Exit 118 land purchase finalized with city

eagles-landing-finalized-09-22-16The purchase of 105 acres of city-owned land at I-15 Exit 118 was finalized last week with the city of Mesquite receiving a check for just over $644,000. The 333 Eagles Landing LLC group plans to build a truck stop travel center at the new exit that opened in July. The 10,000 to 12,000 square foot complex will include a Wendy’s fast food restaurant and a tire repair facility on a 10-acre parcel.

According to an Eagles Landing spokesperson, the group intends to submit tentative site plans to the city within the month and be fully operational by late spring 2017.

The original purchase price of the acreage was $1.610 million, which was the appraised price. However, the purchase agreement reduces that by inducing economic development incentives from the city. The Eagles Landing group intends to hire at least 40 full-time employees and has committed to spending $2 million on capital improvements. Each incentive garners a 30 percent discount from the full purchase price. Punitive provisions are included in the contract should the company not meet those incentive promises.


  1. WOW. A MILLION DOLLAR gift from the City Why the heck would we give a business a 30% “incentive” for hiring employees??? As a businessman wouldn’t you already EXPECT to have to hire employees? And build a facility? That is paying them almost $500,000 to hire employees? With no wage limits, so likely very very very minimum wage jobs which we REALLY don’t need more of!
    40 employees….$500,000 ….that is $12,500 per employee for a year? For hells sake, that is well over HALF of their employee cost for the first year? And another $500,000 gift for building a facility? Oh right, I forgot….this as the deal where 2 City Councilmen make piles of money on Real Estate Commissions and the “owner” is an LDS guy from Utah who has had questionable business dealings. Got it!

  2. Mona Cundiff says:

    MC I agree with you John! As soon as we heard that a Truck Stop were near the final stages of being approved, not only did we put our house up for sale (Sunset Greens) but to date, there are now 7 former homeowners on our (Pebble Beach Drive) street alone!! Do yourself a favor, if you don’t like what’s happening in Mesquite get out! We did in March, and never looked back.

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