had seven lifetime guaranteed pensions providing us with over $60,000 a year Guaranteed for life. We had paid off our home we built in Mesquite in under a year and owed no-one any money and had a credit score as high as you can get. Furthermore we said because we are retired we would be taking no jobs from Americans and would not want one red cent of the US government ever..The lawyers answer…….. NO CHANCE! why? we asked. The reply was “there is no category for retirees who want to live in the US to apply for immigration, Yet there are literally millions of people with no funds whatsoever teaming over the border from the south and they are having allowances made for them. Where’s the justice or common sense in that? And a final word. The third world countries such as Ecuador, Costa Rica, Panama, Guatemala, Mexico and others are falling over themselves to offer retirees passage into their countries because they know, all we want to do is spend money and grow their economies.

  2. Roberta Townsend says:

    I would like you to cite your sources for all of the “facts” you shared about immigrants, please.

    • Mike Young says:

      2005 study by the Economic Roundtable on the informal economy in Los Angeles County. Its findings were reported in The Times and other papers. Very hard to get facts but that number seems maybe low today because all are working under the radar. Also the Hispanic population since that study has increased dramatically. And just think logically, if you are working it is nice to have someone clean your house and mow your lawn maybe even child or elder care..That is just in Los Angeles but if you check Bakersfield or Fresno county you will see the underclass where almost all are unemployed and on welfare and 95% of the school is in Spanish.

      The Center for Immigration Studies looking at welfare use by all immigrant households, based on Census Bureau data. An estimated 49 percent of households headed by legal immigrants used one or more welfare programs in 2012,..Yes there are many who would dispute these numbers but I’ve seen it and lived it.

  3. Neil Hendricks says:

    Notwithstanding the issues discussed, you get a C- for grammar, spelling, and sentence structure.

    • Mike Young says:

      Neil – You can pass that blame on to Microsoft as they provided the spell checker, and grammar checker and you can be sure I’ll pass along you criticism.. . Some people get bogged down in things such as Grammar instead of considering the real issues. Isn’t more important to deal with issues and thinking then minuscule imperfections?. Sorry you tuned out you may have been able to contrube.

  4. Paul Donald Soucy says:

    Neil- What about the other 60% of the 11 million who do have fake papers and are paying taxes who are never ever filing a tax return? How much money does the government profit from them and their not being able to ever collect social security? Looking at something that’s gone on this long as a radical problem is naïve it’s this way because someone’s profiting. A recent example of Trump and the house rolling back the Obama gun background check law to now include mentally unstable people and those with histories of psychiatric treatment to be able to purchase weapons. Is that done because it seems like a safe and reasonable idea? Or is it to profit someone’s coffers? What’s funny is I’m all for guns but am curious how the NRA is so desperate to make an extra couple of mentally unstable dollars at what risk?

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