Location change for Bundy family support event

The location for a support event for the Bundy family has changed to Vejo Rodeo & City Park, East Chad Road, Vejo, Utah.

The public is invited to the event supporting Cliven, Ryan, Mel, Ammon and Davey Bundy on Saturday, Sep. 24 featuring dinner and dancing. A Dutch Oven dinner will be served beginning at 5 p.m. with entertainment and a live/silent auction from 6 – 10 p.m. Donations will be accepted for the auction. All proceeds go to the Bundy family. Those attending are asked to bring chairs and blankets for seating.

For questions please contact EllaMay Walther, at 702-346-5602.


  1. Have the Bundy’s not taken enough from the community? The event should be the Bundy’s providing a free BBQ for the public to pay back a small portion of what they have cost the American taxpayer!

  2. you have got to be kidding, how is this even news. Bundy is exactly where he belongs, in jail, and he should stay there.

  3. Duane Carrier says:

    Can I bring my AR-15 and dress in camo. Then stand and block the entrance and say I’m exercising my 2nd amendment rights and protecting your freedom.

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