Point of View on who was that person who voted for Donald Trump?

Deplorable, many call him a Racist, many women call him Sexist and the Muslim world call him an Infidel. In this column, he refers to both men and women but putting him and her in every phrase is just dumb.
He, her (Last time I will use it) referring to those who voted for Donald Trump share many common traits; they are not asking for anything from anyone other than the promise to be able to make their own way on a level playing field. They pay their fair share of taxes and they work hard for what they have. They take care of their kids and pay for their house but they are tired of picking up the tab for those who do not work and yet could work.

His race and his religion cannot be determined and where his ancestors came from is everywhere. He might be Black, Hispanic or Asian it really does not matter, what does matter is that he considers himself to be an American. He is proud of this country and feels that if you do not like the way America is, then find somewhere that you agree with and move there.

He is disgusted by the way our government is being run. Elected officials never give a straight answer to a question and go back on most of their election promises. How certain groups are being pandered to and tax dollars are given to those groups and people who simply don’t want to work. It is the arrogant attitude that implies that we are too stupid to run our own lives and only people in government are smart enough.

He believes the Constitution should be interpreted as it was written and it is not as a “living document” that is to be translated for us common people by some political appointed judge. The founding Fathers knew what they were doing by putting the Electoral College system in place so the big cities cannot control the Presidency. Those that say Hillary won the popular vote should salute California who alone gave her enough votes to claim that victory.

He or she may own firearms, and are willing to use it in defense of home, country and family. When the 2nd amendment was placed into the Constitution, it was not just to defend home and family, but also to protect against an oppressive government. They love their community and get involved. They hunt and fish; they play sports or did when they were younger. They show up at their kids events and some even volunteer to coach.

Maybe a police officer or a fire fighter or maybe just a person who steps in to help. They are almost never a victim but do step in to help those who are. He is not racist, but is disgusted when people like Black Lives Matter exhibit the worst behavior. He is against those who burn American flags while carrying the flag of some other country.

They are disgusted with government officials who are caught breaking the law and getting off with not even an insignificant punishment. He knows that if he should do anything like what they get away with he would be sitting in jail.

This are the men or women that saved America, they know the fight is not over yet but they will never give up. So far, it looks like they put their trust in the right person.


  1. Well written! A couple of things probably covered but from my point of view:
    Not a career politician and was never a lawyer!

    • Well put, am wearing my MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN hat to show me support and being a Vet we gave our lives to salute and honor Our Flag.

    • Helen Hendry says:

      Well done!!! It is wonderful, hopeful and exciting to see so many Americans excited and proud of our United States!!! There is hope in the air!!! I am proud to be an American and look forward to America being great again!!!

  2. Ken Carter says:

    The least anyone can do is to give this guy a chance. Give him some leeway to do what he said he would do. It looks for now at least that the office of the Presidency has already mellowed him and made him a better person. What have American’s got to lose? He is certainly “draining the swamp” of self interest parties and lobbyists. He is installing people who know what they are doing, people with proven qualities into the places of power. He’s promised to cut taxes, create jobs, single out the criminals and get rid of them, improve infrastructure, re-new roadways, repair bridges, get rid of Obamacare and protect the borders from illegals. Honestly, what more could anyone want than that. And he’s doing it with a media that has been against him from the very start. That’s where your anger should be pointed at, to the dishonest press who have forgotten how to perform ethical reporting. It’s the press corps that has stirred the pot, incited hatred and is dividing the USA, Not trump. Yes, he’s made some mistakes in life, but I wonder how many of us can honestly say we don’t have any skeletons in closets? Nobody’s perfect. Give him a chance!

  3. Well written Mike! Thank you to all that responded with your Patriotism
    . It’s good to see there are people out there who are willing to give Mr.Trump a chance. The people that are now complaining are the same ones that were saying the same thing about President OBAMA a chance and letting him make America weak. We used to be respected around the world that we would protect our allies unfortunately we aren’t that way anymore. The people of Siria and the red line BS President OBAMA told the world we would not allow to happen without consequences and he did nothing and 500,000 people died and more die everyday.

    Mr. Podesta is complaining about the Russians when the President told the puppet President of Russia he would have more leeway with Mr. Putan after he was reelected. Is that what happened to Mrs. Clinton? Just saying?

  4. I found you in my e-mail and glad I did. You are telling it like it is and standing up for those have been shouted down for a long time. Thank God for the Electoral College that does not allow crazes like California to control our country.

  5. Mesquite Dave says:

    We are more respected now than we were under Bush. President Obama is he most moral President we have had in recent history. Our economy is doing great based on all of the market indicators. When he took office, our GOP friends decided that they would do absolutely nothing to make the US a better place. Healthcare for all, immigration reform, Wall Street reforms and other programs were all voted down by the GOP Congress. All that I ask is that you wait four years before you judge Heir Trump. That is, if we still have a country to live in. It might be West Russia by then.

    • You think we’re more respected now? And where do you get off comparing Trump’s government to Hitler’s Germany? If you think things are better under Obama you might want to do a little research on people not in workforce, number of people on food stamps and the level of people living in poverty. Obama’s government was based on race, if you were a minority you were right if your were white you were wrong. Everything was slanted that the white person was wrong and oppressed the minorities. Unfortunately our democratic controlled inter-cities schools don’t teach success strategies but teach dependency strategies. We as a country have made great strides in improving opportunities and if you want to work for it you can be successful. But you can also be successful as a dependent.

      • Mesquite Dave says:

        Most of the people living in poverty voted for Trump. They are people who did not improve their work skills when modern manufacturing methods required workers with highly technical skills. They were too lazy or stubborn to go back to school to learn how to use computers. They also think that the old style manufacturing jobs are coming back to Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. That was a total lie by Trump to turn the tide in his favor. The nuts and bolts jobs will never return. I am amazed that you believe the lies of Fox News and old Rush and Hannity. You seem like the typical angry old white guy. As for California, it is thriving. There are more construction projects in Californa than all of the red states put together. We have many people living in Mesquite who are dependent on handouts from the government including the Bundy’s and the people who own water shares just because they were handed down from their ancestors. Maybe the Bundy’s and the water share people should go out and earn there own money and not mooch of the rest of us.

        • Teri Nehrenz says:

          I’m not sure that you should include the water share owners in your rant. Those are not handouts, those water shares were left to them by thier parents and grandparents. It’s no different than owning shares of stock. That is thier inheritance and you can’t blame them because thier parents or their grandparents had a little vision or a little luck.

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