Letter to the Editor-Lusby

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Every day on the streets of Mesquite, drivers are running stop signs, stop lights, tail gating and speeding. There is not a day that goes by I am almost hit by one of these drivers. If I honk at them to get their attention they just give the finger. I ask you where the police to enforce the driving laws are.

Ray Lusby

Mesquite, NV


  1. Michael Stilley says:

    How true! I moved to Mesquite in a 55 plus development because I thought it would be a small, safe town to live in. Unfortunately, many, if not most, of these drivers apparently live in Sun City. I realize the police department does not have the man power to constantly monitor careless, reckless and dangerous drivers. Maybe they could do a concentration with assist from the Highway Patrol or Las Vegas like they do for DUI checkpoints. I believe one week of this kind of effort could produce enough income to add two more police officers for Mesquite, not to mention the profits insurance companies could make from increasing rates for those fools. Something needs to be done for our safety.

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