New Year Predictions from a Point of View

New Year Predictions from a Point of View. Trump has at least two years to make his major changes and they will start with voiding the executive orders issued by Obama and most of the job killing regulations. All will be dumped in the garbage can of history. Obamacare will be replaced with a free market plan; however, this will be tough and may take until the second year. Corporate taxes will be reduced to 15% or maybe a bit higher. Personal taxes will be reduced and only three brackets will remain. Estate taxes will generally go away. The Supreme Court will get a conservative justice right away and he will get at least two and maybe three judge picks over his term. The Supreme Court will begin deciding by constitutional principles and not the left wing “Living Document” ideology.

The noose will close around “Sanctuary Cities” and massive demonstrations will occur in those cities, but now the police and/or National Guard will step in and some of the demonstrators will spend some time in jail or escorted out of the country. Gang members and illegal immigrant criminals will finally be arrested serve time and finally be deported. Money will begin flowing in through a tax on remittances sent to countries south of the boarder and Construction of the “Great Wall” will begin. The Border Patrol will be strengthened, supported and excited about doing their job again.
Negotiations will start with NAFTA, there will be a revised NAFTA, and Mexico will lose-out on getting all the new factories. The Joint Pacific Partnership will also start re-negotiations and it will become a much better deal and be renamed. Gone will be the nonsense, which says Muslims who kill Americans are somehow victims. The military’s rules of engagement will be changed so they can defeat the enemy with whatever it takes. The bombing campaign will become a campaign instead of the current ballet. Defense spending and the number of service men and women will grow by at least 20%. The spending for weapons will add new jobs. Iran will find itself back under sanctions. Some will scream but their position is now very weak so they will not be able to stop Trump from imposing new and stronger sanctions and this will be a world-changing event.
Trump will not be worried about micro-aggressions or listening to the views of people just because they come from a protected group. We have been a home to more contradictions than anyone can imagine. All supported by dinner-party liberals who have never had an original or socially awkward thought in their lives. They simply assume that everyone lives in the same bubble and thinks the same thoughts. Their bubble has burst.


We have been a country in crisis, and most Americans do not care about transgender bathrooms, or safe spaces, or college mandated speech laws. This election was about the people taking some control of their lives back for themselves. It was about hope for a better America, an America that you do not have to apologize for not being up to date with the latest list of socially acceptable phrases.
For my liberal friends I suggest they look away for the next four years, because they are not going to like what they see. The rest of America will be delighted.


  1. Amen !

  2. Beth Fletcher says:

    Wow Mike do you enjoy having all that hatred you have for people that are not white like you? Sounds like a Hitler regime is coming to the White House and America. I guess that is what you white males want in America. Will they be raising the Nazi flag over the White House too because that is exactly what you are implying is going to happen to America? I am sure that will make white republicans happy too.

    • Beth, I don’t believe i said anything about white privilege or expressed hate for anyone. Raising an America flag is what Trump said, not any other flag. Much of my and others concern has been putting other nations first and transferring wealth to other nations at our peoples expense. Unfortunately your hate is what shows through. White people with the help of many, many blacks built this country and opened it up to all, no other country has helped so many and provided opportunity to all people what ever their roots. Yes we made mistakes along to journey, but have corrected most of them, if you can find a better country pack your bags and good luck. When Obama came to office we all gave him a chance to prove himself and it has not worked out well for anyone. You might consider giving a business person a chance.

  3. Paul Costantino says:

    If a quarter of this happens we will all be surprised. It must be nice to live in Pollyannaville.

  4. Glen Bjornson says:

    “The rest of America” (USA) must be referring to the less than 50% of those that voted in the recent presidential election… Just saying…

    • Teri Nehrenz says:

      And the more than 50% who didn’t vote have no right to complain…they let this happen. Not voting wasn’t a stand against anything, it was just adding fuel to the fires that got Trump elected. Those that didn’t vote think they were doing a good thing….how’d that work out for them? Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing how the next 4 years unfolds, can’t be any worse than the past 8. It’s not the conservatives that are pushing the latest issues. There are some idiots on both sides that are just idiots period, but the majority of the protests and outbreaks are coming from the liberals who want nothing more than “Peace on Earth” and “love everybody” stuff. I consider myself a very loving person but even I won’t lie down with someone who wants me dead and expresses that fact daily. You know that self-preservation is a strong instinct, I’m thinking that the “less than 50% who voted” are listening to those strong instincts. Just read about the protesters that are teaming up to protest the Inauguration. Now they want to commit treason by not acknowledging his presidency and disassociate themselves with America. A lot of military men have been courtmartialed for walking away from thier country. I don’t know about the rest of the country but I don’t want my daughter, granddaughter or myself in the bathroom with a man period. I’m not homophobic…I don’t personally care what anyone’s sexual preferences are one way or another….love is love. but this leaves the door open for any pervert to put on a dress and walk into a shared bathroom. It happened too many times BEFORE they allowed co-ed bathrooms…now they’re opening the doors and inviting it in. I’m also tired of working my butt off to support those who are fully capable of working but just don’t want to. I see welfare recipients living high off the hog while working folks have less, they get free health care while working people struggle to pay premiums that devour a third of their paycheck and then still pay high deductibles or co-pays and it’s getting worse with Obamacare.There are many who sell drugs to make more money than you or I have ever imagined and they use their WELFARE MONEY to keep going or they sell their food stamps. You can’t tell me it doesn’t happen, I’ve met or known dozens like this. There HAS to be a balance between the liberal and conservative ways of thought but I’m afraid everyone is too wrapped up in thier own personal crap that nobody is really paying attention to what’s best for AMERICA and it’s people. Politicians and big businesses don’t care…it’s about time American people did. They got tired of just sitting back and watching like they did the past 8 years…now they’ve taken their stand while the others did not.. and looks like that less than 50% voice was heard loud and clear.

      • Teri Nehrenz says:

        And let’s also take a look at why the election went the way it did. Clinton was a bit overconfident, everybody thought she had this election in the bag and so did she. What did she do? She quit campaigning to those people who needed her the most. Why? because she didn’t really care. She thought she had done just what she needed to do and wasn’t willing to go the extra mile. Trump went the extra mile…he knew he had lost but he didn’t give up and that is what the less than 50% who voted saw and LIKED! He cared.

  5. Mesquite Dave says:

    You have to be the funniest person in Mesquite. I assume you did not approve of our newest National Monument, Gold Butte. That will do more good for Mesquite than a dozen Trumps. As for the huge military build up, I hope it is your children and grandchildren that will be the first to volunteer for the Iran War, the Mexican War, the China War, and the filli in the blank War. Yes it will be a fun four years. I am sure you will be proud of Trump no matter what freedoms he takes away from you. You are hilarious.

    • Teri Nehrenz says:

      As far as our ‘New National Monument’ goes, How does land-locking Mesquite’s or Bunkerville’s potential for expansion or growth and taking away the water rights to 5,000 homes improve anything?

    • Teri Nehrenz says:

      I’m sorry Dave, Have you had your head in the sand for the past 13 years that we have already been at war, the past 13 years that hundreds of our men and women have been sent home in a box?

  6. Teri aren’t you an editor of this newspaper? Aren’t you suppose to be neutral and not show your opinion? Then why are you commenting on this article?
    I do agree with you. I as a liberal will sit back and watch the disaster that is going to happen to this United States of America. I will also sit back and watch the families that will be mourning their loved ones that will be injured or worse killed in the wars that Trump will be getting us into. Oh by the way do conservatives believe in the draft cause I am sure that will be brought back for men and women to make our military supposedly stronger. You conservatives get out your Kleenex cause you’ll need it when you are shedding tears and wondering why did you vote for him.

    • Teri Nehrenz says:

      Hi Beth, No, I am not an editor of the newspaper, I’m a writer and the web site publisher. I don’t speak for anyone but myself. I don’t write news stories, I write community articles, cover the arts and do the feel good articles. I love covering the community things that make people happy because I do have my own opinion and would find it difficult to remain neutral in many of the political or hard core stories and because I have a wonderful editor who recognizes and accepts that, she keeps me on the feel good stuff. But…this is exactly where I can express my opinion along with all the other mln readers and I will take them up on my right to do so. I am a subscriber to the daily emails and a citizen. My name is on the comments, not the MLN’s…believe me, we all have different opinions about a lot of things but the beauty for working for the paper is that we all do agree that there is absolute value in the opinions of everyone, even if they don’t agree with our own. Even the editor writes “Editorials.”

      • Connie Foust says:

        Great thread to read. Someone needs to explain just how Mesquite will prosper from Gold Butte. The only one prospering is dirty Harry Reid. Oh well, we knew this would happen and will live with it.

        However, those of you who really believe Hillary won the popular vote seem to be clueless about the number of illegal aliens who voted in both Nevada and California, plus the election fraud in several eastern states. That is not winning by popular vote it is attempting to steal an election.

        It is beyond belief that anyone would support a woman who is corrupt to the core.

        What is wrong in the country is the total loss of values and morals. Winning is more important than the type of person you would have as a leader. Neither Trump or Clinton are clean as the driven snow, but since that was our choice, I chose Trump. He has the ability to turn the country around and hopefully citizens will join together to get this done for a better future.

        Eight years of liberalism is enough. Trump is no conservative so you should be happy to have a moderate in the White House.

        • Teri Nehrenz says:

          Thanks Connie,

          I’d like to know the same thing about Mesquite prospering from Gold Butte. I’m suprised how many women stood behind someone who would openly defend rapists, bring in bad rap musicians with absolutely filthy and demeaning messages and then turn around and bash Trump for speaking the truth about his opinions. I’m not saying I agree with Trump’s actions or words but hey, they WERE HONEST. She’s a hypocrite.

  7. Terry Donnelly says:

    Mike, did you decide to publish your Christmas wish list? Good luck with much of it. To be clear, we do still live in a democratic republic. Even though your dreaded liberals hold no government power, we are still strong in numbers and our representatives are supposed to reflect our interests. It is true that nearly half of registered voters did not vote, and it is true that many more who are eligible are not registered. But, looking strictly at the 135 million who did vote, 8.5 million more people did not vote for Mr. Trump than voted for him. Mr. Trump got about 46% of the votes. 54% of the people who chose to express their opinion wanted someone else and another agenda for this country going forward. All of what you write is your opinion, but it is not in the majority and by no means a mandate to do anything you describe. The power may be there, but the support is not. A leader taking actions not supported by the people has other names, not democracy.

  8. Mike Young says:

    Terry, we live in the USA a little different than other countries but the best so far. We do not allow the majority to rule, if we did we could do away with elections and just ask New York, Illinois and California what they wanted. Our country doesn’t want those on the government dole to decide how much they get, when that happens it is the end. It has worked pretty good so far. And yes it is my wish list and I know not all will happen right away but a lot will and hopefully we will get back on the right track. I will keep you informed of his progress.

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