This was a revolution not an election.


It was a dark night in America on the eve of the election; everyone was saying “Hail to Hillary the new President”. The pretender was lying about; a wall that could not be built and you cannot re-open closed factories. Treaties are sacred and cannot be changed, you cannot stop people coming to America and certainly you cannot throw people out just because they have done some crime, even if it was a really serious one.

That pre-election night CNN said the election was all but over, MSNBC said it was true and they were setting up to cover Hillary’s planed grand celebration fireworks show in New York harbor,  ABC called for more of Obama programs and NBC was counting her electoral votes even before dawn. The media told Trump supporters that it was useless to vote. The media elite were all together in the celebration of the victory to come and even Fox News was very subdued.

But dawn came and Americans began to wake and think. The working people who had seen their standard of living go down and if it was not them, it was the family next door or down the street.  Many people could not afford the new mandatory health care and were going to have to pay a fine for being too poor to pay. Jobs had been shipped off to foreign countries, cities were spiraling down and parts of some were even under gang control. People could not see a good future for their kids.

Yes, for the most part they did not come from the big cities but from the heartland of America. They drove their trucks and old cars passed abandoned farms, vacant stores, and empty factories and as they did, what was really happening to America began to sink in. Some waited in long lines at the nearest polling place and when they came home they knew that they had done their best for their kids and their country. The working class that had been forgotten and beat down had begun to speak.

They stood tall and said enough is enough. Then when the polls began to close, the impossible began to unfold; Ohio fell to the pretender and then a few hours’ later Florida and then South Carolina. Even Wisconsin and Michigan seemed to be in play. Something was going terribly wrong; votes were coming from Pennsylvania and Iowa and they told the same impossible results.

The people were finally speaking, speaking against the system where they could go to jail for small offences while the elite class could violate the law big time and still be free and even run for president. The people stood against being told what they could say and how they can say it. They fought back against being laughed about because they worked or wanted to work for a living and take care of their families.

Who were these people? They were the guns, family and God people in flyover country. They didn’t have a bachelor, masters or PhD degree; they were the white working class and the blacks who finally realized the Democrat’s gave nothing back except empty promises. They were Christians and the Jews and even some non-believers. They didn’t talk like the Washington and New York elite and they sure were not progressives. They had funny ideas about God, country and work. They did not wear the latest fashions, yet they still mattered, at the voting booth.

They did not understand much about illegal immigration except that those people were taking jobs and many not paying taxes. They did not like the Black Lives Matter movement. People in high places said they would have to get use to the coming future and yet, in a few hours they changed everything.

More than sixty million Americans repudiated Obama and the Clintons. They ignored the celebrities and the media. They were tired of watching their sons and daughters come back in coffins to protect some Muslim country where the people hated our guts.

We will never hear their names or see their faces. But they came to the aid of a nation in peril. They did what real Americans have always done. They did the impossible. As for now that dark night has passed and a new dawn is shining over America.



  2. Yes, the minority of voters voted for trump….but the majority still don’t want his brand of hate and racism, nor do we want to allow his brand of totalitarianism and unconstitutional self dealing and elimination of opposition. His cabinet is looking more and more like a role call of the KKK and White Nationalist groups. Good luck.

    • John, the majority of voters in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles and other big cities did vote for Hillary. If we let the big cities’ voters determine the course of our country we will all be on the government dole. Is that realty what America has become? The reason the Electoral College system was put in was so the majority didn’t rule from the big cities. The reason I live here in Mesquite and many others do is because of what those cities have become. If you think retired Generals are KKK or White Nationals You are the racist, these people risked their lives to defended our country and our right to free elections.

  3. Terry Donnelly says:

    I’ve been waiting for this column from you, Mike. Thank you for taking it easy on me. I thought you’d be more like your standard bearer and gloat much more. As it is you left me with something to write about. I’ll write about the wall that seems to be becoming more of a fence and parts even virtual, we’ll keep that gate open. There aren’t any old factories reopening either, just a third of one bought by the taxpayers staying open for now. You left me room to write about the fact that we shouldn’t stop people from coming to America, whether we can or not. And, this past administration has been throwing more people out because of crimes committed and even for just being here illegally than the eight years of Republican control before that. I’m not too sure what you’re writing about there. That’s just the first paragraph. I’ll concede you the rest of your column, except that I’d be a little more careful when spinning statements about how many people woke up and voted for Mr. Trump. I’m not challenging the fact that he won, he did fair and square. It just seems a bit tenuous to speak of “sixty million Americans repudiating Obama and the Clintons” when almost 63,000,000 didn’t.

    • Terry it’s always nice to hear from you. Your right 63 million people voted for Hillary but think about who they were and where they lived. Several areas voted 100 percent for Hillary and not a single vote for Trump, Big cities, poor areas with poor schools. 70 % in some of the poorest areas of New York, look at the areas of Chicago and the other big cities that went for Hillary, Is that what we are becoming, The least educated, the non working and government supported running the country? The people on welfare running the voting so they can get more out of those working and paying for them. Many will not say it, but that is what is happening and we need to turn things around so those people earn a living and stop being support by those who do work. Lyndon Johnson’s “Great Society” is ruining our country and putting people into a life of dependency. Let see if it can be turned around and if it is a new light shining or a sunset for America.


      • Teri Nehrenz says:

        Here, here Mike! We’ve got to start teaching them to fish again!

      • Terry Donnelly says:

        It looks like the Clinton vote is approaching 66,000,000. It’s hard to keep up, but let’s call it 65,000,000. New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles have a total of 15,000,000, so that leaves 50,000,000 for whom to account in your scenario for finding her voters. It sounds to me like you are saying that people who live in poor areas don’t deserve to have their vote counted as heavily as others who do not? Would you suggest perhaps 3/5 of a vote? And, I thought you wanted non-government people running the government. But that’s fodder for another time. Are you conceding my points about the first paragraph of your column?

  4. Glen Bjornson says:



  6. Myra Burge says:

    Great observations, Mike! We are hopeful for a change.
    Myra Burge (one of those evangelicals for Trump)

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