City of Mesquite General Elections

City of Mesquite2016 General Elections

Notice is hereby given that the City of Mesquite General Election will be held on Nov. 8. The Polls will be open from 7a.m. until 7p.m.

Candidates for Mayor

Litman, Allan

Pereida, Arthur


City Council members at large (three seats to be elected):

Ballweg, David P.

Benham, Mike

Delaney, Cynthia “Cindi”

Rapson, George

West, David D.

Wursten, Brian




Mesquite Deuce 2 Building, N. Yucca St. and Sun City Rec. Center,  1350 Flat Top Mesa Drive

Note: Your sample ballot will have your polling place listed on it.

Early voting: 8a.m – 6p.m. Tuesday, Nov. 1 and Wednesday, Nov. 2.

Note: Voters may go on either day for Early Voting only.


  1. Art Pereida says:

    Why wasn’t there any coverage on the Mayor debate that took place on 10, 3, 2016

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