Bowling League Updates

Falcon Ridge Dental takes over first place winning 17 points from Maves Constrution. Star Nursery also won 17 points from City Shoppes. Beaver Dam Station won 15 points from Guns & Guitars. 1 of our new teams Pin Knockers won 12 against Foot and Ankle. The remainder of the league was very competitive Mitchell Farmers Insurance taking 11.5 from A Valley Engineers, Bank of Nevada 11 from Desert Gold Realty, Womens Defensive Weaponry from 11 from Simplot Silica Products, Smith Financial Group 11 from H & R Block, Colonial Management 11 from Masters Villas Resort, Mesquite Elks Lodge took 10.5 from Oasis Chiropractic, Mesquite Lock Doc & Freelancer also Intermountain Golf Cars & Mesquite Chiropractic split 10 & 10.

High Scores rolled: Randy Wade 259-728, Joseph Keim 252-712, Darwin Wimer 248- 698, Mike Yoder 241-680, Doug Love 238-669, Ron Galbaith 234, & Gary Moore 616.


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