Letter to the Editor-Chavez

On Saturday, Feb. 4, I lost my wallet while shopping at our local Wal Mart. When I discovered that it was missing, I immediately felt nauseated and like I had been punched in the stomach. The thought of replacing all my personal effects, cancelling credit cards etc. was overwhelming. Not to mention the $192 cash I had in the wallet. As a formality, I checked with the Wal Mart security/Lost and Found, and to my amazement, my wallet had indeed been turned in! What a tremendous feeling… and every penny was still intact.

I would just like to say “Thank you” to whomever turned in my wallet. If you happen to be a local citizen and read this, I would personally like to thank you. Please call the Mesquite Local News at 702-346-6397, ask for Teri and she will provide you with my phone number.

I retired four years ago, and chose to move here to Mesquite. This incident, among others, exemplifies why.

Larry Chavez

Mesquite, NV


  1. Gayle White says:

    About 4 weeks ago I left my entire purse in my Wal-Mart shopping cart in the parking lot. I was under a tremendous amount of personal stress and simply not functioning “on all 8 cylinders”. I had been home almost an hour when I realized what I had done. I drove back to the store with a sick feeling. When I arrived I spotted Shar in the entrance and she took me to Customer Service. Thankfully some honest and kind person turned in my purse–cash and all intact. I immediately asked if they left a name but they hadn’t. I have found and returned purses, wallets, checkbooks over the years and I guess this was my reward for those previous good deeds. Thank you mystery person from the bottom of my heart.

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