Something’s Wrong Here

Something is wrong and very few people even seem to notice. Our government has turned out a great group of crooks and yet nobody seems to care. Are we older folks the only ones that are upset with what is going on? Nobody seems to care that the woman running for President has a money laundering foundation, which gives almost nothing to the needy, but funds lavish salaries for friends and family, First class travel, luxury hotels and the best of everything. I hear people say it is not that bad, when they should be marching in the streets.


What has happened to our country and our morals? Instead of getting mad, people sit around and nods their heads and smile when the politicians lie and say everything is getting better and the dumb voters re-elect the same old liars repeatedly. Do not people notice that nothing is changing for the better?  We have a gang of tax cheating clueless congressional representatives who are driving our economy over a cliff.


This country has the largest oil reserves in the world and we cannot drill for it because the environmentalists have bought off the politicians. Our public schools are in a complete disaster especially in the inner cities because of the teacher’s unions. Our borders almost do not exist because the Democrats want to give all illegals amnesty, free healthcare and the right to vote.

The middle class is slowly being squeezed to death.
The liberal press is acting like cheerleaders for Hillary instead of asking hard questions.

This is not what our country was founded on or for. We need someone to lead, someone not bought and paid for, and someone who can roll back the regulations that are killing business. We have lost the manufacturing advantage to Asia and Mexico, while health care costs and EPA regulations are overwhelming our once-great companies.


We need to throw the rascals out at all levels of government. Thomas Jefferson said; “Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, converted it into tyranny.” It may not be tyranny but it is close when BLM and EPA people show up fully armed and looking like the army We need people who are not beholding to big money donors who want special favors. These times cry out for leadership, we desperately need real leaders. Not those created by advertising slogans, with no real accomplishments themselves.


Can anyone name a government leader who has a plan for paying down the debt, or defeating ISIS, or the crime in the streets? Homeland security’s best idea is to make us take off our shoes in airports and throw away little bottles. Certainly, no one in government does or say anything, theyjust suck up to the elected representatives and those representatives just make promises to get elected or re-elected and then do not follow through. These problems and others are eating away at our society’s morals and wiping out our middle class.


Where have all the leaders gone? Where are the great communicators, the people of character, courage and conviction? Today if you show any of these traits, the press rips you apart. Yet we need strong leadership more than almost any other time in our history. We need a steady hand at the helm guiding us to a better place. Does anyone think we are headed there now with Obama’s polices?


Is there a leader who thinks creatively about how we can rebuild our manufacturing, lower our national debt and make our country great again? Maybe there is someone out there like that, if only they can stand the beating by the press and the others who want to bring America down not up. Plus, a lot of people will have to wake up and notice what’s wrong and then get up off their behinds and vote to fix it.


Mike Young is a retired water and power executive who resides in Mesquite. Graduated from the University of La Verne he has taught communications skills and technical subjects throughout the Western Hemisphere. In addition to writing and editing technical manuals, he has a book titled “Speaking for Effect”. He has received some of the highest awards and recognition from both professional and public organizations.




  1. Disgusted Voter says:

    I really wish people would get their facts straight before they spew incorrect assumptions based on social media ditherings. Perhaps one should look things up on a NEUTRAL fact checking service.
    Perhaps 89% of the Clinton Foundation going to actual charity issues might be pretty good. Not to say that the Clintons are without fault on many issues, but to spew and spread falsehood while complaining about politicians telling lies, is simply more fear mongering. The only way to change the character of the people we elect, is to change the way we elect them. No more Citizen’s United Corporate money. One citizen, one vote. Not electoral votes. One Federally mandated equal budget for each person running for Senate, Congress or President. Federally funded. Which would force the candidates to actually address the issues in order to be elected, not who has the most bucks wins. This would also free up the many hours per day that Congress and Senate leaders spend on raising money for their next campaign. They might even actually get something done! Yeah, like THAT’s going to happen.

    • Douglas Bruneau says:

      As long as the the people on the take prevail,{not SS}( now have almost reached the majority of our population).
      We will not change. We have a form of political cancer in our society,created by our self serving leaders,
      which we all have ignored and remain so.

    • Mike Young says:

      Disgusted voter, You are somewhat right that the last rating year 2014 the foundation gave approximately 80% of expenses to charity, however she was getting ready to run for President and they cleaned up their act. If we look back over time between 2009 and 2012, while she was Secretary of State, the Clinton Foundation raised over $500 million dollars and according to a review of IRS documents shows that a measly 15 percent of that, or $75 million, went towards programmatic grants. More than $25 million went to fund travel expenses. Nearly $110 million went toward employee salaries and benefits. And a whopping $290 million during that period — nearly 60 percent of all money raised — was classified merely as ‘other expenses. Sure like to be on their payroll the Director makes over $500,000 not bad for a charity

  2. Let’s start by not electing Joe Heck to the Senate. He has leeched off the Federal government for years. Mike, if you would watch news other than Fox and right wing radio, maybe I could take you a little more seriously. You’re negative, gloomy, arrogant and condescending.

    • Mike Young says:

      Ginger – Thanks for all the complements and I do watch Fox news a lot. You might try it, there will be a great program on tonight with Hannity and Trump, but you probably will be too busy to listen to all sides. P.S. I missed Joe Heck on Fox.

  3. Ginger , you sound just like a LYING DEMOCRAT, all the DEMOCRATS do is LIE and LIE and lie.!!!!!


  5. Mike

    I think you need to do some fact checking instead of writing lies about the Clinton Foundation. You need to realize the Fox network embellishes their stories and does not tell the truth either and you are gullible to believe them. I think you ought to head for the border (either one) and live there since you are so UNHAPPY here. Better not go to Canada or even Mexico cause they certainly don’t want the likes of you. Maybe overseas. Maybe just check yourself into a mental hospital cause obviously you need HELP.

    • Connie Foust says:

      Louise, why so mean spirited. This is what shuts down open discussion on issues. Whatever the Clinton Foundation gave to help the poor and neglected is not the point. The point is Hillary Clinton herself, is not trustworthy and a liar. She did lie about the video regarding Benghazi to the parents of the fallen. That alone disqualifies her to serve as our leader. I want a woman in the Whitehouse, but am willing to wait for a woman with empathy and love of her country as well as having the brains to do the job. Fox News is not the culprit in this discussion. The culprit is the radical left wing of the Democrat party trying to shout down anyone who would disagree with them. So stop with the nasty tone and hurtful worlds lest you be thought of as a left wing hack.

    • Mike Young says:

      Louise – I’m not unhappy with our country just the way some people are trying too change it. My facts come from the IRS although they aren’t totally trustworthy I trust them over the Clintons. Funny how the Clintons have never held a real job but are worth about $200,000,000 don’t people wonder about that?

  6. Terry Donnelly says:

    Oh my, where to start … The biggest problem with the Clinton Foundation is that it is misnamed. The small amount of donation figures reported by critics (6-10%) come from what foundations normally do, give money to others to use as grants or endowments. The Clintons do that as only small part of their spending. The foundation does the majority of its work more like the Red Cross or other charities that spend money directly on needs. The foundation spends 85-90% of its donations on charitable acts. If the foundation were to close, millions of people around the world would be in a dire situation because they rely on the ongoing funding to provide mainly AIDS medication that is needed to keep them alive. If you want to discuss the involvement of a Secretary of State, or even President in such an activity, or even from whom the money comes (although I’m not sure why taking money from bad guys and using it for good is too controversial) there is room for debate there, but doubting the value and percent of donations going out of the foundation are both losing arguments.

    Next Mike, you only missed the Clintons net worth by about $90,000,000. They seem to be worth about $110,000,000–Bill @ $80 mil and Hillary @ $30 mil. And, as for jobs, Hillary worked for a law firm, was twice elected to the U.S. Senate, was Secretary of State. Bill was twice elected Governor of Arkansas, twice elected President of the U.S.A. and headed up a foundation that dispenses millions of dollars worldwide. Both have penned best selling books. Neither was likely ever a plumber or short order cook, but lawyer, governor, cabinet member, senator, author, and president are real jobs. Again, whether they are jobs that should lead to one becoming a millionaire, is a topic up for debate, but the fact that they are shouldn’t surprise anyone, especially you.

    The schools that are failing are not doing so because of teachers’ unions. They are failing because governors like Gov. Brownbeck in Kansas have cut taxes and budgets so severely that there is no money left in the state. The bigger issue is segregated housing patterns and unequal funding, but that is fodder for a much longer discussion. Teachers’ unions help keep teachers’ personal lives above water, and through their members, advocate for kids.

    The lead of this column reads a bit like some of the critics of my column–red-faced and steamed. I hope you were wearing your blood pressure cuff while typing.

    • Connie Foust says:

      Spin is great for liberals, how do you then explain how Nevada education is last in the nation when they received so much funding from the last session. All teachers should make a decent wage, however, a complete audit of the education system in Nevada needs to be done. Our children are last on the list of needs when the school districts receive funding. I am not red faced or steamed but am really tired of the defense of two people who as public servants managed to leave the Whitehouse broke and end up so filthy rich. Neither have a moral bone in their body, yet the liberal left will defend them to the end. Hillary would be the worst person for education as she would continue with the losing Common Core programs that are not working. There is no defense for her email mess or other questionable activities while SoS but to the liberal, it’s more important to vote in an amoral person than any Republican. I will add, I am not on the Trump train either. This election is for me a down ballot vote for others who I believe can help the country work and couple of them will be Democrats, one IAP candidate and the rest Republicans. I see no difference in either party other than the Democrat party has gone full blown socialist and I will vote for one of them because our Republican incumbent is so lousy he might as well be a socialist. Well there I said it.

  7. Well Connie Foust I see you must have went to Nevada schools since the word Whitehouse is two words WHITE HOUSE not one Also the Republicans control the state so I suggest you tell your fellow republicans they have a poor school system. Also didn’t you lose your election bid? With the hogwash you are trying to feed us above I can see why. Mike, if your facts comes from the IRS when is your candidate going to release his taxes from the IRS. Obviously he is lying too about the reason he cannot release them. The IRS already said that his tax returns can be released. How many years is the IRS auditing anyways? 5, 10,……………………………………….15 Gee I would call the President of the United States a job, Secretary of State, Lawyer, Author, etc jobs in my book. What would you call them Mike?

  8. Connie Foust says:

    Louise, you are one mean spirited person. I did not attend Nevada schools and am aware of spelling. I write on blogs to make a point not to necessarily have perfect grammar. I have seen the Whitehouse used as one word as well as two words. The Republicans who control the state, if you were well read, are what many of us call RINO’s. In essence they are Democrat lite. The reason I ran for office is because our assemblyman is a RINO. There are very few Conservatives in the Assembly and a whole lot of money was spent to keep the status quo. Anyway Louise you are one nasty woman who needs to get a real life and quit watching MSNBC or CNN. I am beyond putting up with mindless dribble from cranky old women. Go vote for Hillary, she could care less about the middle class, blacks, Hispanics and any other citizen. She only wants your vote, so go for it Louise.

  9. Terry Donnelly says:

    Connie Foust: FYI Common Core Standards have not been adopted on a national level. It seems strange that they are, according to you, failing. There are some states in which common core is being piloted in some curricula. Colorado is one of them and teachers and others who assess test results seem to like the benchmarks applied to individual students. The Governor’s Association and educational leaders groups are sponsoring the programs in some states. Common Core Standards, if we can ever come together for the good of our children, will not dictate teaching style or even individual school curriculum, but will coordinate what average students will be expected to know at the end of each grade level–set goals. Added to that will be the opportunity for teachers to access a hierarchy of skills to apply to nontraditional students needing review or accelerated curriculum to achieve at their own individual expectations. The greatest asset of Common Core is that a national cadre of scholars in curricular areas will come together to suggest best practices for kids gleaned from all around the country. The best and brightest will share and collaborate their expertise to form a set of standards and choices for teachers in the trenches to apply to their students. I suggest, Ms. Foust, you refrain from condemning until Common Core eventually adopted. I also suggest, as a person with your community profile, that you be aware of the English language and use it correctly as a model for others. Don’t fall back on lax blog standards as an excuse. Common Core will not abdicate to improper English usage and neither should you. Be a standard bearer. White House is and always has been a proper noun comprising two words.

  10. Connie Foust,
    I PLAN on going for it. We’ll see who comes out in the end. I watch all 3 of the networks, MSN, CNN, and FOX. I want to through a shoe at FOX. Hillary is for all classes. Even you. (Don’t know what class you are in but she’ll work for you too.) I have not insulted you by calling you names but if you need to insult me by calling me cranky so be it. I AM old and proud of it. That’s what Republicans do though insult people and name calling. You proved my point as to what Republicans are.
    Thanks Terry. Seems Democrats know how to spell.

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