Field house update

Walls are going up on a new 30,000 square foot fieldhouse located behind the recently-opened Rising Star Sports Ranch located at the I-15 Exit 122 interchange on Sandhill Blvd. The fieldhouse is big enough for three basketball courts with bleachers, nine volleyball courts, 19 pickleball courts, six to eight full wrestling mats, or a U-18 soccer field. The courts are interchangeable for particular events or camps that the hotel may host. The expected completion timeframe is set for April.




  1. Carol Thatcher says:

    Great for Mr. Lee, but when I went to go swimming, the pool was full with kids so no swimming laps. On his field were kids playing soccer and good for them. Mr. Lee needs to put a winter cover over his swimming pool so the kids can swim there and leave the pool to regular people that live here, not send them to the Recreation Center. I guess we can expect this from now on when all the kids come here??
    It is not fair to the regulars that want to swim.

    • What a fantastic addition to our community, thank you!

    • Teri Nehrenz says:

      Isn’t the Eureka pool for the guests as much as for residents who would like to use it? I think the Lees are pretty generous extending the use of a hotel pool, meant for hotel guests, to the residents. We must respect that it’s a shared facility, that means it’s shared with residents and all guests, kids included.

      • Barbara Ellestad says:

        I believe Ms. Thatcher is referring to the pool at the Mesquite Recreation Center. I don’t believe the Rising Star pool or Eureka pool are open to the general public.
        Barbara Ellestad
        Editor, MLN

  2. Amazing to see this building up in the community! Thank you to Rising Star! Soccer field awesome!

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