Mesquite Works settles on location

This is the official first home for Mesquite Works. The final unit on the back side of Mesquite Plaza will be home to one of Mesquite's future job training facilities. Photo by Stephanie Clark.

This is the official first home for Mesquite Works. The final unit on the back side of Mesquite Plaza will be home to one of Mesquite’s future job training facilities. Photo by Stephanie Clark.

After months of negotiations to find a location for their operations, executive board member Burton Weast announced Monday that the future home of Mesquite Works will be on the back side of Mesquite Plaza next to Virgin Valley Food Bank.

“We think this will be a prime and successful location,” said Weast. “We are excited to get this finalized and begin helping those in Mesquite who need it most.” Weast said that Mesquite Works will be working with Virgin Valley Family Services closely to bring even more to the community. While exact details of the partnership are still being finalized, Weast was certain that the partnership would be a win-win for all involved. “Their people are the some of the people we need to help,” he said.

Weast is referring to many people in Mesquite who are under-employed or unemployed and are in need of basic job training and skills. To help make it by, they frequent the store and food bank that Virgin Valley Family Services offer. The work-related services to help them improve their situation are not currently available in Mesquite. The closest location would be St. George or further, Las Vegas.

For over a year Weast and the Mesquite Regional Business, Inc. board have worked tirelessly to bring these services to Mesquite. Now, the fruits of their labor are almost realized. What started as an idea resulted from the fact that Mesquite didn’t have a strong enough workforce and companies chose to locate their businesses elsewhere. By December of 2015, Mesquite Works was incorporated.

While details are being finalized, the Mesquite Works Board put a call out to the community to assist them in the long run. With a Vista grant (Volunteers in Service to America) given by AmeriCorps, Mesquite Works will be able to hire three Vista members who will be a core function to the entire operation. According to the AmeriCorps website, Vista members “make a year-long full-time commitment to serve on a specific project at a nonprofit organization or public agency.”  In return, the members are given a modest living allowance and limited health benefits.  The website also sites that the three members will not directly provide services to those who would seek what Mesquite Works has to offer, but rather focusing on “building the organizational, administrative and financial capacity” of the organization.

Those interested in being one of the three Vista members are encouraged to send a cover letter with resume to Weast at The Vista Grant becomes active Nov. 1 with training being provided most of the month.

Weast told the MLN that Mesquite Works hopes to be at least partially functional by Dec. 1.

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