Trump vs Khan there is more to the story

Is There a Backstory about Khizr Khan and Donald Trump? By Eileen F. Toplansky

What is one to make of the Democratic convention speech of Khizr Khan, a Pakistani-born Virginia lawyer whose son Humayun was killed in action in Iraq in 2004?

According to Byron York,

“Khan’s brief speech wasn’t a finely-detailed case. But he suggested that Trump’s Muslim ban and Mexican border wall proposals are unconstitutional. Specifically, Khan cited the words ‘liberty’ and ‘equal protection of the law’ in suggesting that Trump’s policies violate the Constitution.”

But, in fact, “there’s simply no sense in which a border wall violates the Constitution.” There is also “nothing unconstitutional about deporting people who are in the United States illegally.”

York emphasizes that “[a]s far as a Muslim ban is concerned, Trump . . . amended his proposal to focus on immigration from countries ‘compromised by terrorism.’ But assume that Khan was addressing Trump’s original, more extensive, proposal: a temporary ban on foreign Muslims from entering the United States.”

In fact, the 14th Amendment of the Constitution applies to “all persons born or naturalized” in the United States. It does not refer to foreign persons in foreign countries. Trump made it clear that this ban “would not apply to U.S. citizens, members of the U.S. military and others with a legal right to be in the United States.” Whether one approves or disapproves of Trump’s building a wall, deporting illegal immigrants and temporarily banning the entry of foreign Muslims, the fact is that Trump’s proposals are not unconstitutional.

In an effort toward clarification, Donald Trump released a statement:

Captain Humayun Khan was a hero to our country and we should honor all who have made the ultimate sacrifice to keep our country safe. The real problem here are the radical Islamic terrorists who killed him, and the efforts of these radicals to enter our country to do us further harm. Given the state of the world today, we have to know everything about those looking to enter our country, and given the state of chaos in some of these countries, that is impossible.

Moreover, “. . . Trump reiterated that “Captain Khan, killed 12 years ago, was a hero, but this is about RADICAL ISLAMIC TERROR and the weakness of our ‘leaders’ to eradicate it!”

But is there even more to the story about Khizr Khan? According to Theodore Shoebat and Walid Shoebat, Mr. Khizr Muazzam Khan is a promoter of Islamic Sharia law and a co-founder of the Journal of Contemporary Issues in Muslim Law (Islamic Sharia). In fact, in the past, Khizr Khan has shown “his appreciation for an icon of the Muslim Brotherhood,” by the name of Said Ramadan who “wrote material for the Muslim Youth Movement of Malaysia, an organization that has been promoting Islamic revivalism and indoctrination to recruit young people in Malaysia to jihadism.” Mr. Said Ramadan was the son-in-law of Hassan al-Banna, the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood including Ahmad Bahefzallah, the boss of Huma Abedin (Hillary Clinton’s aide) [.]”

Should this connection give us pause?

Shoebat writes that “Khizr Khan currently runs a law firm in New York called KM Khan Law Office, a firm that specializes in ‘immigration services.'”

According to Shoebat, “[t]o understand the inception of Muslim immigration one must study the Muslim Minority Affairs, a paradigm created by Saudi jurisprudence which sparked during the times Khan lived in Saudi Arabia while collaborating with the Saudi kingdom. It is likely that Khan is a Muslim plant working with the Hillary Clinton campaign, probably for the interest of Muslim oil companies as well as Muslim immigration into the U.S.”

Khizr M. Khan used to work for Hogan & Hartson and Lovells, which has ties to the Clinton Foundation. Accordingly, “Hogan Lovells LLP, another U.S. firm hired by the Saudis, is registered to work for the Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia through 2016, disclosures show. Robert Kyle, a lobbyist from the firm, has bundled $50,850 for Clinton’s campaign.”

In fact, Shoebat relates how “[m]any lawyers at Hogan Lovells remember the week in 2004 when U.S. Army Capt. Humayun Khan lost his life to a suicide bomber. Then-Hogan & Hartson attorneys mourned the death because the soldier’s father, Khizr Khan, a Muslim American immigrant, was among their beloved colleagues.”

Shoebat emphasizes that “Saudi interests with using Khan to advance Muslim immigration and advance Muslim Sharia is a lengthy subject [.]” Then there are the . . . ties to Hillary Clinton’s aide Huma Abedin as well. The House of Saud had used Huma’s father Sayed Zaynul Abedin’s work regarding the Muslim Minority Affairs in the West, published in 1998 as part of 29 works to construct a plan to conquer the U.S. with Islam.”

Shoebat maintains that “[i]t is obvious that Khan is upset, that a Trump victory will eliminate and destroy decades of hard work to bring in Islamic immigration into the United States which was spearheaded by agents in Saudi Arabia like Khan and Huma Abedin’s father (Sayed Z. Abedin).”

Huma Abedin has never been properly vetted and this takes on even greater urgency now that Clinton is running for the presidency. The mainstream media continues to cover up the Muslim Brotherhood’s enormous clout in the Obama administration. Each day brings new revelations about the financial influence and “access” the Saudis have exerted on the Clinton team. Patrick Poole, a national security analyst asserts that “[t]here are massive conflicts of interest. It’s beyond comprehension.”  

So is it wrong to impugn Khan’s motives? He appears to be a man in mourning for his son. Was Mr. Khan merely being used by the Clinton campaign to advance their own agenda? Or is there an even larger issue concerning the influence such people as Abedin and Khan exert concerning Clinton’s bid for the highest office in the land   Read more: Word count 967


  1. As usual, the entire left media and some republican establishment congress members will do anything to smear Trump. There is nothing that Clinton can run on that is positive, and the establishment will do anything to keep the status quo of lining their pockets. If Trump could simply stay on message with the poor economy, our standing in the world, lowest GDP in the last 7 years, more people on food stamps and welfare, declining household income, bad race relations, and on and on. I pray that enough of the public can see through this and vote with their heart and conscious. Do people actually think Trump will not surround himself with people that have experience and been in government. He has only been in politics for a little over a year. Give the man a chance. If people don’t like what he has done in 4 years, vote him out! At the very least, he is not a habitual liar and a past of 30 plus years of corruption.

    • Mesquite Dave says:

      You have to be absolutely crazy to vote for a man who evaded the draft, has no respect for the military, and has no respect for Gold Star families. He is the worst candidate for President in the history of the country. He is falling way behind in the polls and will single handily destroy what ever is left of the Republican Party. A Jeb Bush or Kasich would win this election easily but people like you gave Trump the nomination. However, it would not surprise me that Trump will quit when he realizes that he will get killed in November. We Hillary supporters thank you for giving us Trump, the gift that keeps giving.

      • Donald paetsch says:

        Don P. August 6, 2016 It is understandable that people still have a love affair with the Clintons have not seen the worst that will happen when the law breaker may be voted in.

      • Neighbor says:

        Bill Clinton avoided the draft, Hilary thinks public service is a position created for her to steal from the American taxpayer. I think America has a better chance w/Trump than w/Hilary. She needs to leave the political scene now anyway.

    • Esther Godday says:

      thank you Dave. I appreciate your comment for the world to see. Loved his speech today.

  2. Right on Mesquite Dave. I guess they missed the point that Mr Khan was making. It obviously went over their heads. I hope Trump stays in the race. Then hopefully Hillary will be the candidate that will win. Can’t let the republican candidate have his finger on the button. He will probably have a nervous breakdown in the first 100 days if he wins.

  3. Datruthbrother says:

    Louise and all you old hippies-
    Can you explain this to me?

    If you are LGBT why are you voting for Hillary when she wants to bring in millions of refugees that believe you should be executed?

    If you are Black, why are you voting for Hillary when she defends Planned Parenthood and admires Margaret Sanger, who wanted to abort as many black babies as possible and exterminate the black race because they are like “weeds.” Most of those clinics are in Black neighborhoods.Do you know when and why the NRA was created ?…..Look it up!!

    If you are a Woman, how can you vote for Hillary when she has buried all of Bill’s rape victims under the rug. As an attorney, Hillary also defended the rapist of a 12-year old girl and laughed about it later. She plays the woman-card and acts entitled; implying that she deserves your vote merely because of her sex. How is that gender neutral?

    If you are a Miner, Steelworker or Union member, why are you voting for Hillary when she supported NAFTA and TPP, and workers are being laid off because jobs are going overseas? She also welcomes open borders and illegals to get benefits with your tax money and compete for our jobs. Hillary boasts that under her administration miners and steelworkers will lose their jobs.

    If you are a Law abiding citizen, how can you vote for Hillary when she is clearly above the law? Hillary deleted thousands of secret e-mails *after* they had been subpoenaed by the courts (illegal). Hillary kept thousands of classified and top secret e-mails on her private server; servers that had less security that g-mail and Hotmail. You can be sure Russia, Iran, and China have those now. The DNC clearly broke the rules by heavy-handedly favoring Hillary over Sanders while they were still competing for the nomination.

    If you are a Veteran, in the military, or closely related to a military member, why are you voting for Hillary when she left those men to die in Benghazi and had the nerve to lie about it over and over again? They called for help, but the help was told to stand down. Furthermore, Hillary wants to eliminate the NRA, take away your guns, and abolish the second amendment?……….WHY?

    ………..And on and on


    • Why, after numerous hearings by congress, was Mrs. Clinton never brought up on charges for Bengazi? Ask Trey Gowdy. Because she was not responsible for the deaths of those men. No matter how many times Fox News accuses her, it’s not true.

      • Neighbor says:

        Have another koolaid aid ginger. Perhaps you will forget to vote come Election Day.

      • Neighbor says:

        Looks like 2 families (Woods & Smith) have just filed suit against HRC alleging her compromised email server led to their sons death in Benghazi. Meanwhile an American spy in Iran was discovered and executed today due to her unsecured illegal email server. Seems she can’t keep a secret. Seems like a lot of people depending on her wind up dead. She may be a little too clumsy to lead effectively.

  4. To the author of this article, it is difficult to read, considering the underlining, sentences in bold letters, italics, and parentheses. It indicates a high level if paranoia, suspicion, and generalized mistrust of others. While I support and encourage everyone’s right to their own opinion, I suggest you seek an immediate mental health
    Intervention. Come November 2016, this will seem like a bad dream and Mr. Trump can return to ripping off the “little guy” and return to his ivory tower with his illegal immigrant wife.

  5. Huma Abedin was born in Michigan. Why would she be vetted?

  6. To all of the Trump lovers:
    Why are you so gullible? The mother of Ambassador Chris Stevens even said it was Congress who was responsible for the lack of security for Benghazi and refused to pay more money for more security. She did not blame Hillary. Are you going to argue with the mother of the one of the men who died in the attack? You probable would cause you show no respect. When are you going to grow up and realize Trump is the worst thing for this country. Also where do you have proof that Bill Clinton has raped women. I have never heard of any such lies. Just like Fox News you people write lies and hope people believe you. Also when Trump asks you to drink the Kool-Aid will you drink it? You sure sound insane enough to do it.

  7. Datruthbrother says:

    Louise- either increase your meds or try to get off whatever your on – for your own good.
    Sad – we are seeing the effects of decades of drug usage with the democratic party
    Guppies and there hero leaders- lyin hillary and comrade bernie sanders – a real burnout – lol
    Louise – woodstock and the party are over – YOU HAD A BAD TRIP, MAN

  8. Datruthbrother says:

    Now hillary has the scumbags father on her stage , the father of the guy who killed all those people at the gay nightclub in miami- WTH!
    So there goes your argument that hillary supports lbgt people.
    Why would you have the cockroaches father on stage as a supporter?
    Because your hilary and lie to the people all the time.
    She will implode before the election- her b.s is catching up to her and she cannot hide from the lies.
    You DEMONCRAT OLD HIPPIE LIBERALS better wake up and get on or off your meds.

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