End of the American Dream?

End of the American Dream? One of the big things revealed from the WikiLeaks dump of e-mails was Hillary’s dream of open borders and a hemispheric common market. This was revealed in a transcript of a $225,000 speech to Brazilian bankers in 2013 that had been kept secret until now.

She let her true feelings and plans be known but too a group that would welcome such a world and not spread the word so they could take advantage of such a change. This is an expansion of Obama letting our southern border become a sieve.

By revealing one of her dreams she is issuing a warning to American workers that you can expect further drop in your income as South and Central American people would flood into our country for higher wages and better living conditions than in their home country. Americans could expect their wages to enter free fall as the market would be flooded with new cheap labor.

Almost 700 million people live outside the U.S. How many would relocate here is hard to say but if anyone saw the slums of Rio during the Olympics and multiply that by all of Central and South America, it would be a lot.

Most of those people have no skills but would sure like to move north. No skills no job, but welfare would be there and that’s a lot better than what they get in their home country. The unintended consequences are that with wages dropping tax receipts would go down but cost of supporting these newcomers and the citizens who lost their jobs would go up, so taxes would have to rise. A giant sucking sound can be heard as our wages go down and taxes up.

But the Clintons would be safe because they have their millions and their rich supporters have theirs. It is only the “everyday Americans” that would be hurt and as she has said she does not like them anyway. Hillary’s dream would literally drive Americans, and America, bankrupt.

But that’s not all the consequences of her dream when you considered what open borders would really mean. Crime would increase as even the criminals would move to where the money was. How would we stop terrorists from entering the United States? Once they got anywhere in the hemisphere they can just walk in. We’re having a hard time stopping drugs now but the problem with stopping them goes away as anyone can walk across our border. But maybe we could fire all our border patrol officers, just think of the cost savings.

This isn’t the dream for most Americans it would be their nightmare. Any of you who are even considering voting for Hillary now know one of her hidden agendas and the consequences of her becoming President. If she reaches that office she will have the power to make most of that happen even without congress by using Executive Orders. She would only have to continue President Obama’s policies plus add a few orders of her own. For most of our families, that would truly be a nightmare.

If you have gotten your American dream already or just don’t care about future generations Hillary is the way to go. If you want a better future for yourself and future generations you should consider a different path, one that leads to someone who will make our country great again and keep it that way. Some may say what about all the mistreatment of women? Are not people smart enough to realize that is as phony as some of the ads on T.V.? We need to step-up and take a chance for it just may be our last hope of saving the American Dream.


  1. Connie Foust says:

    At issue are the young voters who have never seen the American dream and have been conditioned towards socialism. They are clueless to the havoc socialism is and has created in other countries like Cuba or Argentina. We are at fault for not teaching our children the importance of free market capitalism and allowing political correctness to take on such prevalence in our society without enforcing that with values and personal responsibility. We are taking a chance with Trump, but it beats electing the most corrupt woman in the United States. If elected I believe we have lost the country, the 2nd amendment and religious freedom not to mention the Supreme Court. So it’s a no brainer to vote for Trump. Unless you are bent on destroying our country.

  2. Chance our country and our planet to an irrational and bigoted racist? No Thanks!

  3. The only one who would benefit if Hillary doesn’t win is Trump and of course his family. Why do you look through rose-colored glasses when you speak of him? He will be sleeping with the enemy as soon as he is in office and you know that. Don’t be so gullible and give Hillary a chance. She is the only one to keep the country going and keep us safe.

  4. Mesquite Dave says:

    Mr. Young, did you watch the debate on Wednesday night? Your candidate showed his outright hatred for the United States and our Constitution. He is refusing to accept the outcome of the election, which is a bed rock of our country. He praises our enemy Putin and puts forth his hatred of our leaders and our intelligence agencies. He failed to answer most of the questions asked by his friend Chris Wallace. And for several weeks he has been inciting violence if the election does not turn out in his favor. Have you lost your moral compass to the extent that you would even consider voting for this vile person? I am ashamed that we have someone of your immorality actually serving on our electrical board. Appalling!

    • Mike Young says:

      Why is not accepting election result blindly, hate? Hillary had no objection when Al Gore didn’t accept the results in his presidential election. I guess that if Hillary didn’t have double standards she would have any at all. The only vile person on the stage was Hillary. Your comment about my immorality because I don’t agree with your choice of a lair and someone who ignored 600+ requests for help & left Americans to die in Benghazi that is not what I consider moral. It’s time someone stepped up out of the crowd and stood up for America. (Not another corrupt career political who thinks Government is the answer to all our problems)

      BTW Trump doesn’t hate immigrants he is married to one, he just wants a fair system where people come to this country legally and not cut in line in front of those who have waited years. Allowing the current open borders is in humane as drugs and cartels are poring over the border as are MS 13 members. Drugs are killing our citizens. Allowing 600 million people open access to our countries healthcare, education, and many other free benefits will be the end of America as we know it. But that’s Hillary’s dream… Good luck.

  5. Annie Locke says:

    Wow. You are as scary as Trump! Instead of the usual hate theories about immigrants, try thinking what “the other path” would be like with Hitler as president. He hated immigrants too. Take down your confederate flag and read what the Bible says about loving your neighbor.

  6. I do care!! says:

    A vote for Killary is a vote against America. At least Mr Trump is going to try to rebuild this once great country.. Mr Obummer and company have put this county into trillions of dollars in debt while sleeping with the enemy. If Killary wins, we all lose.

  7. Mike Creston says:

    Anyone who thinks Trump is OK just needs to remember he will keep unlimited dark money in
    Politicians coffers from citizens united, will rule this country with the oligarchs passing laws to benefit themselves and suppressing voters rights and individual freedoms just like Hitler did. American values will disappear

  8. Frank Shannon says:

    I am amazed at how many Americans don’t understand what this election is about. Remember BREXIT? This is America’s BREXIT vote. The choice is clear — Continue down the path of Globalism where the decision makers are out of the reach of American voter and American jobs continue to leave the country — Or, we eschew Globalism, renegotiate trade agreements bi-laterally instead of multi-laterally, trade is re-balanced and our kids have a shot at the American dream again..

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