The Deed is Done

Point of view the deed is done; the government has changed from liberal to conservative. What a change it will be with changes in government polices from top to bottom. The liberal’s dream of a socialist utopia destroyed for now and a new America rising. Yes, there were protesters who shouted and wailed but to no avail and the republic survived.

Trump spoke to the people and a strange thing happened for a politician, he said he intends to carry out his promises and the government will change direction. His first days in office were just vintage Trump no more B.S., just straight talk. Shocking! He said he would roll back government size and he put a freeze on hiring and stopped implementing new regulations until they can be reviewed for their effect on business.

What he is starting to put in place is just what he said he would. How surprising that someone in office would actually do what they said they would (although Obama did by changing America). Imagine what Trump will accomplish when he turns his attention in a direction like cancelling the Trans Pacific Partnership which would have transferred more jobs out of the United States. Think about all the transfer of wealth from our workers to somewhere else that has already occurred. 1000 lose their job in New York and those people are without income but 1000 workers in South East Asia now have a job. They make cars and sell them here and more money flows out of the U.S.

Think about the tens of thousands who send remittances back to their homeland, more money gone and soon we will not have anything left or will the government just print more money? Oh, is not that what they have been doing in order to support all those who have lost their jobs. Money leaving the country is why our living standard has stayed the same or gone down. Think of all those people who lost their jobs and are now on some form of welfare with fewer workers paying taxes to support them. There are simply not enough actual income which then requires the government to print more money to pay to those who do not work. Recent figures have come out that indicate that each person, man women and child owe $60,000 in American debt. Now with workers less than a third actually paying taxes that’s almost $200,000 each.

Then there are the illegal immigrants who take the construction jobs from American workers. Yes some do take jobs no one seem to want because it is better to be on welfare than to work. Yet there are lots of jobs that they take because they work under the table (no taxes). This all comes down to transferring what we have in America to other countries so we are getting poorer. The celebrities do not have any money problems so they can support these anti-America demonstrations. So the stars who have incredible amounts of money do not give a hoot about you or me, only themselves.

Where will all this lead, hopefully to a better America and workers who can provide a better life for their family. A new day where we do not have our people fighting across the world and where most people work and help support those that cannot work, but not those that will not work. A place where not all have to go to college and craftsmen in every field are respected, maybe a shorter work week to take advantage of robotics and people will have more free time. Will Trump get us there, probably not completely but if he can head us in the right direction and move us in that direction maybe people will follow up and help make it happen.



  1. Michael Stilley says:

    Just a couple of thoughts:

    Everybody has a stake in this country, not just Liberals or Conservatives or Libertarians or even Socialists. Each group has positive ideas about this country although not every idea has merits. It should be a combination of ideals hashed out and a compromise considered. You cannot take one ideality and consider it the best for everyone. That said, President Trump has made decisions that could benefit all Americans. Time will tell but I hope the final results will reflect a consensus and a better America.

    Celebrities don’t have any money problems but the administration appointees, as well as the President’s net worth dwarfs most, if not all, celebrities net worth. Since this wealth represents a large segment of the entire national wealth, it causes some concern that those who represent us have little knowledge of what it means to the average citizen. Common sense and appreciation for American workers and those who have worked all their lives and have retired should be respected and supported. The next four years are going to be very interesting. I hope things improve under President Trump.

  2. The only thing that Trump will feed his ego and not the American people. If the minimum wage would be increased to $15. an hour maybe I would give the republicans the credit but that won’t happen because the republicans are cheap and do not want to give any of their profit away. They need to live on millions of dollars rather than help the families that has to work 2 and 3 jobs just to support themselves and their families. He began his presidency by feeding his ego complaining about the size of the crowd. He wants to be a dictator. You know he sounds just like that dictator that ruled Germany many years ago. Just saying he sure is heading into that direction and if that’s what you want for a president you have my sympathy.

  3. Mike Young says:

    $15 an hour will be the dawn of Robots everywhere and no starting level jobs. I want someone who will secure the boarders, deport alien criminals and stop enriching the rest of the world at Americans expense.

  4. Your closed mind over making the average American succeed in this United States is not even worth commenting over. Food on the table is more important to families than borders, immigration, and crowd size.

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