Letter to the editor-Cook


I was amazed last Friday when I arrived 30 minutes early for my appointment at the local barber shop. The owner told me that he didn’t like anyone just siting and staring at him for 30 minutes. I asked if I should wait out in the rain. The other two customers in the shop smiled as they could not believe what they heard. He (owner) was insistent not wanting me there too early. I have been a loyal customer there for over four years and have never been treated this badly. This is hardy the way to attract new customers. No wonder Mesquite has such a hard time keeping businesses. have found a local salon and have received a very nice air cut and at less cost.

Dennis Cook

Mesquite, NV



  1. Lee Harper says:

    At least hint this terrible place of business please.
    And to think I was going down to get a haircut,I will wait so I can figure out where not to go.

  2. Jerry yarbrough says:

    I know the place your talking about. I’ve been here 23 years and have subjected myself to that jerk twice. Never again!! Call Shereens’ and ask for Tina. Good price and great haircut.

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