We won the war

We won the battle and now it’s time for nation building.  After years and years of progressivism and globalism it is now possible to return our country to the course our founding fathers set us. Such as reestablishing our national boarders, the extreme environmental movement turned to re-evaluate business killing regulations.  Free market principles again put to work solving our country’s problems and trade deals made fair.

Rebuilding America will be tough because we have separated into two countries, one on the West and East Coast and one in the center of our country. Sometimes I think maybe it would be better to split and then each group can have and follow their system of values. However, that was tried once when we had a civil war and that didn’t work out so well. Yet that is what some seem to want.

Interesting how a split might work out with the big cities and their huge dependent population separated from the wealth producing heartland. Imagine the coastal environmental zealots closing down most industries and the heartland group working the land to produce wealth and sustenance.

But back to the situation at hand, it is going to be hard to wean people off government subsidies and require them to work to survive yet not long ago that is what people did. Able bodied people worked or went to soup kitchens. The young people today are so liberal that they do not want to work and the older folks so conservative and work oriented that the two are far, far apart in beliefs.

One of the first steps is to allow school choice which will improve our educational system dramatically. Today our inter city schools have failed us and most of all, the people they are serving. The only thing that the present system supports is the teachers’ unions thus allowing poor performers to be protected. Teachers need to be re-inspired and teach basic American values and while we are at it, let’s bring some practical classes that can lead to non-collage jobs. Plumbers, electricians and carpenters are well respected and well-paying professions. Not all need to go to college as a great number of high tech jobs attest to.

The colleges need to be run by the administration not by the students which amount to the inmates running the asylum. We, as the past generation have failed by giving our children too much and not allowing them to fail. Failure taught us the value of working for something, not just be given a trophy for showing up. America needs to learn how to win again. We now have a President Elect that seems to understand these principles and supports them not just with words but with actions.

This will be hard and a long road but if we want to show the world that shinning city on a hill and what America can be, it needs to be done. No more apologies for something we did not do, no more catering to radical fringe groups and all obey the law. Sounds simple but when our new President starts to apply these principles we will hear screams of discrimination and all sorts of other charges. We need to ignore that noise and join together our diverse country and then work together to make our country great again.



  1. Harold Huntington says:

    LMAO, you think that’s going to happen/ that real Americans, that is, those who don’t buy into Trump’s cult of personality or the GOP’s extreme right wing rhetoric, are gonna make it easy for ya to implement your conservative dystopia. Idiot

  2. Mesquite Dave says:

    Poor Mike Young. He, along with millions of others, has been scammed by Donald. He will never admit it but he will be sorely disappointed in Donald. I find it hilarious that Mike refers to the heartland as “wealth producing”. This is a total lie. Having spent time on both coasts this year, I can attest to the fact that the coasts add more wealth to the treasury than they take. It is the vast red states that are the biggest takers of government funds. California is the world’s 6th biggest economy. If they leave, the red states would be in big trouble. In Nevada, blue Clark County pays for the rest of the red counties. Fortunately, Clark County controls the politics in Nevada. Enjoy your “victory”. I can hardly wait to get my 30% tax cut and to see the elimination of ISIS. However, I am not holding my breath.

    • Mike Young says:

      Poor Dave, he was seduced by the promises of lots of new neighbors who he and his working friends could support and they would teach his kids or grand-kids lots of new tricks. Now he will not have chance to hear new languages and see new cultures, no more parades in the streets calling for death to the cops and sometimes even to white folks. Your right California is a big economy but it’s shrinking, (it’s 8th now) and tax rates are sky high, lots of people for the government to support. I thought Trump’s tax breaks were only for us middle class folks not for people of your means or people who don’t pay taxes. ISIS is the absolute enemy to Christians, Jews and the West, we must do everything we can to wipe them out and Trump will do a lot more then Obama did. You might ask; what did Obama do, well he pulled our troops out, let ISIS form, and now is sending troops back to fight again for what they had already won, seems kind of dumb.

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