Letter to the Editor-Feehan

Dear Editor,

First, the Affordable Care Act is not affordable because the Republicans made it so. When the bill was first proposed by President Obama, it contained a “Public Option.” This option would have given citizens a choice, similar to Medicare, that would have been handled through the US government. The Republicans and their friends in the Health Care industry were dead set against the Public Option because it would put Blue Cross and their buddies out of business. The Obama administration, in order to get the then existing health care providers on board, removed the Public Option from the plan. That was a win for the Republicans but a loss for the US citizenry, who, as a result, must pay more for their insurance.

Secondly, the Republicans have recently been using the mantra “Repeal and Replace.” That is a blatant fabrication. They do want to repeal it, of course, but they have had nearly seven years to write up a “replacement” plan and they have failed to put a single word on paper.


Denis Feehan

Mesquite, NV


  1. Well Denis, something will probably happen pretty soon since more and more insurance companies are backing out of the Marketplace. I recently read that next year there will only be 3 companies providing plans in Nevada and some rural counties will only have one available. It’s in a downward spiral.

  2. MR , FEEHAN , YOU are a LIER just like MOST DEMOCRATS, YOU lie AND lie AND lie .!!!!!!

  3. Here are the “facts. The key words being handled by the US government. First, the Obamacare was passed without a single republican vote. It takes 3 branches of government, and at the time the democratic controlled Senate and Obama would never pass it. I have been one of the thousands of people affected by Obamacare. First, my primary health care doctor and plan was eliminated. I was forced to take a high deductible catastrophic plan, whic by the way will expire at the end of this year, and I start the entire process over again. Anyone who thinks republicans are to blame for this horrific failure lives on planet delusional.

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